Social Media for Busy Professionals


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A presentation at the Partners in Justice Conference in May 2013.

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Social Media for Busy Professionals

  1. 1. Social Media forBusy ProfessionalsKate BladowStrategist, Powered Pursuits
  2. 2. Building Your Network
  3. 3. Who Is in the Room?Who are you?Are you usingany socialnetworks?Why?Which ones?
  4. 4. You’ve Been NetworkingCoffees Bar EventsMeetingsConferencesHappyHoursFundraisersTrainings
  5. 5. You Have a Network
  6. 6. Supplement YourNetworkingLinkedIn TwitterMeetingsConferencesBlogsFundraisersFacebook
  7. 7. A HypothesisSocial networking works best whencombined with offline networking.
  8. 8. Getting on the Same Page
  9. 9. Some Examples
  10. 10. FacebookPersonal Profile
  11. 11. FacebookPage
  12. 12. FacebookPost
  13. 13. FacebookLikes andComments
  14. 14. FacebookMention people or organizations inyour posts and comments with @.
  15. 15. TwitterTweet:140 characters or less
  16. 16. TwitterHandle/Username
  17. 17. TwitterHashtag
  18. 18. LinkedInPersonalProfile
  19. 19. LinkedInCompany Profile
  20. 20. LinkedInConnects peopleto company profileautomatically
  21. 21. What Have You FoundUseful?
  22. 22. My Suggested Plan• Use LinkedIn.• See who is talking about you.• Participate in a community.• Create your own community.
  23. 23. At First,You’ll• Sign up.• Set up your profile.• Add connections.Going Forward,You’ll• Add connections.• Update profile.• Respond to messages.Create a LinkedIn Profile
  24. 24. Why?• Shows up when someone searchesfor you online.• Reminds people about you whenyou add new connections, updateyour profiles, or post news.• Helps to identify resources.
  25. 25. See Who Is TalkingAbout You
  26. 26. What You Need To DoAt First,You’ll• Set up keyword alerts.• Sign up for a newsreader.Going Forward,You’ll• Review material.• Tweak keywords.
  27. 27. Why?• Know who is talking about you.• Keep abreast of what’s happening.• Can respond as appropriate.
  28. 28. Participate in aCommunityAt First,You’ll• Find the rightcommunity for you.• Get to know thecommunitys culture.Going Forward,You’ll• Participate.• Add value.
  29. 29. Finding a Community
  30. 30. Create Your OwnCommunityAt First,You’ll• Set up the group.Going Forward,You’ll• Create content.• Let people knowabout the group.• Manage the group.
  31. 31. Several Options
  32. 32. Why?• Engage more people.• Can post more content.• Have more control.
  33. 33. Tips
  34. 34. More Than 1 Account?
  35. 35. Tips• Be a person and remember there arepeople on the other side.• Post whatever you want, but be readyto live with the consequences.• Mix personal and professional. Or dont.Its up to you.
  36. 36. Tips• Make it a good habit.• Watch what other people do and thenfigure out your style.• No one knows what their first postshould be. Just post something and getit over with.
  37. 37. Any More Tips?
  38. 38. Contact InformationKate BladowFounder & Strategist, Powered