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Building Author Web Presence
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Building Author Web Presence


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This workshop was presented at TOC 2010. The workshop covers all aspects of an author's digital platform, with an emphasis on the hub of every author's online presence -- the author website.

This workshop was presented at TOC 2010. The workshop covers all aspects of an author's digital platform, with an emphasis on the hub of every author's online presence -- the author website.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Building Author Pages Kassia Krozser & Kirk Biglione
  • 2. Overview Author information around the web Author websites Publisher websites Retail websites Challenges and solutions Helping authors get it right
  • 3. Why Authors?
  • 4. Authors Sell Books
  • 5. What Is an Author Page?
  • 6. It Depends...
  • 7. Who Are You?
  • 8. Roles Author Agent Publisher/Publishing Professional Publicist Bookseller
  • 9. Each Role Has a Different View
  • 10. Don’t Forget The Users
  • 11. User roles Readers/Consumers Media Reviewers Academics Other authors
  • 12. Two Views
  • 13. Publisher View Publisher Author Retail Website
  • 14. Author View Author Retailer Publisher Website
  • 15. The Author Website
  • 16. Role of The Author Website Hub of author’s online activity Central point of information for readers Media resource Key asset in building the author brand Should be first result when author is Googled
  • 17. The Basics
  • 18. Domain name
  • 19. Basic Content
  • 20. First, Consider the Reader
  • 21. Author Information Bio Press kit Contact information Agent Speaking Agent Publicist
  • 22. Author Content Blog Media: video/audio (including podcast) Interviews Links to related websites
  • 23. Book Information Title Cover Blurb Excerpt / Sample ISBN(s) Publisher Buy links
  • 24. Extended Book Info Series and related titles Related media Interviews Book Trailers Link to book mini-site Reviews Awards
  • 25. Marketing Information Mailing list signup Event listing Social media links Contests
  • 26. Community Blog comments Forums Wiki Social features
  • 27. Content Management
  • 28. WordPress Easy to use Open Source (free) Social media integration Design flexibility
  • 29. Design
  • 33. Case Study
  • 34. Bestselling Author with No Website
  • 35. The Social Web
  • 36. Social Media Extends the author’s online presence Reaches readers in their preferred environment Not all opportunities are right for all authors Leading sites require at least a minimal presence
  • 37. The Problem with Facebook
  • 38. Add Up the Faux Steph*nie Meyer(s)
  • 39. What To Do? Create a Fan Page not Profile Create pages for author and books Link directly from official site Verify with Facebook Post on unofficial pages directing users to official page Work with FB to direct traffic to official page
  • 40. So, What About Twitter?
  • 41. Best Practices Reserve the author name on the main networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, maybe MySpace) Consider reserving common mis-spellings Point profile to official author website Link author website to active social profiles Obtain verified accounts where possible
  • 42. More Author Pages
  • 43. The Publisher Website
  • 44. Why author pages? Readers love authors SEO for publisher and book Improves discovery Improves author relations (when done right)
  • 45. Core content Author bio Photo Web link Social media links Upcoming events Author RSS feed (caution!) Oh, and books
  • 46. Publisher Specific Content Author articles Interviews Book related extras Media: audio/video Mailing lists
  • 47. Anatomy of an Author Section
  • 48. Featured Authors
  • 49. Author Index
  • 50. On-Site Search
  • 51. Types of search Global Author Event Advanced
  • 52. Appearances
  • 53. Author Page
  • 54. Unique Content
  • 55. Publisher Specific Content Interviews: Video/Audio Original articles Reading guides Extended story information (character profiles, back story, etc.)
  • 56. The Retail Website
  • 57. Why author pages? Enhanced information for customers Enhanced discovery = additional sales Customer engagement, increase time on site SEO benefits
  • 58. What we see Author name
  • 59. What we’d like to see Author bio Author photo Link to website and social media profiles Curated content (interviews, media, essays)
  • 60. Challenges Aggregating data Authenticating data Maintaining data
  • 61. Challenges & Possible Solutions
  • 62. Author Metadata
  • 63. Author Identity
  • 64. Numbers: Lots of authors
  • 65. Content Management
  • 66. Tech-Challenged Authors
  • 67. Time-Challenged Authors
  • 68. Apathy
  • 69. What To Do When an Author Opts Out?
  • 70. Just Say No
  • 71. Helping Authors Get It Right
  • 72. Who’s Responsible?
  • 73. Digital Assessment Domain name Website Is it usable? Is it current? Social media presence Quality and frequency of interaction
  • 74. Website Checklist Domain name Hosting Core content: Bio,Photos, Press Kit, Bibliography Site management (WordPress or other OS CMS) Usability and accessibility review (includes browser support & mobile) Design options (premium themes)
  • 75. Create Support Resources Author portal Digital concierge Digital media training
  • 76. Questions? Kassia Krozser: twitter: @booksquare Kirk Biglione twitter: @kirkbiglione Booksquare University