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Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
Get Hired Temple Sinai
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Get Hired Temple Sinai


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Sharing job search techniques of an executive search consultant with job seekers.

Sharing job search techniques of an executive search consultant with job seekers.

Published in: Career, Business
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  • Managing Your Career Jill You have heard all parts of this presentation in one place another. What we are going to do today is put practical application and real-world guidelines toward how to Manage your Career. You own your career. We are going to teach you today how to manage it.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Get Hired! Presented by: Karen Benjamin
    • 2. What is going on with the job market?
      • What happened?
        • We learned to be more productive
        • Globalization
        • Recession
        • People are working longer
        • Discontent workers (boss, company, salary or benefits)
      • What will happen?
        • Retiring work force (baby boomers) will create a skilled work force gap because generations X and Y are smaller
    • 3. Why aren’t traditional job search methods working the same way?
      • Try them all, but don’t count on them exclusively
      • Human Resources Departments
        • Over burdened, Under skilled, automated
      • Recruiters
        • Inundated with resumes and hired to fill a few specific jobs
      • Job Boards
        • Generic postings and hidden jobs
        • Internet Frenzy (Too easy to apply on line)
      • Networking
        • More people are in the same boat as you: searching
    • 4. Job Hunt like Executive Search Professionals: Cold Call
      • Study after study shows direct calling is the most effective job search method
        • JIST Philadelphia: 90% within 90 days
        • NY Career Counseling: 35% who had jobs within 30 days called
      • Hit home!
        • 1-3 meetings per day after two weeks of 25 calls per day
        • Running at our search capacity after 6 weeks with six figure jobs
    • 5. Why does it work?
      • Most jobs aren’t advertised
      • Hiring decisions are often sudden
      • No “middle men” in your process
      • People are surprised to get your call
      • Calling builds referrals
      • You can better convey your strengths and transferable skills
      • Most people aren’t willing to work that hard
      • Positions are created and replaced
    • 6. Elements of a Successful Search
      • Your Job search is your full time job!
      • 80/20 rule
        • Spend 80% of your time on the most effective method
        • Spend 20% of your time on traditional methods
    • 7. Traditional Sources Tips
      • Resume
        • Simple, succinct and specific to the position
      • Recruiters
        • Refer them to jobs and candidates for reciprocal relationship
        • Pick a few you know and like
      • Job Boards
        • Invest time up front to post your resume to select boards/industry specific
        • Mondays and Thursdays have the most new jobs
        • Respond to exact fits
      • Networking
        • Next most likely win to direct calling
        • Continuously cultivate your network
        • Friends, colleagues, successful/well networked people, professors, family
        • 80% of your networking time into an “A list”
    • 8. Get Lucky!
      • When luck is preparation and opportunity in alignment
      • Companies expect to hire the perfect candidate to suit their needs and they are being as picky as they want to be and taking their time.
      • You have to know how to:
        • Identify your targets
        • Study your targets
        • Identify how you can fill their needs
        • Be able to articulate it quickly
    • 9. Call Plan Worksheet
      • Company Name:_________________________________________________
      • Location:_______________________________________________________
      • Phone:_________________________________________________________
      • Web address:____________________________________________________
      • Description of Business:____________________________________________
      • Competitors:_____________________________________________________
      • Current Projects/Initiatives:__________________________________________
      • ________________________________________________________________
      • Hiring contacts:____________________________________________________
      • Position you want:__________________________________________________
      • What can you bring?________________________________________________
      • _________________________________________________________________
    • 10. Direct Calling: Advanced Job Search Skill
      • Use Company Research Worksheet for each company
      • Build contact tracking tool
        • Contact, Title, Phone, email, date, results, next steps
      • Prepare for 15 contacts per day
        • Peak contact times are 7 – 8:30 am; noon - 1pm and 5 – 6:30 pm
      • Expect a 50 calls:8 connections:1 interview ratio
      • 3 calls, 1 email and 30 days out on a rotational call list
      • Expect more rejection than success on a per call measure
      • Expect you will find your ideal new position this way and prepare yourself to stay motivated
    • 11. The Call
      • Sample script converted from the call plan:
      • “ Hello <their name>. I am <your name>, a <profession> with experience <related accomplishment or skills> from my work at <companies or organizations of interest>.
      • I am interested in discussing how my experience and accomplishments relate to your objectives, <example from your research> like the time I <related accomplishment>.
    • 12. Phone Interview
      • Your objective is the next interview
      • Their goal is to explore fit in the following areas:
        • You can resolve issues and extend their business
        • Personality fit with culture
        • How your experience and skills relate to needs
        • Your compliment to the existing team
        • Your expectations align with the position challenges and rewards
    • 13. Interview Stakeholders look for you to be……
      • Executives
        • Excited about their challenge
        • Eager and able to solve their problems or meet their goals
        • Knowledgeable about their organization
      • Mid level Managers
        • Complimentary to their skills and their team
        • Resourceful and self managed
      • Human Resources
        • Aligned to salary, benefits and culture
        • Able to articulate how you will meet the hiring manager’s objectives
      • Colleagues
        • Complimentary to their strengths
        • Aligned to their energy level
      • Subordinates
        • Able to provide leadership through expectations management and accountability
    • 14.
      • Have examples that describe s ituations, t asks, a ccomplishments and r esults for successes (Be a STAR)
      • Be prepared to be honest about liabilities and situations you would handle differently
      • Treat each meeting like it is the first
      • Avoid slang, casual language and personal topics
      • Align your reason that you want the position to this specific position and be excited;
      • Don’t avoid salary questions. Tell them what you were making and ask for competitive market for the position.
      • Think about why an interviewer is asking a question and be sure to give an example of what they are looking for.
    • 15. Worldleaders 300 State Street, Suite 303 Rochester, NY 14614 Toll Free 888.499.5525 Local 585.399.0651 Fax 585.399.0655