Social Media for Busy Professionals


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A presentation for the 2011 Virginia Annual Statewide Legal Aid Conference.

It's important that every advocate understand the impact of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media tools on their clients and casework. This presentation introduces the different tools and suggests ways advocates can use them for outreach, research, pro bono attorney support, and advocacy. Also, we'll look at uses of the tools that can potentially endanger a legal aid client's case.

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Social Media for Busy Professionals

  1. 1. Social Media forBusy Professionals Kate Bladow Strategist, Powered Pursuits
  2. 2. We All Network
  3. 3. But Now It Doesnt Just Look Like...
  4. 4. It Also Looks Like...
  5. 5. People Use Different Tools
  6. 6. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• More than 800 million Profiles active users Pages• 50% of those users log on Groups in any given day Friends
  7. 7. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• 190 million users Tweets• 65 million tweets/day Retweets• More than 800,000 Lists searches/day Followers
  8. 8. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• 120 million members Profiles• 2 billion searches for Contacts people in 2010 Companies Groups
  9. 9. Some Examples Quick Stats Vocabulary• Over 155 million blogs Posts have been identified Comments• Almost 2 million posts RSS Feeds indexed every 24 hours News Reader
  10. 10. What To Do When You Dont Have Much Time1. Set up a LinkedIn profile.2. Listen to whats happening online.3. Participate in a community.4. Create and nurture a community.
  11. 11. Create a LinkedIn Profile Start Up Tasks Ongoing Tasks• Sign up. • Add connections.• Set up profile. • Update profile.• Add connections. • Respond to messages.
  12. 12. Demonstrations1. LinkedIn profile
  13. 13. Listen to Whats Happening Online Start Up Tasks Ongoing Tasks• Sign up for a news • Review material. reader. • Tweak keywords.• Set up keyword alerts for sites you want to listen to.
  14. 14. Demonstrations1. Google Reader2. Google Alerts3. Twitter Search4. LexMonitor
  15. 15. Participate in a Community Start Up Tasks Ongoing Tasks• Find the right • Participate. community for you. • Add value.• Listen and get to know communitys culture.
  16. 16. Demonstrations1. Twitter2. Facebook3. LinkedIn Groups4. Blogs
  17. 17. Create and Nurture a Community Start Up Tasks Ongoing Tasks• Set up the group. • Create content. • Market group. • Administrating group.
  18. 18. Demonstrations1. Blogs2. LinkedIn Group3. Facebook Page4. Facebook Group
  19. 19. Tips● Be a person and remember there are people on the other side.● Post whatever you want, but be ready to live with the consequences.● Combine your online and offline networking for the greatest impact.
  20. 20. Tips● Make it a good habit.● Watch what other people do and then figure out your style.● Mix personal and professional. Or dont. Its up to you.● No one knows what their first post should be. Just post something and get it over with.
  21. 21. Contact InformationKate BladowFounder & Strategist, Powered