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Interactive video dg adexcite
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Interactive video dg adexcite


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Mediamind offer you the most comprehensive creative options of any Video provider’For quick and easy interactive that uses youe existing assets to maximize your roi we have VideoToGoFull-service VideoToGo formats built by us in under 5 daysSelf-service Video ad designer lets you quickly build an interactive adAPPter in minutes (flash developer/designer not needed)For truly unique exections we got you covered as wellOur full-service production can supplement your teams resources to build whatever you can think upHave the best Flash developers & Designers? No problem we have the best Flash Tool in the MediaMind workshop wit in-stream templates to help you get started on your creations
  • Video Ad designer is designed so you and I can quickly build interactive video ads in minutes using things you already haveIn other words- Finally Quick, easy and cheap interactive video
  • Now there's no good reason not to harness the power of interactive. You are already running video.Add your advertisers social links and images and you are there!
  • The VAD AdAPPter uses stuff you already have so you don’t have to spend any extra production on things and get your interactive video ad out the door fast
  • VideoToGo Formats allows you to quickly use branded assets such as a twitter page, youtube page, images and videos to easily plug in interactive features into an existing pre-roll ad that we build for you in under 5 days
  • *All images are demosMessage: MM has developed 7 interactive video templates(VPAID) to allow you to easily build interactive in-stream ads using your video with existing assets your brand has.
  • Theadaptter lets you ad interactive features from content you already have:Image galleryVideo galleryTwitter feed (block)Link to twitter, facebookYoutube link
  • We can do custom units that have games , branded content outside the player and anything you want.(* Anything outside the player will require publisher side approval , QA etc)
  • Here are examples of custom units we have done.
  • Dynamic allows you to create more relevant and targeted in-stream ads that boost perfromance and brand recall.Make anything dynamicVPAID and VAST compliant You dream it we build itIncrease performance with more targeted & relevant messagingProduction time determined by execution
  • To summerize we have shown that interactive in-stream doesn’t have to be scary.With MM it can beEasyFastNo drain on your resources And….
  • We realize some of these are hurdles but in the end in-stream is an environment where the user is engaged with the content (unlike in-page)Look for yourself how immersive interactive video can be…what can this do for your audience/brand?
  • Message: Strictly by the numbers Interactive In-stream performs much better than non-interactive in streamWhile the majority of In-stream ads are non-interactive the performance difference is clearNon-interactive in stream 2%Interactive in stream 10%
  • In any interactive unit(online/in-page/video/non-video/in-stream) there is an inverse relationship between interaction rate and click through rate. If one is high the other is usually low. That is why Interactive CTR is lower than non-interactive since the interactive units have a much higher interaction rate.But then again looking at recent industry studies 15% of the internet population accounts for 85% of all clicks…so how valuable is a click?
  • The more data you can collect about your audience the more effective you can be as a marketer.Pre roll is limited to clicks and video completions.Why not do more with interactive video and give the user a choice of videos or content. Usae that data to optimize current campaigns or build a more successful one later.Interactive lets you track anything you want just like you can with a rich media ad.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Publisher Solutions: VIDEO Kristen Corey | Regional VP of Publisher Solutions August 2013
    • 2. Video Publisher Solution Hi-Impact In-Stream Standards Rich Media Ad Serving Platform In-Stream Mobile
    • 3. Helping Monetize Your Video Content InsightVideo Innovation Service Offering Cross-Channel Benefits
    • 4. Ad Serving Capabilities to Reach Users Anywhere In-App Mobile Web
    • 5. Multiple Levels of Creative Choice Custom Dynamic Pre-Roll Adaptable
    • 6. The Best Video Production Options 8/27/2013©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 6 Full-Service Self-Service Video To Go Formats Interactive Video in 5 days MediaMind Production Services Anythings possible Video Ad Designer Build yourself in minutes MediaMind Workshop Choice of top creative agencies Quick and Easy Interactive Custom Executions
    • 7. Video Ad Designer 8/27/2013©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 7 • Quick • Cheap • Easy • Anyone can use • Build in minutes • Use assets you have
    • 8. Turn Your video Into Interactive Video 8/27/2013©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 8
    • 9. Use Assets You Already Have 8/27/2013©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 9
    • 10. Video To Go Interactive Formats • Wide publisher acceptance • Uses existing assets • Effective across all campaign goals • 5 days to build • Low CPM • Give us the assets and we build it ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved Full- Service
    • 11. Video To Go Interactive Formats Sidebar Logo Kit Interactive Tiles Timeline Ad Selector Menu Ad ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 12. AdAPPter ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved Self- Service Full- Service
    • 13. Non-Linear Interactive Custom Ticker Bug Linear+ Non- Linear Game Ticker Repurposed Rich MediaLinear+ Non- Linear Linear+ Non- Linear Non-Linear Interactive Custom ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 14. Custom Interactive In-Stream • Do anything you want… within the player • Two weeks typically to build • Certain executions could be publisher exclusive • You dream it; we build it • Build yourself with Workshop • VPAID compliant ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 15. High Impact Custom Creative Branded Canvas Norton Choose Scenario NBC Branded Canvas Branded Canvas Joe’s Crab Shack Animation to Fit Theme CBS Branded Canvas Ad Pod Chicken of the Sea FB Like Prompt ABC Ad Pod Branded Canvas Fallout New Vegas Slots Generator NBC Branded Canvas Ad Pod Allstate Multi-Video Interaction ABC Ad Pod Video Wall T-Mobile Lightbox Effect MTVN Video Wall Interactive Interstitial Lexus Escape the Grid Game FOX Interactive Interstitial Branded Canvas Target Design Generator NBC Branded Canvas ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 16. Dynamic In-Stream Creative • Make anything dynamic • VPAID and VAST compliant • You dream it we build it • Increase performance ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved Messaging + Targeting + Creative Versioning = Performance
    • 17. MediaMind Interactive In-Stream • Easy • Fast • Use our resources not yours • And…
    • 18. Emotional, Interactive, Engaging ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 19. Pre-Roll vs. Interactive 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% Non-Interactive Interactive Video Engagement Rate 300% Increase in Engagement ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 20. The Interaction King 0.00% 2.00% 4.00% 6.00% 8.00% 10.00% 12.00% Standard Banner RM Non-Video RM with Video Non-Interactive In-Stream Interactive In-Stream Polite Expandable Interaction Rate ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 21. Video Completions 12% Increase Video Completion Rates, by Format: ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 22. Interaction Rate By Top Verticals 0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00% 20.00% 25.00% 30.00% 35.00% 40.00%
    • 23. Completion Rates By Top Verticals 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00% 100.00%
    • 24. Click-Through Rate Top Verticals 0.00% 1.00% 2.00% 3.00% 4.00% 5.00%
    • 25. More Measurement, Better Insight Impressions Clicks Interactions Video Started 25% Played 50% Played 75% Played Video Completed Replay Pause Mute Unmute Full Screen Start Full Screen End Full Screen Pause Expansion Video within video Adjusted Unique Reach Interaction Rate Custom Interactions Video Completion Rate Video Played with Sound Video played with sound rate Video Replayed Video Replayed Rate Video Started Video Started Rate Video Paused Unique Video Viewrs Impressions with a specific panel expansion User initiated expansion rate User initiated expansions Total expansions Impressions with a Panel Expansion Video Paused Rate Ad Replayed Ad Replayed Rate Unique Clicking Users Unique Clicking Users Rate Unique expanding users Unique expanding users Action Rate Video Muted Video Muted Rate Total Custom Interactions Impressions w/ a specific Interaction Impressions w/ a Specific Interaction Rate Impressions Clicks Video Started 25% Played 50% Played 75% Played Video Completed Replay Pause Mute Unmute Adjusted Unique Reach Video Completion Rate Video Played with Sound Video played with sound rate Video Replayed Video Replayed Rate Video Started Rate Video Paused Unique Video Views Video Paused Rate Ad Replayed Ad Replayed Rate Video Muted Rate Non-Interactive Metrics: Interactive Metrics: ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 26. Thank You! ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 26 8/27/201
    • 27. Interactive Pre-Roll Interactive Pre-Roll ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 28. Interactive Pre-Roll Video ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    • 29. Interactive Custom Polling Gaming Dynamic DataContent Morph
    • 30. HTML5 Smart Versioning 8/27/2013 30 Full-Service Only • Change multiple creative elements in an standard or rich media ad without having to re-traffic • HTML5 Smart Versioning means your dynamic creative is functional on every device – every time  Create online previews for review and approval of new versions before going live  Update live ads instantly or schedule to go live at a specific date and time – with no time lost to re-trafficking
    • 31. HTML5 Responsive Banner ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved Enables optimal creative display and user experience across devices – with a single ad Provides maximum flexibility to support different publisher placement setups including: • Browser Width Based: will dynamically choose the best size for fitting in the browser or change the rich media content optimal for the user’s screen size. • Publisher Div Based: will dynamically choose the best size to fit in the parent div of the publisher’s ad placement. Supports Standard and selected rich media functionality Seamlessly use this advanced format in conjunction with MediaMind’s advanced targeting, optimization and analytics capabilities.