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Our Passport Chretien 2010
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Our Passport Chretien 2010


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Our Ancestor's Passport By Mrs. Chretien’s 2 nd grade class 2010
  • 2. We are here Where did our ancestors come from? And these are just SOME of the countries ! France Slovakia Germany Ireland Mexico Cape Verde Portugal Italy Azores
  • 3. What can we find out about those countries ?
  • 4. Azores
    • Some ancestor’s came from the Azores which is in Europe.
    • The Azores is in the country of Portugal.
    • The official language spoken here is Portuguese.
    • The Azores is very poor and was fought by pirates.
    • If we visited the Azores we would go to a Portuguese Sao Jorge festival.
  • 5. Cape Verde
    • Some ancestor’s came from Cape Verde which is in Africa.
    • The capital of Cape Verde is Praia.
    • The official language spoken here is Portuguese.
    • Cape Verde was made by huge volcanoes. The highest point in the country is Pico de Cano which is on the Island of Fogo.
    • If we visited Cape Verde we would see the volcanoes erupt.
  • 6. Slovakia
    • Some ancestor’s came from Slovakia which is in Europe.
    • The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.
    • The official language spoken here is Slovak.
    • Slovakia has 3,800 caves.
    • If we visited Slovakia we would look at all the Slovakian art in the Slovakian Art Museum.
  • 7. France
    • Some ancestor’s came from France which is in Europe.
    • The capital of France is Paris.
    • The official language spoken here is French.
    • France has a celebration of July 14,1790, the day that France became a republic.
    • If we visited France we would like to see the fireworks on July 14 th at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • 8. Italy
    • Some ancestor’s came from Italy which is in Europe.
    • The capital of Italy is Rome.
    • The official language spoken here is Italian.
    • Italy has people dress up in costumes and wear masks for “Carnival.”
    • If we visited Italy we would go see The Grand Prix which is a world-famous car race held every year near Milan.
  • 9. Ireland
    • Some ancestor’s came from Ireland which is in Europe.
    • The capital of Ireland is Dublin.
    • The official language spoken here is Irish.
    • Ireland has horse racing each year and castles and Irish step dancing.
    • If we visited Ireland we would want to see Birr Castle and see a Derby race and visit the Custom House.
  • 10. Germany
    • Some ancestor’s came from Germany which is in Europe.
    • The capital of Germany is Berlin.
    • The official language spoken here is German.
    • Germany has a very fast road called the Autobahn.
    • If we visited Germany we would go on a fast train.
  • 11. Mexico
    • Some ancestor’s came from Mexico which is in North America.
    • The capital of Mexico is Mexico city
    • The official language spoken here is Spanish.
    • Mexico has the worlds largest bullfighting ring.
    • If we visited Mexico we would go to Spanish classes to communicate with them.
  • 12. Portugal
    • Some ancestor’s came from Portugal is in Europe.
    • The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.
    • The official language spoken here is Portuguese.
    • Portugal has bull fights.
    • If we visited Portugal we would like to visit the ruins of Castelo dos Mours.
  • 13. Research completed by:
    • Azores:
      • Jenna
      • Chris
    • Portugal:
      • Lexi
      • Dylan
    • Cape Verde:
      • Kermin
      • Daisha
  • 14.
    • Mexico:
      • Hannah
      • Alyssa
    • Italy:
      • Mia
      • Brooke
    • Ireland:
      • Annie
      • Christian
  • 15.
    • Slovakia:
      • Kyle
      • Jonah
    • France:
      • Zachary
      • Jack
    • Germany:
      • Cameron
      • Harry
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  • 18. The End!