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  • In 2009, David Miller created BPN using an insurance industry model; where insurance professionals are paid for providing introductions. We substituted nonprofits for receiving insurance agent.BPN’s team has extensive law enforcement experience (1998). Coordinated rollout of Aflac to DC Government Police Department and local counties. Members of DC FOP Lodge #1 (2nd largest in US). Supports Police Federal Credit Union in MD. Supporter of multiple police charities and multi-year national sponsor of Police Week.


  • 1. Benefits Provider Network (BPN)Providing Cost Effective BenefitsProviding greater value to the many stakeholders ofyour credit union can be a challenge.We will discuss valuable practices on how to not onlyimprove your benefits program but your communitysupport as well.• What and who is BPN?• Why offer enhanced benefits?• Offerings that bring value to your employees,members and community• Discussion
  • 2. Who and What is BPN?• David Miller and Partners• BPN provides quality solutions from topbenefit providers allowing credit unions tofocus on providing value to their employeesand members without increasing their cost;and support the credit union and/or localcharities in the process.• BPN’s partner’s provide virtually all majoremployee benefits and more.• BPN’s and its partners support communitiesby donating a substantial portion of revenuerealized to the credit union or causes theywant to support.• Our partners are experienced professionals innational companies, who are committed tomaking a difference.
  • 3. Benefits Provider Network Interest SheetPlease indicate your interest in learning more about BPN and its offerings.This paper does not commit you to anything!Name: _________________________ Title: ________________________________Credit Union: __________________________ Phone number: __________________Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________E-Mail address: ________________________________________________________Yes, I am interested in learning more about:Aflac and other supplemental offeringsNorthwest Group Services (NWGS)Kelly & Associates (major medical)Legal Services – LegalShieldEnergy programs - ViridianMedical and Lifestyle Discount programsHomes for Heroes, Buying Services and Custom OfferingsBPN’s Charity / Nonprofit ProgramBenefits Provider Network LLC, David H Miller, President15340 Falconbridge Terrace, Gaithersburg, MD 20878Phone: 301-641-4446 Fax: 301-576-8688 davidhmiller@benefitsprovidernetwork.comwww.benefitsprovidernetwork.com
  • 4. Why Offer Supplemental Benefits?When employees are asked why they selected theorganization they work at, the top three responsesare the job, the money and the benefits.Supplemental benefits allow you to:•Improve your employee benefit program withoutspending any money•Increase the value of the credit union to yourmembers; providing solutions that help in times ofneed.•Reduce your costs and even generate revenue•Differentiate your credit union from other financialproviders•Generate funds to support your community
  • 5. Offerings that bring value to youremployees, members and communitySome of BPN’s Provider Partners:•Aflac and other supplemental benefits•Northwest Group Services (NWGS)•Kelly & Associates (major medical)•Legal Services – LegalShield•Energy Programs – Viridian•Medical and Lifestyle discount programs•Homes for Heroes•Custom Offerings, Life Insurance, Buying Svcs
  • 6. World’s largest provider of supplemental benefitsOfferings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHighlights:Affordable benefits that supplement medical benefitsWell known – 50,000,000 policy holdersSold through a network of 70,000+ AssociatesValue to Credit Union:No cost to employer, employees /members payTax Savings, no matching FICAAflac teams do enrollment, claims, and support; CUprovides access to employees/members and deductionsValue to Credit Union Employees/Members:Broad range of offerings: Accident, Sickness, Short-termDisability, Cancer, Critical Illness, Dental, Vision and more.Affordable, portable benefits with price stability.On an exception basis, Aflac will allow Credit Unions tooffer Aflac to its members at group rates. Helps policeofficers gain access to Aflac when not offered byemployer.
  • 7. Aflac continued…Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityConsiderations:Great offerings, quality company, but uneven salesforce. Independent Associates are commission only andhave high turnover. Inexperienced Associates weakenservice levels. Coordinators are paid bonuses for movingrookies to higher sales levels, so rookies are oftenincluded in large enrollments.BPN Comments:•Aflac Associate experience level affects satisfaction•Access to benefits is a driver for CU membership•Catch and grow•Partnership with provider drives success
  • 8. One of the nation’s largest brokers forsupplemental benefitsOfferings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHighlights:NWGS provides access to all of the major supplementalproviders; allowing companies to select the best offeringsfrom each provider.Providing comparisons of competing offerings, employersare able to “cherry pick” the best mix. NWGS’s enrollmentteams are trained on all offerings and offer face-to-face,Web, Tele- and self-enrollment capabilities.While supplemental benefit prices are generally atpredetermined rates; NWGS is able to provide significantsavings as an independent Third Party Administrator, anda leader in Flexible Spending Account (FSA) administration.Value to Credit Union:Access to best offerings from multiple providers withouthaving to deal with different providers sales teams.Side-by-side comparisons are provided.Significant cost savings and experienced enrollers.
  • 9. NWGS continued…Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityValue to Credit Union Employees/Members:Broader range of offerings than from single provider.Many offerings are guaranteed issue. Enrollers areexperienced and professional.NWGS provides access to the few national providers thatoffer benefits to credit union members, such as Aflac,Lincoln and Allstate.Considerations:Best of Breed approach for supplemental benefits.They also offer College Tuition programs, ShoppingAssistants and free benefit audits. Excellent foremployees. Member benefits may need access tomembers and single billing from credit union.BPN Comments: Partnerships with larger brokers provideflexibility and power
  • 10. Kelly works with over 13,000 corporate clients todeliver affordable group benefitsOfferings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHighlights:Specializing in healthcare, Kelly & Associates are experts indesigning, delivering and managing benefit solutions.Customized, integrated “on-line” and/or “paper”enrollment, allowing multiple carriers and coverages to becoordinated through a single application.State-of-the-art Call Center with professional andresponsive service team representatives consistentlybeating industry service standards.Value to Credit Union:High quality access to major medical and related serviceswith third party administration capabilities. High levels ofsupport for HR departments.Provides full benefit access to employees and individualpolicies for members.
  • 11. Kelly and Associates continued…Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityValue to Credit Union Employees/Members:Extremely responsive to policy holders with call centersand online access to benefit information. A broaderrange of offerings can be made available to employees.Considerations:Unlike supplemental providers with nationalcoverage, health insurance providers tend to be moreregional. Large providers like Kelly may be licensed to dobusiness in all 50 states; but they may not be appointedwith specific health insurance providers in states outsideof their area.BPN comments: Kelly would be an excellent choice if youare in the Mid-Atlantic area, but not if you are outsidetheir coverage area. Find similar companies in your areafor major medical.
  • 12. With over 4 million users, LegalShield provides legal services in 49 statesand 4 Canadian Provinces. For one low monthly fee its members gainaccess to quality law firms without having to worry about high hourly costs.Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHighlights:Personal Legal Plans: For as little as $17 a month,LegalShield gives members the ability to talk to anexperienced attorney about any legal matter. From realestate to divorce advice, speeding tickets to willpreparation and more - their attorneys will help.Identity Theft Plans: Protect yourself with affordableidentity theft protection that will help prevent and resolveidentity theft issue.Value to Credit Union:LegalShield legal plans can help reduce employee stresswith the peace of mind that they’re protected. Peoplewith legal plans reported less stress and betterproductivity at work, with 70% of them using the planover three times a year.* According to The Legal needs of Working AmericanFamilies study, conducted in September 2012 by Decision Analyst, Inc.LegalShield can be a revenue generator for Credit Unions.
  • 13. LegalShield continued…Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityValue to Credit Union Employees/Members:LegalShield legal plan offers employees/members:•Unlimited personal advice with family coverage•Wills and legal document review•Letters and phone calls made on their behalfConsiderations:Offerings provide very good price / performance. Theirlaw firms employ over 1,100 dedicated attorneys with anaverage of 19 years of experience.BPN comments:. Avoid LegalShield Associates who arenot group trained. Those associates often focus more onrecruiting than on sales .Only work with group-trained Associates with years ofexperience. Credit Union members can be directed to acredit union enrollment website.
  • 14. Credit Unions help their employees and members savemoney over time by selecting Viridian as their energysupplier. This also generates revenue for the credit union.Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHighlights:Deregulation allows consumers to choose where they buytheir power. Delivery of the electricity or gas to your homeas well as all necessary service is still provided by yourutility. The local utility does not make any money on theenergy, only on the delivery and service of electricity, sothe utility company supports customers who choose toswitch suppliers.Viridian Energy provides greener electricity at anaffordable price. They exceed state required minimums ofenergy from clean energy sources by at least 20%. Theyhave attractive fund raising programs for nonprofits.Value to Credit Union:Viridian helps employees and members save money overtime, support the environment and raise funds for thecredit union.
  • 15. Viridian continued…Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityValue to Credit Union Employees/Members:Viridian helps employees/members save money on theirenergy bills over time, support the environment, andsupport the credit union.Considerations:Today, Viridian is concentrated in the Northeast, but isexpanding rapidly. Any 501(C) (which includes creditunions) can participate in their nonprofit program. Thecredit union receive a no-cost Website that allows peopleto sign up for the service and pays the credit union$2/month for as long as they have the service. Additionalbonuses are also paid.BPN Comments: Police FOP’s and membershiporganizations can also participate and can partner withcredit unions with both being paid. Deregulated energyprograms may start slowly, but will become the norm.Get started early and realize the benefits of ongoingrevenue..
  • 16. New Benefits – Carry the Card – Discount Medical ProgramAsk us about our “Support 10,000 Families Program”Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHighlights:Neighborhood Pharmacy, 10% to 85% savings on most short-term and acute caremedications. Over 60,000 participating locations, including independent, national andregional chain pharmacies nationwide.Humana Dental Access®, Members may save 20% to 40%* on services from generaldentistry and cleanings to root canals, bridges and crowns. Over 130,000 providerlocations nationwide.Coast to Coast Vision™ (CTC), 20% to 60% discounts on frames, lenses and specialtyitems. Over 12,000 locations nationwideUHS Chiropractic™ , 30% - 50% savings on treatments and most other services. Morethan 3,000 participating Doctors of Chiropractic nationwide.Discounts on Hearing Aid Services, Lab Testing, Imaging Networks and more…Value to Credit Union:Discount medical programs provide savings to credit unionemployees and members. They are discounts, not healthinsurance, and have very low costs. These programs canbe used to generate revenue and lend themselves as valueadded services to reward members with higher deposits.Variations of these cards include life style discounts onlegal services, roadside assistance, identitytheft, merchant discounts and more.
  • 17. New Benefits continued…Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityValue to Credit Union Employees/Members:These provide significant discounts on medical and non-medical purchases. While not intended as substitute forhealth insurance, it can help when health insurance islimited or not available. Some services, like access todoctors by phone, may avoid unnecessary medical visits.Considerations:Medical discount programs and lifestyle discounts arepopular with employees/members and have surprisinglylow prices.BPN Comments: Programs that are sold by insuranceagents for $10 a month can be acquired for less than $1 amonth per family. This creates interesting opportunitiesfor revenue generation and low cost value addedservices.
  • 18. Homes for Heroes rebates 25% of real estate grossbrokerage commissions to law enforcement officersOfferings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHighlights:Homes for Heroes® is a company that affiliates withRealtors®, lenders and other real estate-related serviceproviders who offer substantial rebates and discounts tothe Heroes who serve our nation and its communitiesevery day. Our Heroes include law enforcementofficers, military personnel, firefighters, and others whomake our communities a better place to live.Heroes across the country register on our website everyday looking for the savings. We match them with Homesfor Heroes® Affiliates in their area.www.homesforheroes.comValue to Credit Union:The Homes for Heroes program is an attractive valueadded service for credit union employees and members.
  • 19. Offerings that bring value to your employees, members and communityHomes for Heroes Continued…Value to Credit Union Employees/Members:Credit union employees or members can save money byparticipating in this program if they are buying or selling ahouse. Go to www.homesforheroes.com for moredetails.Considerations:This is an attractive program where participating realtorsand related companies give up a portion of theircommissions in return for new clients. They havebroadened their “heroes” list to include teachers, doctorsand nurses.BPN comments: Since the participating brokers arealready giving away 25% of their commissions, plus 5% toHomes for Heroes, it generally is not a revenue generatorfor the credit union.
  • 20. • Individual Life Insurance – LifeHelp• They will do all the work and the CU receivesfees. Fees paid to CU vary by provider.LifeHelp vs. TruStage(20%/10%, 15%/2%, 10%/0%)• Web Based Buying Services, NorthwestWorksite Marketing Corporation• Web-based discounts on purchases frommajor vendors. Buyers receive discounts andCU receives a share• Custom Insurance Solutions• Custom solutions for members. Selectfeatures and price pointsOther Providers
  • 21. –What has your credit union’s experience beenwith supplemental benefits?–Which offerings are valued the most, whichare valued the least?–How is your credit union supporting charities /nonprofits?–What suggestions would you give to othercredit unions?Discussion