Using Technology in the Geography Classroom


Published on | Technology and Geography go hand in hand: with a great range of apps available, Jessica has worked with students from Years 7 -10 integrating the use of technology into the Geography curriculum. This webinar presentation explored some key applications for use in the Geography classroom and how they can be applied for greater student engagement in learning. Applicants will be able to see examples of how apps are used and adapt activities to their chosen year level.

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Using Technology in the Geography Classroom

  1. 1. Using technology in the Geography classroom
  2. 2. Applications There are many applications available for use in the Geography classroom. Today we are going to talk about my Top 6 (in no particular order).
  3. 3. #6: Socrative Implementation After students have completed an assessment task, Socrative works well for student reflection on their results. It also works well as a pop quiz generator, and for receiving student feedback. FREE
  4. 4. #5: Google Maps Implementation Google Maps allows students to create interactive maps that they can share with others. They can input information directly into the map, sharing their knowledge, and showing their learning. FREE
  5. 5. #4: iMovie (or an equivalent) Implementation Students can easily use iMovie to create documentary tasks and short films. For example: Year 9 Geography students created documentaries describing and explaining the changes along a selected transect.
  6. 6. #3: Google Drive Implementation Teachers can create a collaborative document that everyone can contribute to, in real time, such as an African fact file where each student is responsible for inputting information about one African nation, with everyone ending up with a comprehensive dossier. FREE
  7. 7. #2: Mind Mapping applications Implementation To assess student’s prior knowledge, I usually get them to do a mind map at the beginning of a new topic. This works well as students can visually represent their learning.
  8. 8. codes #1: QR Codes Implementation In a Geography context, QR codes work incredibly well for “scavenger hunt” type activities. Students learn about direction and the use of compasses, they solve puzzles and navigate their way to QR codes that offer links to answers required.
  9. 9. #1: QR codes Bonus apps Implementation There are a wide range of Geography applications out there for students to use, some better than others! Using a compass app, a geocaching app and QR code reader teaches students about direction, latitude and longitude and they are able to apply geographical skills.
  10. 10. Bloom’s Taxonomy for Apps
  11. 11. So how do all of these apps tie together?
  12. 12. Links Go to this link: for access to links to apps, the lesson plan and other resources.
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. Contact me Email: Twitter: @jessicajorna