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How to Add Power to Powerpoint

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Find out how to make your presentation clear, concise and compelling. If you are only going to read your slides, forget it. Give them the notes and go home. Learn more presentation skills at …

Find out how to make your presentation clear, concise and compelling. If you are only going to read your slides, forget it. Give them the notes and go home. Learn more presentation skills at http://www.technoledge.com.au/b2b-blog

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  • It is also important to check for homonyms. Otherwise, your audience may 'loose' interest in whatever it is that you are trying to convey...
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  • We’ve all been bored to death by Powerpoint presentationsDull, deadly boring, never-ending, tedious, excruciating and morePPT presentations can be the exact opposite: short, to the point, engaging
  • Always.No exceptionsThe fewer elements on the page, the greater the impact
  • And once you’ve lost them, they’rehard to win back again.Don’t tell them how great your company or your products areTell them how well you understand their problems and how you can help solve them
  • Don’t just restate their pains and problems, and needs and wants. Confirm them before your go too far with your presentation.Show that you really understand by repeating something the prospect said, or by giving an example form his business
  • Really simple. Clarity beats visual pyrotechnics every time. Impact is achieved by highlighting core messages that connect to the audience’s pains and needs
  • Examples: Lights, Camera, ActionBlood, sweat and tearsBeginning, middle, endInform, Educate, Entertain
  • An example of a picture that tells a story – when is that wretched bus going to show up?
  • This is a key diagram:The data are from SlideShare, which is a platform for a vast number of professional presentationsOne third of these are less than 10 slides long.Almost half are less than 30 slides long.The average number of slides is 19 – you should aim for this as the maximumThe average number of words per slide is 24
  • The slides should support what you tell the audience, not vice versa. It’s fine to have small cue cards with key points in case you get stuck
  • This slide needs no explanation
  • Nor does this one, but it’s a good opportunity to ask your audience if they’ve felt the same way during presentations
  • Wake-up call – remember what we’re trying to do here: win over a prospectThis may be our only chance, so let’s make the best of it
  • Dare to be different! Remember, your competitors are pretty sharp so just being competent is not enough. Whether you want to win people or business, be prepared to stick your neck out.
  • Think of your presentation as a performance, and of you as the entertainer. You want your guests to leave with some fond memories, and to remember special aspects of your presentation
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  • 1. How to add POWER to PowerPoint
  • 2. Rule 1: 3 Cs
  • 3. •FOCUS ON KEY MESSAGES •STICK TO ESSENTIALS •ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE Rule 2: Keep it simple Use visuals. Keep them simple too
  • 4. They remember 3 things 3 parts: intro + body + conclusion Make 3 points in body Rule 3: Rule of 3
  • 5. …or you’ll lose them Rule 4: Speak in their language
  • 6. Engage with their: • Pains and problems • Needs & wants • Desired outcomes Show them you Understand their problems + Know how to solve them Rule 5: Talk about them
  • 7. tell Less + show more Rule 6: One idea per slide
  • 8. SlideShare statistics by Column 5 Rule 7: Use diagrams for key points
  • 9. •Tell them stories •Give them insights & examples •Surprise them •Make them laugh Rule 8: Entertain them
  • 10. Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse Last Rule 9: Rehearse Practise doesn’t make perfect. Practise with correction does.
  • 11. Read slides Read notes Kill them with a hail of words Photo: http://www.whq-forum.de Don’t do this no.1
  • 12. Bury them in detail Don’t do this No. 2
  • 13. Bore them Don’t do this No.3 Common causes: NO PASSION NOT ENOUGH WIIFM STICKING TO SAFE GROUND
  • 14. If you’re only going to give them facts and figures – give them a report and go home So why are you there? You’re there to show you’re excited about the topic…
  • 15. Presentation skills for techies 10 Ways to Present Like STEVE JOBS Why MESSAGING must match BUYERS Why most B2B Marketing Sucks Good PowerPoint Design - for business presenters 10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation Learn more
  • 16. Call us (02) 9909 0246 info@technoledge.com.au Check us out www.technoledge.com.au Follow us Connect