Realising the educational benefits: an approach for 21C schools


Published on | Mal details an approach adapted from the corporate and public sector that enables all 21C schools to inexpensively and internally ‘ensure’ the desired educational benefits from all new school programs are thoughtfully planned, monitored, optimised and realised.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Realising the educational benefits: an approach for 21C schools

  1. 1. Realising Educational BenefitsREBMal© EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. 2. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHousekeeping• Disclaimer– The views and opinions are those of the presenters andare provided as general information which will requirefurther research to identify the application of the specificrequirements to the participant.• Restrictions– Eduwebinar Pty Ltd does NOT give permission for anycapture, recording or reproduction of this webinar in anyformat.
  3. 3. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDIntroduction• Ensuring the school meets the needs of 21st century schooling• Ready operational accountability• Realising the educational benefits• The business lead• REB• The basic recipe• REB in practice• Introducing REB into your school
  4. 4. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED21st Century Schooling• Not the 20th century• Shortcomings of traditional school measurement and accountabilitytools• Designed for insular, constancy and continuity• Imperative of clear shaping educational vision• Identifying the priorities with escalating ‘noise’.• Accommodating constant, often rapid and uncertain change andevolution• Working with escalating digital convergence and organisationalintegration• Increasing networked, collaborative 24/7/365 schooling• Riding the megatrends
  5. 5. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDOperational Accountability• Incorporated into normal school operations• School specific• Able to be afforded, used in-house, with own staff in allschools• Facility to accommodate game changers• Immediacy of feedback• Optimisation of operations• In keeping with increasing school openness• Measurement information that assists the making of keydevelopment decisions
  6. 6. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDRealising the educational benefits• Imperative of focussing on the desired education• Expressed in effective shaping educational vision• All else part of the suite of variables supporting thatrealisation• Importance of an apposite integrated development,monitoring and measurement process• Framework for total staff to shape all initiatives
  7. 7. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThe business lead• Part of the answer found in business/corporate world• Business technology concerns of the 90’s• Failure to tie ‘business agenda’ with technologydeployment• Benefits realisation approach/BRM/MSP• Application globally throughout business and corporatesector• Parallels with schooling going digital and networked• Key differences
  8. 8. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBRM• Bradley (2004) defines BRM as• the process of organizing and managing sothat potential benefits arising frominvestments in change are actually achieved(p.23)
  9. 9. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBRM premise• BRM was based on the following premises(Thorp, 1998, p. 38) – and we believe theyhold true for schools even more so.– Benefits do not just happen.– Benefits rarely happen according to plan.– Benefits realization is a continuous process thatcan and must be managed, just like any otherbusiness practice.
  10. 10. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDREB• Necessity of a schooling specific variant• The builds on the industry experience andresearch• Creation of REB with Dr Lorrae Ward (NZ)
  11. 11. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDWhat is REB?• REB is our adaptation of BRM, it translates BRM into the educational worldand has been designed to provide an operational framework for schoolswanting to effectively operate in the 21st century.• REB can provide the umbrella framework needed to provide coherencyand alignment across all areas of a school’s operations, enabling you tomonitor and measure what you are doing while also being agile, ready to“catch the next wave”, to move forward with confidence.• It will help you to tightly integrate all the different activities and groups inyour school.• It will enable you to remain focused on the big picture, the vision youhave for your school, its community and most importantly its learners. Intimes of change and multiple competing demands it can feel like you arepedalling furiously but going nowhere.• REB can help organize the churn!
  12. 12. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDStages of REB1. Deciding what initiatives to implement.2. Deciding on the initiative owner(s) and reporting lines.3. Identifying the benefits – and any possible disbenefits.4. Developing a purpose statement.5. Developing a benefits chain and/or benefits map6. Planning for the implementation of the initiative.7. Monitoring and reviewing the implementation across thebenefits chain.8. Measuring the realization of the benefits.9. Reflection and review – where to next.
  13. 13. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBenefits chainOutputs• buildCapabilities• enableChanged practices• realiseEducational benefits• supportSchool vision for itslearners
  14. 14. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDMeasuring benefits• Thorp (1998) argues that if you can’t measure something you can’t manage it. Inhis view measuring benefits is the key to successful change management.• The evidence used is not – and indeed should not – just be what many describe asdata (numbers). It can be observed changes in behaviour, changed attitudes asseen through conversations, differences in documentation, cost savings. Limitingthe evidence used in measurement limits the benefits that can be identified andrealized.• Thorp (1998) offers guidance on how to develop powerful measurement systems.He says that you must:– Make sure measures exist– Measure the right things– Measure things the right way– Make sure measurement systems guide decisions and action. (p. 199).
  15. 15. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED24/7/365 ‘teaching’
  16. 16. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDIntroducing REB• School specific solution – with core recipe• Role of the principal• All staff• Guiding principles• Building on the existing• The initial thrust• The expert• Diagnostic tools• New staff• Refinement and enhancement• Recognition
  17. 17. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDConclusion• Significance• Readying your school• Normalise• Focus in time of escalating noise
  18. 18. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDmallee@mac.comhttp://www.malleehome.comSkype - malcolmrlee+61 2 44 717947
  19. 19. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDIn ClosingPowerPoint presentation will be available from events
  20. 20. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBoosting your professional competence20