5 simple steps to prepare an advocacy brief


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Karen applies the five finger plan to success as advocated by Trump and Kiyoskai
in their book, Midas Touch, to prepare an advocacy brief. The webinar focused on examples to identify: the audience, the media, a key message, the content, a specific focus and a call to action.

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5 simple steps to prepare an advocacy brief

  1. 1. 5 simple stepsto preparean advocacy briefKaren BonannoFounder & Managing Director© EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. 2. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDHousekeeping• Disclaimer– The views and opinions are those of the presenters and areprovided as general information which will require furtherresearch to identify the application of the specific requirementsto the participant.• Restrictions– Eduwebinar Pty Ltd does NOT give permission for any capture,recording or reproduction of this webinar in any format.
  3. 3. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDDefining advocacy“Advocacy is the deliberate process, based ondemonstrated evidence, to directly or indirectlyinfluence a decision makers, stakeholders andrelevant audiences to support and implementactions that contribute to the fulfilment of acause or policy.”
  4. 4. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED5 Finger Plan toSuccessAustralian School LibraryAssociation Inc.4Trump & Kiyosaki 2011, ‘Guide to developing your Midas touch’, inThe Midas Touch, Plata Publishing, Scottsdale, AZ.
  5. 5. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThumb – Key MessageStrength of character• Turning bad luck into goodluck• Intense sense ofresponsibility• Emotional maturity &intelligence• Attitude• Establish pre-eminenceIdentify a memorable message• What is the issue?• What perception do youwant to get across?• What do you want to keepin the front of everyone’smind?• What do you want doneabout this issue?• What experience do youwant stakeholders to have?
  6. 6. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDPointer finger – points to supportyour viewF.O.C.U.S.Follow one course untilsuccessful• Know your outcome• Take action• Find out what works &what doesn’t• Re-align until you achieve1Capture killer statisticsGather startling facts• Survey findings• Statistics, e.g. ABS• Government reports• Social networkingstatistics• Infographic data
  7. 7. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDMiddle finger – What are you?What you stand for• Identify who you are• What do you stand for?• Are you who you sayyou are?• Standards• Benchmarks• ProfessionalismSource quotable quotes• Goodreads• Brainyquote• QuotegardenFind remarkable stories• Capture student voice• Once I was lost …now Iam found
  8. 8. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDRing finger – Stakeholders/AudienceRelationships• You can’t do a good deal witha bad partner• Reputation at stake• You want parents, colleagues,students to ‘invest’ in you• Listen more, observe more,talk less• Approach them with theirneeds, not your own• Leverage your networksStakeholders/Audience• Who can advocate for you?• Who will be the audience?• Rhetoric needs to resonate –mind your language• Make connectionsMassage the media• School newsletter• Social media• Digital display
  9. 9. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDLittle finger – Little things that countThe little things you dothat others don’t• What is your core story?• What is your elevatorpitch?• How are you unique?Call to action• What specifically do youwant them to do?
  10. 10. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThe briefWhat is the issue?What you want done about it?Statement of purpose2 or 3 main points that support your viewCall to action
  11. 11. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDIn ClosingPowerPoint presentationhttp://www.slideshare.net/kbonanno/Future eventshttp://eduwebinar.com.au/webinarsFollow us on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/eduwebinarMembershiphttp://eduwebinar.com.au/membership
  12. 12. © EDUWEBINAR PTY LTD | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDBoosting your professional competence12