Media festival workshop


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Media festival workshop

  1. 1. Let’s Look at the Rules January 26, 2013 Mrs. Kathy Sheridan
  2. 2. Ihave purchased music through iTunes. Since I own this music, I should be able to use it as background music in my Jim Harbin video.
  3. 3.  FALSE You have to get written permission to use the music – it is copyrighted. Your iTunes purchase gives you rights for PERSONAL USE.
  4. 4. Iused Google images and found 2 pictures I want to add to my video. Since I could download them for free, I shouldn’t have to worry about copyright.
  5. 5.  FALSE Unless the website they came from (not Google, but the hyperlink below the image) specifically states the images are copyright free, you have to obtain permission.
  6. 6.  My parents gave me a set of Star Wars figures for my birthday. I want to use them in a stop motion video. Is this acceptable?
  7. 7.  Not without written permission from the toy maker. TIP: Get permission BEFORE you begin video production.
  8. 8.  I’d like for my video to center around teen idols. I am planning on focusing on Star magazine and some of their favorite stars. Is this okay?
  9. 9.  You would have to get written permission from Star to spotlight their magazine. TIP: Get permission BEFORE you begin video production.
  10. 10. Irealized after reviewing one of my videos that it’s very obvious that a Pepsi can seems to be featured in many of the shots. Do I need to be concerned?
  11. 11.  Yes this is a concern. The only time you wouldn’t be concerned would be if the can only briefly appeared in a scene and wasn’t the focus.
  12. 12.  IfI’m submitting my entry right before the deadline, will it be okay for me to complete the entry form by handwriting it rather than submitting it online?
  13. 13.  Absolutely not. All entries require completion in full of an online entry form.
  14. 14. Avideo can be submittedunder more than one category.
  15. 15.  No.A video may be submitted once and only assigned to 1 category. The category and maximum length of video should be known BEFORE video production.
  16. 16.  Isit acceptable if the length of my video goes over the time allowance because of credits I added at the end?
  17. 17.  No. Thelength of your video is timed from the lead in to the absolute very end – no exceptions.
  18. 18.  Schoolproduced videos fall under the Fair Use rules so I don’t have to be very concerned about copyright.
  19. 19.  FALSE TheJim Harbin Media Festival does not fall under Fair Use so you must obtain written permission for use of copyrighted materials. Get permission up front – don’t wait!
  20. 20.  If a group of students produces a video – they must all be in the same grade level.
  21. 21.  FALSE The students may be in different grade levels, but the grade level category MUST be assigned based on the highest grade level represented within the group.
  22. 22. Now you’re in the Know!!