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Easy Creative iPads Projects for PreK - 8 Students
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Easy Creative iPads Projects for PreK - 8 Students


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Looking for ways to use iPads as a part of your curriculum? This session will share real examples of creative student projects using photo, video, drawing, audio, and digital storytelling apps. Ideas …

Looking for ways to use iPads as a part of your curriculum? This session will share real examples of creative student projects using photo, video, drawing, audio, and digital storytelling apps. Ideas will be given for language arts, math, science, social studies, and art that can be done in the one iPad classroom as well as with small groups and one-to-one iPads.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Karen Bosch!! ! K - 8 Technology Instruction Southfield Christian School Southfield, Michigan ! Discovery Star Educator Easy Creative iPad Projects for PreK - 8 Students
  • 2. About our iPads Southfield Christian School High School - one to one iPads" ! Elementary School - shared set of 27 iPads + 2 per class" ! Middle School - shared cart " ! Also have a set of 13 iPod touch devices (some project examples done on iPods)"
  • 3. Presentation Resource Link: ! Karen Bosch Twitter: @karlyb
  • 4. Photography ! Drawing ! Audio ! Video ! Internet for Research ! Text iPad Multimedia Tools! all in one solution!
  • 5. Creativity ! Collaboration ! Publication ! ! Why iPads for Elementary Projects?
  • 6. Use a variety of digital tools ! to produce and publish writing ! including with collaboration with peers ! with multimedia components (graphics, sound, video) in presentations iPads and Common Core
  • 7. Photography Ideas PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Literacy: colors, shapes, ABCs, vocabulary words" ! ‣Writing: sequence, creative writing" ! ‣Science: experiments, simple machines, clouds, weather, leaves" ! ‣Math: real life problem solving" ! ‣Social Studies: field trips to locations, community" ! ‣World Languages: vocabulary
  • 8. Document Learning with Photography PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣First grade students built words in centers and photographed." ! ‣Screen shots of game scores." ! ‣From teachers Suzanne Swanson, Meredith Palmer, and Judy Wilson.
  • 9. Outdoor Photography PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Use pictures as part of science or creative writing projects" ! ‣ Work with" partners
  • 10. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Students at the state capitol building in Lansing" ! ‣Use the pictures in your blog, photobooks, narrated slideshows, comics" ! Field Trips
  • 11. Photo Cams PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Photo Booth (comes on iPad)" ! ‣OrangeCam (free)" ! ‣CamWow (free) " ! ‣WeCam (free)" ! ‣AR Magic Mirror (free)"
  • 12. CamWow PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Creative expression - preschoolers" ! ‣Andy Warhol style pop art photo wall" ! ‣Use for creative writing! Open House!"
  • 13. iStrips (free) PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Yearbook group photos" ! ‣Save to camera option helpful!" ! ‣Contains ads (some might not be appropriate for students)" ClassicBooth (paid)" ‣Photos of students with projects" ! ‣We used a free version (no longer available)"
  • 14. Dr. Seuss Camera (paid) PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣from Jennifer Vowles PreK"
  • 15. Animoto (free) ‣Use this app to combine images and video clips into a movie with music and cool effects." ! ‣Direct upload online to Animoto site or download " to camera roll." ! ‣Free full featured account for educators!" Musical Slideshows PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS
  • 16. Photography with Text PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Labelbox (free)" ! ‣Labels (free)" ! ‣Phonto (free)" ! ‣A+ Signature (free)" ! ‣Skitch (free)" ! ‣Phoster (paid)" !
  • 17. Balloon Stickies Plus PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ! ‣Add cartoon balloons to an individual photo" ! ‣Variety of styles, colors, fonts" ! ‣Email or save to camera roll" ! ‣Ads in free version" ! ‣From Nicole Nesbitt’s second grade
  • 18. Fall Poems using Phonto app PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣4th graders combine their photography with poetry (step by step directions at blog link using Snapguide)" ! ‣Ideas: adjectives, poetry, science experiments
  • 19. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ! ‣Use apps like Skitch or Doodle Buddy to annotate photos" ! ‣From second grade teacher Ruth Bennefield Illustrate Concepts
  • 20. New Year Goals using LabelBox app PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Use front facing camera" ! ‣Ideas: descriptions, vocabulary, parts of speech, poetry, science experiments" ! ‣4th grade
  • 21. Photo Collage Apps PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣PicStitch (free)" ! ‣Pic Collage (free)" ! ‣PolyFrame (paid)" ! ‣Layout (paid)" ! ‣Shape Collage (paid)" ! !
  • 22. Using Photo Collage Apps PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Sequence/directions" " ‣Field Trips" ! ‣Science Experiments" ! ‣Class activities" ! ‣Topic Posters: " download pictures from internet" using Safari app
  • 23. Color Collages using Polyframe (paid) PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Kindergarten - worked with a partner" ! ‣Polyframe lets you take photos in app and add text
  • 24. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Digital Posters! ! • Search for photos for project in app ! • Add text and backgrounds ! • Save to camera roll ! • Example - Thank you notes, Mark Steer’s second graders
  • 25. GRAPHIC TEXT APPS Pic Collage - Reports ! • Reports - famous African Americans, Africa, Bats, Climate ! • Searched for images in app ! • Examples - Nicole Nesbitt’s and Ruth Bennefield’s 2nd grades, Denise Bourque’s 4th grade, Gwen Sullivan’s 8th grade
  • 26. GRAPHIC TEXT APPS Pic Collage (parts of speech) ! • Fall adjectives and pictures ! • Example - Sheri Veldman’s 3rd grade
  • 27. GRAPHIC TEXT APPS Pic Collage ! • Singular/Plural ! • Example - Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd grade
  • 28. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS Pic Collage - Literacy ! • Picture drawn with Hello Crayons app ! • Kindergarteners worked with 5th grade buddies to write the stories ! • from Jan Tetirick’s class
  • 29. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Vocabulary ! • Definition, synonym, antonym, part or speech, example sentence ! • Searched in app for photo or drew a picture ! • Example - Carrie Fair’s Fifth Grade
  • 30. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Fifth grade Common Core Exemplar: Sentences with correlative conjunctions ! • Example - Carrie Fair’s Fifth Grade
  • 31. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS Pic Collage (free) ! • Create a Quarter ! • Use camera in app to photograph their quarter drawing ! • Search for photos for project in app ! • Add text description ! • Example - Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd grade
  • 32. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS Photo Art Generators ! • Face on Coin Booth (free) ! • Face on Stamp Booth (free) ! • Wanted Poster Pro (paid) ! • Example - Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd grade
  • 33. PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS Trading Cards (free) ! • Famous African Americans ! • Print and fold ! • from 5th grade teacher Crystal Voytal ! • Note: somewhat inflexible template
  • 34. ‣Save projects as photo/video to camera roll." ! ‣Email projects." ! ‣Use cord to sync photos/video to computer." ! ‣Turn on Photostream, photos/video go directly to iPhoto." ! ‣Printing via wifi from iPad photo roll prints 4 x 6 size." How to Print or Transfer Projects MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  • 35. ! ‣Upload to a Dropbox account. (Other online storage options: Google Drive, Copy, Box)" ! ‣Use transfer apps - Photo Transfer and Photosync apps." Apps to Transfer Projects MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  • 36. Sonic Pics (paid) IMAGE NARRATION Narrated Slideshows Pixntell (free/$paid for EDU version) Explain Everything (paid) 30 Hands (free) Lets you redo audio recordings!
  • 37. 30 Hands (free) PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS • Example - PreK talks about their Seuss pictures
  • 38. Favorite Drawing Apps DRAWING APPS ‣Drawing Box (free/paid for full version)" ! ‣Drawing Pad (paid) - text!" ! ‣Doodle Buddy (free) - also add text!" ! ‣WowPaint (free) - simple!" ! ‣Hello Crayons (free) - great for early elementary"
  • 39. DRAWING APPS Draw a Picture that Begins with a ......." (art and literacy)# ! ! Hello Crayons app" ! • Simple drawing apps - draw with crayons, marker, paint, pencils • Includes a paint bucket fill option • Can open and save images from and to camera roll • Shop includes additional in app features and coloring pages for purchase
  • 40. DRAWING APPS All About Bats" Hello Crayons app" ! • Kindergarteners drew picture of a happy bat after field trip to Cranbrook Science Center. ! • No option to add text, saved to camera roll and opened in A+Signature to add their name. ! • Use in narrated slideshow using 30 Hands or Explain Everything apps
  • 41. Narrated Slideshows" ‣Use apps: 30 Hands (free) or Explain Everything ($2.99)" ! ‣Load images (artwork does not need to be created on iPad) into app, then record audio." ! ‣Perfect for the one iPad class! IMAGE NARRATION
  • 42. DRAWING APPS WowPaint (free)" ! Students use the app to replicate art class projects - cardinal project
  • 43. African Sunsets" ! Drawing Box Free (free)"
  • 44. Drawing Pad (Paid) ‣Excellent set of realistic looking drawing tools, intuitive" ‣Clipart collection" ‣Includes text!" DRAWING APPS
  • 45. Doodle Buddy (free) DRAWING APPS Combine photo, drawing, and text to illustrate a concept.
  • 46. TypeDrawing (paid) DRAWING APPS ‣Second grade students create an outdoor picture using words." ! ‣Combines art and literacy.
  • 47. Faces I Make (paid) DRAWING APPS Food Faces - " ! Kindergarteners create fun faces as part of a health unit.
  • 48. Faces I Make (paid) DRAWING APPS Words that Begin With.." ! Kindergarteners
  • 49. Show Me + FeltBoard ‣Kindergarten pictures created with FeltBoard app, saved to camera roll" ! ‣Opened pictures in ShowMe, recorded story" ! ‣Published to ShowMe website" ! ! SCREENCASTING APPS
  • 50. Digital Slates DRAWING APPS ‣Chalkboard (free)" ! ‣Glow Paint (free)" ! ! ! ! !
  • 51. Christmas Generator apps (ALL FREE!) DRAWING APPS ! • Christmas Tree Maker PRO ! • Make a Snowman ! • Christmas Cookie Maker ! • Gingerbread House Maker! ! • Happy Snowflake ! • Paper Snow ! • My Flake ! • Mandalas FREE
  • 52. WordPress ‣ Blogging app lets you take photos/images from your camera roll on your iPad and directly upload them to your blog - huge time saver!" ! ‣Let students photograph and blog class activities! MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  • 53. GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS ‣Popplet (free/paid for full version)" ! ‣Inspiration (free/paid for full version)" ! ‣Corkulous (free/paid for full version) ! ‣Grafio (free/paid for full version)
  • 54. New Year’s Goals with Popplet GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS ‣Photo with front facing camera" ! ‣Simple tools" ! ‣By fourth graders" ! ‣Use with book covers, book characters, science concepts"
  • 55. Food Chains with Popplet ‣Images downloaded from internet using Safari" ! ‣By third graders GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS
  • 56. Note Taking ‣Watched Discovery Streaming Atlas videos on Africa on computer" ‣Took notes using Corkulous and Inspiration Lite apps" GRAPHIC ORGANIZER APPS
  • 57. Discovery Education Mobile Site VIDEO APPS http://
  • 58. Screencasting apps DRAWING APPS ‣Show Me (free)" ! ‣Screen Chomp (free)" ! ‣Explain Everything (paid)" Has many features not available in free apps" ! ‣Educreations (free) - in app search for images" ! ‣Knowmia/Teach (free) - in app search for images" ! !
  • 59. Math Tutorials ‣Fifth and Sixth grade students created tutorials as review for MAP testing" ! ‣Free account" ! ‣Published directly to ShowMe and Knowmia websites" ! ‣Common Core: explain your thinking!" DRAWING APPS ‣ShowMe and Knowmia Teach
  • 60. Educreations Tutorials ‣Second graders demonstrate money strategies - from Nicole Nesbitt" ! SCREENCASTING APPS
  • 61. Favorite Audio apps AUDIO APPS ‣AudioMemos SE (free) ! ‣iTalk Recorder (free)! ! ‣Audioboo (free) ! ‣Songify (paid) ! ‣GarageBand (free on new iOS devices ) ! !
  • 62. AudioMemos SE (free) AUDIO APPS ! ‣Fluency/Vocabulary" ! ‣Reader’s Theater" ! ‣Create/record commercials - National Parks" ! ‣Recordings for band teacher (Jon Busch)" ! ‣Mail/transfer recordings to teacher" iTalk Recorder (free)
  • 63. Fotobabble (free)" ‣Snap a photo and record a one minute audio description." ! ‣Instantly upload online to free Fotobabble account, simple publication!" ! ‣Easy for kids to use. " ! ‣Students reflect on their artwork IMAGE NARRATION
  • 64. Message Posters" ‣Pic Collage + Fotobabble" ! ‣Students record explanation, commercial, or rap explaining their poster" ! ‣Picture and audio published to web!" ! ‣Link to example IMAGE NARRATION
  • 65. Songify (paid) AUDIO APPS ‣Turns talking into a song or a rap! Easy and fast! ! ‣Comes with 3 song styles for free, additional styles for purchase ! ‣Note: can block public published areas ! ‣Example: Computer Lab Rules ! ‣Fun way to review
  • 66. Audioboo (free) AUDIO APPS ‣Easy way to publish audio files directly to the web, files can be embedded on a blog" ! ‣Free account!" ! ‣Record files up to 3 minutes long" ! Record students" talking about what" they learned - top ten list" style!"
  • 67. Audioboo Book Reports (free) AUDIO APPS ‣Second grade book reports from Nicole Nesbitt" ! ‣Snap photo of book cover (or student artwork/project)" ! ‣Record audio" ! ‣Link to example" Add Audioboo to projects that you already do!
  • 68. QR Code Listening Galleries with Audioboo and Scan (free) AUDIO APPS ! ‣Pink Pigs (Kindergarten)
  • 69. QR Code Listening Galleries AUDIO APPS ! ‣Superheros (4th grade)" ! Link to webpage with directions on how to create the QR Codes with Audioboo app ! !
  • 70. Audioboo QR Codes! ! ‣Create account for class" ! ‣Go to your Audioboo account online" ! ‣Click QR code at towards bottom left" ! AUDIO APPS
  • 71. Audioboo QR Codes! ! ‣Generates code" ! ‣Print in large (full page) or small (good size for corner of project)" ! AUDIO APPS
  • 72. Audioboo in iTunes! ! ! ‣Click iTunes - will open files as a podcast in iTunes!" ! ‣Can download the files for other uses!" ! AUDIO APPS
  • 73. Election Posters with QR Code Speeches AUDIO APPS ! ‣Fifth grade students made election posters and recorded a related speech using AudioBoo which was linked to QR code." ! ‣From Crystal Voytal" ! !
  • 74. GrandParents Day -QR Code Books ! ‣from 2nd grade teacher Nicole Nesbitt" ! ‣Used Audioboo to record/publish audio AUDIO APPS
  • 75. Body System Tours with QR Codes ! ‣from 5th grade teacher Crystal Voytal" ‣Drawings with Doodle Buddy" ‣Link to example of audio" AUDIO APPS
  • 76. Poetry with QR Codes ! ‣from 4th grade teacher Maria Long" ! ‣Photo + Drawing App + Audioboo + QR Code" ! AUDIO APPS
  • 77. Favorite Digital Storytelling Apps" DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS ‣Book Creator" ! ‣Puppet Pals" ! ‣Facejack" ! ‣PhotoComic" ! ‣30 Hands Presentation link at Creative APP-titude" !
  • 78. ChatterPix Kids (free) DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS ‣Talking Biographies" ! ‣From 2nd grade teacher Nicolle Nesbitt" ! ‣Can add text to the finished video!" !
  • 79. ChatterPix Kids" DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS ‣Talking artwork!" ! ‣Talking snowmen by second graders" ! ‣Picture drawn with Drawing Pad app, but could also take a photo of student artwork"
  • 80. SPOKEnPHOTO (free) ‣Create free account" ! ‣Add photos, record audio for each image (no text)" ! ‣Saves to account, view online or in app" ! ‣Example: Snowmen All Year BOOK CREATION APPS Use projects that" you already do, turn into a book!
  • 81. DIGITAL STORYTELLING APPS Book Creator for iPad ($4.99) ‣Add text, pictures (from camera roll), record audio, add video, hyperlinks" ! ‣Export as epub document directly to iBooks or to Dropbox" ! ‣ Link to our elementary collection of eBooks"
  • 82. Write About This (free/$2.99) ! • Photos with story prompts ! • Write story, record audio ! • Save to camera roll ! • Can create your own prompts ! • Also Tell About This for younger students GRAPHIC TEXT APPS
  • 83. BOOK CREATION APPS ! ‣Haiku Deck - presentation maker" ! ‣Search for images in app!" ! ‣Beautiful text " ! ‣Save online" ! ‣Export as a Powerpoint/ Keynote file, can import into other apps" ! ‣Link to Jerboas Example" ! Haiku Deck (free)
  • 84. Bible Buddies (free lite version/paid) ‣Create puppet shows with Bible characters" ! ‣From the same company as Puppet Pals" ! ‣Example: The Fiery Furnace" ANIMATED STORIES
  • 85. Sock Puppets (Free Lite Version/Paid) ! ‣Talking Socks! Crazy voices!" ! ‣Second grade teachers Mark Steer and Ruth Bennefield use to review math facts and vocabulary words." ANIMATED STORIES
  • 86. Art Maker (paid) ! ‣PreK use to tell stories about being friends" ANIMATED STORIES
  • 87. Favorite Video apps VIDEO APPS ‣Splice (free/paid) ! ‣iMovie (paid) ! ‣Vintagio (paid) ! ! ! ! !
  • 88. Video Camera Hints VIDEO APPS ‣Use horizontally, like the shape of a TV screen!" ! ‣Take short clips of students in action, edit into a simple video at night while watching TV." ! ‣Assign students to take videos of class activities."
  • 89. Splice (free/additional features for purchase) VIDEO APPS ‣Easy and fast app to edit multiple video clips and images together" ! ‣Add simple titles, transitions, record audio, and add music" ! ‣Free version contains ads" ! ‣Export projects to camera roll" ! !
  • 90. Splice (example) VIDEO APPS ‣Have students film and edit a class activity link to video
  • 91. VidRhythm (free) VIDEO APPS ‣Take short video clips to create wacky music videos" ! ‣Variety of templates to use" ! ‣Limited educational value, but oh so fun! Link to examples
  • 92. Create Video Tutorials VIDEO APPS ‣Easy way to give multiple directions for projects." ! ‣Use iPad case as a tripod when recording." ! ‣Can replay video as students work." ! ‣Let students create tutorials!" link to view video
  • 93. ‣Publish to blog using Wordpress app." ! ‣Upload video projects directly from iPad from camera roll to Vimeo or YouTube " ! ‣Use apps with accounts that publish to web: Fotobabble, Audioboo, Toontastic, Showme, Educreation, Knowmia, SPOKEnPHOTO" ! ‣See my Elementary APPtitude blog for examples of iPad published projects! Publish to your Digital Hallway! MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  • 94. Student Publication ‣Edmodo - Free online educational community similar to Facebook. Students can post many kinds of projects directly from iPad. Free app." ! ‣Kidblog - Free blogging platform geared for students. Students could post projects to their blog. Free app. MANAGEMENT/HINTS
  • 95. iPad Multimedia Resources ! Link: ! ! I would love your" feedback" and comments!"
  • 96. Creative-APPtitude - iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity by Karen Bosch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Karen Bosch
  • 97. Start of School Project PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Use PicCollage to make a “What I did this Summer” collage" ! ‣Add text titles and sentences" ! ‣Bonus: superimpose a photo of yourself into the image!"
  • 98. Start of School Project PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Use Labels or LabelBox app" ! ‣Use front facing camera" ! ‣Write adjectives or phrases that describe yourself"
  • 99. Start of School Project PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Use Poppet, Corkculous, Inspiration, or Grafio" ! ‣Use front facing camera" ! ‣Write out goals for the school year: mental, physical, social, emotional"
  • 100. Start of School Project PHOTOGRAPHYAPPS ‣Use Audioboo to talk about what you want to learn this year!" ! ‣Share a way you could use Audioboo in your classroom." ! ‣Label with the hashtag #wwaudioboo"