The color festival


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The color festival

  1. 1. The Color Festival Marketing Plan
  2. 2. What is the Color Festival?  Everyone getting together no matter their age, race, class or gender and celebrating togetherness and the beauty of the changing seasons is the main idea of this event.
  3. 3. Corporate Review Mission Statement The DC color festivals main goal is to promote togetherness while providing a safe and exuberating atmosphere to enjoy the changing colors of life. Vision The five-year vision is to increase the positive impact on audiences and the community while building a financially stable and adaptable organization
  4. 4. Consumer Analysis Customers/ Buyers vs. consumers/users Influences accessibility  location Purchase rate influence location offers Brand loyalty analysis: HOLI has created a reputation of its own for being an all around great time.
  5. 5. Brand Review  Festivals as a whole are in a stage of growth and maturity.
  6. 6. Competitive Analysis Major Competitors: Life in Color The Color Run HOLI One
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis  Strengths  Large target market  “Color Throw” demand  Variety in alternative activities  Location  Price  Methods of Distribution  Eco-Friendly color  Weaknesses  Mixed Reputation  Short on Staff/Volunteers  Lack of rainy day accommodations
  8. 8.  Opportunities  Growing Market  Vendors and Sponsors  Internationally associated  Location Routes  Threats  Weather  Location  Competitors  Vendor Reliability  Seasonality SWOT Analysis Cont.
  9. 9. The Basics of the Color Festival  Marketing Objectives:  To have 60% of attendees from DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia areas.  To keep ticket prices at an encouraging $15- $25 depending on date of purchase.  To offer discount sales to seniors and students.  To offer groupons every month, twice a month leading up to the event starting eight months prior to the Color Festival.  To spend 15% -20% of the total budget on marketing.  Methods of Distribution  Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube  Mass Email  News Websites  Word of Mouth
  10. 10. The Basics of the Color Festival Cont.  Target and Segmenting  Millennials  Generation X  All ages, races, ethnicities  International (FVR Travelers segmentation)  Maryland and Northern Virginia (geographical segmentation)  Competitive Advantage  History  Price  Eco-friendly  Concept  Positioning and Branding  Image Differentiation  Bringing together of diversity to celebrate changing of seasons  Islamic symbol in the middle of a flower
  11. 11. Marketing Mix  Product  Objectives Increase the number of festival goers by 150,000 by September 2015. Increase sales of men and women over the age of 40 by 20% Increase the number of international attendees to the Color Festival in 2015 by 20% Have at least 25% of DC residents recognize the Color Festival by June 2015.  Place  Objectives Bring the Color Festival to a minimum of 10 cities with a population of 300,000 by the end of 2015. Have at least 10 college towns with annual Color Festivals by August 2017.  Channels The Color Festival will be using a direct distribution channel for the delivery of the Color Festival to the attendees.
  12. 12.  Promotion  Sales Promotion Tickets bought closer to the festival date will be higher than those bought months in advance Discounted tickets will be available for college students that can show a valid student ID Discounted tickets will be available for anyone over the age of 55.  Pricing  Objectives Develop a price that will cover all marketing costs and ensure a profit of 60% if each festival results in a minimum of 100,000 attendees. Increase revenue by 30% by the end of 2015. Research the prices of other local cultural festivals and ensure that the Color Festival’s price are lower or equal to that price. Marketing Mix Cont.
  13. 13. Control and Evaluation  Forecasting  By 2015, it is believed that the DC Color Festival will have more than 300,000 festival attendees  Budgeting  The marketing budget for the DC Color Festival will all depend on the revenue brought in from the previous Color Festival.  Scheduling and timing  Marketing planning and strategies will begin to form 8 months prior to event  Advertising and marketing production will begin 6 months prior to event  Advertisement put into local newspapers 3 months prior to event  Evaluation  An emailed survey will be sent to every ticket holder whose ticket was scanned at the entrance of the DC Color Festival  All evaluations/surveys completed will be looked at by event staff.
  14. 14. Advertising Designs
  15. 15. T-Shirt Design
  16. 16. Distribution Truck
  17. 17. Press Release DC COLOR FESTIVAL Life. Music. Culture. Tickets on sale now! When: May 27th, 2014 Where: National Mall, Washington DC What: Food, Music, Dancing, Vendors and Lots of COLOR!! Everywhere. It’s a festival celebrating love and the power of love to bring all good things into our lives. It is held in early spring and signifies new life, new growth, new beginnings. Holi, therefore, reminds us to color our life with love, faith, and a generous spirit. And best of all, it just great fun. We get lost in color, forget about our usual identity, and experience life – and each other – from a whole new perspective. Website: Contact: (909) 443-2113 Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday - Friday FIND US ON SOCIAL MEDIA!