Talent Management Tip Sheet


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Key Steps For Hiring Top Sales Talent

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Talent Management Tip Sheet

  1. 1. 5 PRIORITIES FOR SALES TALENT MANAGEMENTSetting talent management priorities for your sales organization may seem like a daunting task. As a result, manyorganizations put this task at the bottom of the priority list. But having a defined Management Operating Rhythm®, alongwith success behaviors for your team, and consistent tools and processes can put your company in command of recruiting,retaining and advancing top sales talent. Best-in-class companies have clearly defined priorities for hiring their sales talentand coaching them to become top performers.Put People Management Processes and Tools in PlaceHaving an established operating rhythm brings all your talent management processes and tools together in one place.A simple and consumable toolkit and a consistent set of processes are essential for managing your top talent for salessuccess. They will consistently guide both sellers and sales management to create and provide support for a high-performing sales team. “Sales talent management is aSet Clear Expectations for Job Responsibilities huge issue for any leader. You’re only as good as your people, andA key component of your sales organization’s operating rhythm will be clear you want to make sure you haveexpectations that define your talent’s job responsibilities. Well-defined all the right people on the busorganizational roles and responsibilities, backed by appropriate standards and when you are transforming yourmeasurements, will help you consistently guide and evaluate sales sales organization.”performance. Specific knowledge of what is expected for their job function willencourage your sales talent to consistently advance their performance andseek recognition for initiatives beyond their responsibilities. Mark Thurmond SVP – Worldwide SalesSimplify Your Talent Management ProcessesAn established management operating rhythm simplifies the process of talent management and helps ensure you areexecuting the right things at the right time. Utilize tools such as Coaching Guides, Quarterly Assessments, DevelopmentalAction Plans, and Team Capability and Succession Reviews to simplify the processes of an effective talent managementprogram.Clearly Evaluate Your Team’s PerformanceAn operating rhythm provides an unrestricted line-of-sight into your team’s performance based on what drives success intheir roles. Your sales organization should communicate a clear definition of what defines success in your company. A clearset of standards, measurements and evaluations, will increase your ability to retain and grow your most successful salespeople.Regularly Monitor Accountabilities and ExpectationsA repeatable operating rhythm around people management and development provides evaluation and assessment tools toleverage on a regular basis. Take time to set and execute these Talent Management Priorities to create the right rhythm forbetter sales performance and top talent retention.