Easy iPad Projects for Elementary Students

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This presentation shares project examples, app suggestions, and management tips for creatively and effectively using iPads as a part of the Elementary Classroom.

This presentation shares project examples, app suggestions, and management tips for creatively and effectively using iPads as a part of the Elementary Classroom.

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  • 1. Easy Creative iPad Projects for Elementary Students Karen Bosch! ! ! K - 8 Technology Instruction Southfield Christian School Southfield, Michigan ! Discovery Star Educator
  • 2. About our iPads Southfield Christian School High School - one to one iPads" ! Elementary School - shared set of 27 iPads" ! Middle School - shared cart " ! Also have a set of 13 iPod touch devices (some project examples done on iPods)"
  • 3. Presentation Resource Link: ! http://tinyurl.com/ipadcreate Karen Bosch kbosch@southfieldchristian.org Twitter: @karlyb
  • 4. iPad Multimedia Tools! all in one solution! Photography ! Drawing ! Audio ! Video ! Internet for Research ! Text
  • 5. Why iPads for Elementary Projects? Creativity ! Collaboration ! Publication ! !
  • 6. iPads and Common Core Use a variety of digital tools ! to produce and publish writing ! including with collaboration with peers ! with multimedia components (graphics, sound, video) in presentations
  • 7. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Photography Ideas ‣Literacy: colors, shapes, ABCs, vocabulary words! ! ‣Writing: sequence, creative writing! ! ‣Science: experiments, simple machines, clouds, weather, leaves! ! ‣Math: real life problem solving! ! ‣Social Studies: field trips to locations, community! ! ‣World Languages: vocabulary
  • 8. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Document Learning with Photography ‣First grade students built words in centers and photographed.! ! ‣Screen shots of game scores.! ! ‣From teachers Suzanne Swanson, Meredith Palmer, and Judy Wilson.
  • 9. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Outdoor Photography ‣Use pictures as part of science or creative writing projects! ! ‣ Work with! partners
  • 10. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Field Trips ‣Students at the state capitol building in Lansing! ! ‣Use the pictures in your blog, photobooks, narrated slideshows, comics! !
  • 11. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Photo Cams ‣Photo Booth (comes on iPad)! ! ‣OrangeCam (free)! ! ‣CamWow (free) ! ! ‣WeCam (free)! ! ‣AR Magic Mirror (free)!
  • 12. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS CamWow ‣Creative expression - preschoolers! ! ‣Andy Warhol style pop art photo wall! ! ‣Use for creative writing! Open House!!
  • 13. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS iStrips (free) ‣Yearbook group photos! ! ‣Save to camera option helpful!! ! ‣Contains ads (some might not be appropriate for students)! ClassicBooth (paid)! ‣Photos of students with projects! ! ‣We used a free version (no longer available)!
  • 14. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Dr. Seuss Camera ‣from Jennifer Vowles PreK! (paid)
  • 15. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Musical Slideshows ‣Use this app to combine images and video clips into a movie with music and cool effects.! ! ‣Direct upload online to Animoto site or download ! to camera roll.! ! ‣Free full featured account for educators!! Animoto (free)
  • 16. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Photography with Text ‣Labelbox (free)! ! ‣Labels (free)! ! ‣Phonto (free)! ! ‣A+ Signature (free)! ! ‣Skitch ! (free)! ‣Phoster (paid)! !
  • 17. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Balloon Stickies Plus ! ‣Add cartoon balloons to an individual photo! ! ‣Variety of styles, colors, fonts! ! ‣Email or save to camera roll! ! ‣Ads in free version! ! ‣From Nicole Nesbitt’s second grade
  • 18. Fall Poems PHOTOGRAPHY APPS using Phonto app ‣4th graders combine their photography with poetry (step by step directions at blog link using Snapguide)! ! ‣Ideas: adjectives, poetry, science experiments
  • 19. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Illustrate Concepts ! ‣Use apps like Skitch or Doodle Buddy to annotate photos! ! ‣From second grade teacher Ruth Bennefield
  • 20. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS New Year Goals using LabelBox app ‣Use front facing camera! ! ‣Ideas: descriptions, vocabulary, parts of speech, poetry, science experiments! ! ‣4th grade
  • 21. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Photo Collage Apps ‣PicStitch (free)! ! ‣Pic Collage (free)! ! ‣PolyFrame (paid)! ! ‣Layout (paid)! !! ‣Shape Collage (paid)! !
  • 22. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Using Photo Collage Apps ‣Sequence/directions! ! ‣Field Trips! ! ‣Science Experiments! ! ‣Class activities! ! ‣Topic Posters: ! download pictures from internet! using Safari app
  • 23. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Color Collages using Polyframe (paid) ‣Kindergarten - worked with a partner! ! ‣Polyframe lets you take photos in app and add text
  • 24. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Digital Posters! ! • Search for photos for project in app ! • Add text and backgrounds ! • Save to camera roll ! • Example - Thank you notes, Mark Steer’s second graders
  • 25. GRAPHIC TEXT APPS Pic Collage - Reports ! • Reports - famous African Americans, Africa, Bats, Climate ! • Searched for images in app ! • Examples - Nicole Nesbitt’s and Ruth Bennefield’s 2nd grades, Denise Bourque’s 4th grade, Gwen Sullivan’s 8th grade
  • 26. GRAPHIC TEXT APPS Pic Collage (parts of speech) ! • Fall adjectives and pictures ! • Example - Sheri Veldman’s 3rd grade
  • 27. Pic Collage ! • Singular/Plural ! • Example - Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd grade GRAPHIC TEXT APPS
  • 28. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Pic Collage - Literacy ! • Picture drawn with Hello Crayons app ! • Kindergarteners worked with 5th grade buddies to write the stories ! • from Jan Tetirick’s class
  • 29. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Vocabulary ! • Definition, synonym, antonym, part or speech, example sentence ! • Searched in app for photo or drew a picture ! • Example - Carrie Fair’s Fifth Grade
  • 30. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Fifth grade Common Core Exemplar: Sentences with correlative conjunctions ! • Example - Carrie Fair’s Fifth Grade
  • 31. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Create a Quarter ! • Use camera in app to photograph their quarter drawing ! • Search for photos for project in app ! • Add text description ! • Example - Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd grade
  • 32. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Photo Art Generators ! • Face on Coin Booth (free) ! • Face on Stamp Booth (free) ! • Wanted Poster Pro (paid) ! • Example - Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd grade
  • 33. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Trading Cards ! • Famous African Americans ! • Print and fold ! • from 5th grade teacher Crystal Voytal ! • Note: somewhat inflexible template (free)
  • 34. MANAGEMENT/HINTS How to Print or Transfer Projects ‣Save projects as photo/video to camera roll.! ! ‣Email projects.! ! ‣Use cord to sync photos/video to computer.! ! ‣Turn on Photostream, photos/video go directly to iPhoto.! ! ‣Printing via wifi from iPad photo roll prints 4 x 6 size.!
  • 35. MANAGEMENT/HINTS Apps to Transfer Projects ! ‣Upload to a Dropbox account. (Other online storage options: Google Drive, Copy, Box)! ! ‣Use transfer apps - Photo Transfer and Photosync apps.!
  • 36. IMAGE NARRATION Narrated Slideshows Sonic Pics Pixntell (paid) (free/$paid for EDU version) 30 Hands (free) Lets you redo audio recordings! Explain Everything (paid)
  • 37. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS 30 Hands (free) • Example - PreK talks about their Seuss pictures
  • 38. DRAWING APPS Favorite Drawing Apps ‣Drawing Box (free/paid for full version)! ! ‣Drawing Pad (paid) - text!! ! ‣Doodle Buddy (free) - also add text!! ! ‣WowPaint (free) - simple!! ! ‣Hello Crayons (free) - great for early elementary!
  • 39. DRAWING APPS Draw a Picture that Begins with a .......! (art and literacy)# ! ! Hello Crayons app! ! • Simple drawing apps - draw with crayons, marker, paint, pencils • Includes a paint bucket fill option • Can open and save images from and to camera roll • Shop includes additional in app features and coloring pages for purchase
  • 40. DRAWING APPS All About Bats! Hello Crayons app! ! • Kindergarteners drew picture of a happy bat after field trip to Cranbrook Science Center. ! • No option to add text, saved to camera roll and opened in A+Signature to add their name. ! • Use in narrated slideshow using 30 Hands or Explain Everything apps
  • 41. DRAWING APPS WowPaint (free)! ! Students use the app to replicate art class projects cardinal project
  • 42. African Sunsets! ! Drawing Box Free (free)!
  • 43. DRAWING APPS Drawing Pad (Paid) ‣Excellent set of realistic looking drawing tools, intuitive! ‣Clipart collection! ‣Includes text!!
  • 44. DRAWING APPS Doodle Buddy (free) Combine photo, drawing, and text to illustrate a concept.
  • 45. DRAWING APPS TypeDrawing (paid) ‣Second grade students create an outdoor picture using words.! ! ‣Combines art and literacy.
  • 46. DRAWING APPS Faces I Make (paid) Food Faces - ! ! Kindergarteners create fun faces as part of a health unit.
  • 47. DRAWING APPS Faces I Make (paid) Words that Begin With..! ! Kindergarteners
  • 48. DRAWING APPS Digital Slates ‣Chalkboard (free)! ! ‣Glow Paint (free)! ! ! ! ! !
  • 49. DRAWING APPS Christmas Generator apps ! ! ! ! (ALL FREE!) • Christmas Tree Maker PRO ! • Make a Snowman • Christmas Cookie Maker ! • Gingerbread House Maker! ! • Happy Snowflake • Paper Snow • My Flake ! • Mandalas FREE
  • 50. MANAGEMENT/HINTS WordPress ‣ Blogging app lets you take photos/images from your camera roll on your iPad and directly upload them to your blog - huge time saver!! ! ‣Let students photograph and blog class activities!
  • 51. GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS ‣Popplet ! (free/paid for full version) ! ‣Inspiration ! (free/paid for full version) ! ‣Corkulous (free/paid for full version) ! ‣Grafio (free/paid for full version)
  • 52. GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS New Year’s Goals with Popplet ‣Photo with front facing camera! ! ‣Simple tools! ! ‣By fourth graders! ! ‣Use with book covers, book characters, science concepts!
  • 53. GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS Food Chains with Popplet ‣Images downloaded from internet using Safari! ! ‣By third graders
  • 54. GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS Note Taking ‣Watched Discovery Streaming Atlas videos on Africa on computer! ‣Took notes using Corkulous and Inspiration Lite apps!
  • 55. VIDEO APPS Discovery Education Mobile Site http:// mobile.discoveryeducation.com
  • 56. DRAWING APPS Screencasting apps ‣Show Me (free)! ! ‣Screen Chomp (free)! ! ‣Explain Everything (paid)! Has many features not available in free apps! ! ‣Educreations (free) - in app search for images! ! ‣Knowmia/Teach (free) - in app search for images! ! !
  • 57. DRAWING APPS Show Me Math Tutorials ‣Fifth grade students created as review for MAP testing! ! ‣Free account! ! ‣Publishes directly to ShowMe website! ! ‣Common Core: explain your thinking!!
  • 58. AUDIO APPS Favorite Audio apps ‣AudioMemos SE (free) ! ‣iTalk Recorder (free)! ! ‣Audioboo (free) ! ‣Songify (paid) ! ‣GarageBand ( ! ! free on new iOS devices )
  • 59. AUDIO APPS AudioMemos SE iTalk Recorder ! (free) (free) ‣Fluency/Vocabulary! ! ‣Reader’s Theater! ! ‣Create/record commercials - National Parks! ! ‣Recordings for band teacher (Jon Busch)! ! ‣Mail/transfer recordings to teacher!
  • 60. IMAGE NARRATION Fotobabble ‣Snap a photo and record a one minute audio description.! ! ‣Instantly upload online to free Fotobabble account, simple publication!! ! ‣Easy for kids to use. ! ! ‣Students reflect on their artwork (free)!
  • 61. Message Posters! ‣Pic Collage + Fotobabble! ! ‣Students record explanation, commercial, or rap explaining their poster! ! ‣Picture and audio published to web!! ! ‣Link to example IMAGE NARRATION
  • 62. Songify AUDIO APPS (paid) ‣Turns talking into a song or a rap! Easy and fast! ! ‣Comes with 3 song styles for free, additional styles for purchase ! ‣Note: can block public published areas ! ‣Example: Computer Lab Rules ! ‣Fun way to review
  • 63. AUDIO APPS Audioboo (free) ‣Easy way to publish audio files directly to the web, files can be embedded on a blog! ! ‣Free account!! ! ‣Record files up to 3 minutes long! ! Record students! talking about what! they learned - top ten list! style!!
  • 64. QR Code Listening Galleries with Audioboo and Scan (free) ! ‣Pink Pigs (Kindergarten) AUDIO APPS
  • 65. AUDIO APPS QR Code Listening Galleries ! ‣Superheros (4th grade)! ! Link to webpage with directions on how to create the QR Codes with Audioboo app ! !
  • 66. AUDIO APPS Audioboo QR Codes ! ! ‣Create account for class! ! ‣Go to your Audioboo account online! ! ‣Click QR code at towards bottom left! !
  • 67. AUDIO APPS Audioboo QR Codes ! ! ‣Generates code! ! ‣Print in large (full page) or small (good size for corner of project)! !
  • 68. AUDIO APPS Audioboo in iTunes! ! ! ‣Click iTunes - will open files as a podcast in iTunes!! ! ‣Can download the files for other uses!! !
  • 69. AUDIO APPS Audioboo Book Reports (free) ‣Second grade book reports from Nicole Nesbitt! ! ‣Snap photo of book cover (or student artwork/project)! ! ‣Record audio! ! ‣Link to example! Add Audioboo to projects that you already do!
  • 70. AUDIO APPS Election Posters with QR Code Speeches ! ‣Fifth grade students made election posters and recorded a related speech using AudioBoo which was linked to QR code.! ! ‣From Crystal Voytal! ! !
  • 71. AUDIO APPS GrandParents Day ! ‣from 2nd grade -QR Code Books teacher Nicole Nesbitt! ! ‣Used Audioboo to record/publish audio
  • 72. Body System Tours with QR Codes ! AUDIO APPS ‣from 5th grade teacher Crystal Voytal! ! ‣Link to example of audio!
  • 73. AUDIO APPS Poetry with QR Codes ! ‣from 4th grade teacher Maria Long! ! ‣Photo + Drawing App + Audioboo + QR Code! !
  • 74. VIDEO APPS Favorite Video apps ‣Splice (free/paid) ! ‣iMovie (paid) ! ‣Vintagio (paid) ! ! ! ! !
  • 75. VIDEO APPS Video Camera Hints ‣Use horizontally, like the shape of a TV screen!! ! ‣Take short clips of students in action, edit into a simple video at night while watching TV.! ! ‣Assign students to take videos of class activities.!
  • 76. VIDEO APPS Splice (free/additional features for purchase) ‣Easy and fast app to edit multiple video clips and images together! ! ‣Add simple titles, transitions, record audio, and add music! ! ‣Free version contains ads! ! ‣Export projects to camera roll! ! !
  • 77. VIDEO APPS Splice (example) ‣Have students film and edit a class activity link to video
  • 78. VIDEO APPS VidRhythm (free) ‣Take short video clips to create wacky music videos! ! ‣Variety of templates to use! ! ‣Limited educational value, but oh so fun! Link to examples
  • 79. VIDEO APPS Create Video Tutorials ‣Easy way to give multiple directions for projects.! ! ‣Use iPad case as a tripod when recording.! ! ‣Can replay video as students work.! ! ‣Let students create tutorials!! link to view video
  • 80. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Favorite Digital Storytelling Apps! ‣Book Creator! ! ‣Puppet Pals! ! ‣Facejack! ! ‣PhotoComic! ! ‣30 Hands Presentation link at Creative APP-titude! !
  • 81. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS ChatterPix Kids (free) ‣Talking Biographies! ! ‣From 2nd grade teacher Nicolle Nesbitt! ! ‣Can add text to the finished video!! !
  • 82. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS ChatterPix Kids! ‣Talking artwork!! ! ‣Talking snowmen by second graders! ! ‣Picture drawn with Drawing Pad app, but could also take a photo of student artwork!
  • 83. BOOK CREATION APPS SPOKEnPHOTO (free) ‣Create free account! ! ‣Add photos, record audio for each image (no text)! ! ‣Saves to account, view online or in app! ! ‣Example: Snowmen All Year Use projects that! you already do, turn into a book!
  • 84. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Book Creator for iPad ($4.99) ‣Add text, pictures (from camera roll), record audio, add video, hyperlinks! ! ‣Export as epub document directly to iBooks or to Dropbox! ! ‣ Link to our elementary collection of eBooks!
  • 85. GRAPHIC TEXT APPS Write About This ! • Photos with story prompts ! • Write story, record audio ! • Save to camera roll ! • Can create your own prompts (free/$2.99)
  • 86. BOOK CREATION APPS Haiku Deck (free) ! ‣Haiku Deck - presentation maker! ! ‣Search for images in app!! ! ‣Beautiful text ! ! ‣Save online! ! ‣Export as a Powerpoint/ Keynote file, can import into other apps! ! ‣Link to Jerboas Example! !
  • 87. MANAGEMENT/HINTS Publish to your Digital Hallway! ‣Publish to blog using Wordpress app.! ! ‣Upload video projects directly from iPad from camera roll to Vimeo or YouTube ! ! ‣Use apps with accounts that publish to web: Fotobabble, Audioboo, Toontastic, Showme, Educreation, Knowmia, SPOKEnPHOTO! ! ‣See my Elementary APPtitude blog for examples of iPad published projects!
  • 88. MANAGEMENT/HINTS Student Publication ‣Edmodo - Free online educational community similar to Facebook. Students can post many kinds of projects directly from iPad. Free app.! ! ‣Kidblog - Free blogging platform geared for students. Students could post projects to their blog. Free app.
  • 89. iPad Multimedia Resources ! Link: ! I would love your! feedback! and comments!! http://tinyurl.com/ipadcreate !
  • 90. Karen Bosch kbosch@southfieldchristian.org Creative-APPtitude - iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity by Karen Bosch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  • 91. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Start of School Project ‣Use PicCollage to make a “What I did this Summer” collage! ! ‣Add text titles and sentences! ! ‣Bonus: superimpose a photo of yourself into the image!!
  • 92. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Start of School Project ‣Use Labels or LabelBox app! ! ‣Use front facing camera! ! ‣Write adjectives or phrases that describe yourself!
  • 93. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Start of School Project ‣Use Poppet, Corkculous, Inspiration, or Grafio! ! ‣Use front facing camera! ! ‣Write out goals for the school year: mental, physical, social, emotional!
  • 94. PHOTOGRAPHY APPS Start of School Project ‣Use Audioboo to talk about what you want to learn this year!! ! ‣Share a way you could use Audioboo in your classroom.! ! ‣Label with the hashtag #wwaudioboo!