3 Simple Metrics to Validate Command of the Message® Results


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Here’s a Command of the Message® Benchmark Checklist that we created for sales leaders. These three easy metrics should give you a quick snapshot of your team’s progress in using Command of the Message® concepts to drive sales revenue.

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3 Simple Metrics to Validate Command of the Message® Results

  1. 1. 3 Simple Metrics To Validate Command Of The Message® Results
  2. 2. Measuring success is a key component to any sales transformation initiative. Here’s an EASY METRICS CHECKLIST to help sales leaders gauge how Command of the Message® is driving success in their sales organizations.
  3. 3. 3 Metrics Worth Measuring 1. How Command of the Message® is creating bottom-line impact for your sales organization 2. How consistent use of the Value Framework is transforming sellers into high-performers 3. How value-based sales conversations are feeding your pipeline with high-quality prospects
  4. 4. BenchmarkMetric#1 SHORTER SALES CYCLES What You Should Measure: Average Length of Sales Cycles Over Time Why It Matters: • Shorter sales cycles mean more closed deals, faster • Reduced cycle time drives maximum revenue per seller Easy Ways to Benchmark: • Choose five closed sales opportunities from each month of the last quarter. Calculate the number of days in the sales cycle (from the time the prospect entered the pipeline to the actual close date.) • Track average sales cycle time month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter and look for decrease over time How Sales Managers Can Help: • Coach sellers to drive value based sales conversations • Support consistent use the Mantra in every sales conversation • Encourage use of discovery questions to create a sense of customer urgency and prioritization
  5. 5. What You Should Measure: Increased Access to C-Suite Buyers Why It Matters: • Indicates that sellers are getting in front of those who hold the purse strings • Bypasses gate keepers • Avoids wasted time Easy ways to Benchmark: • % of sellers who actually engage C-Level execs early in the sales process • % of sellers who require multiple meetings with “gatekeepers” before getting in front of the C- Suite • % of sales database prospects who are hold C-level titles versus titles lower in the organization How Sales Managers Can Help: • Coach sellers to integrate C-Level language into their sales conversations • Coach sellers to demonstrate how your product solves C-Level problems BenchmarkMetric#2 INCREASED ACCESS TO THE C-SUITE
  6. 6. What You Should Measure Effective Collection and Use of Proof Points Why It Matters: • Proof points from existing customers are powerful tools available to your sales team Easy Ways to Benchmark: • % of sales presentations where customer proof points are used • Defined sales/marketing alignment process to collect and publish customer proof points consistently How Sales Managers Can Help: • Regularly map out where your most relevant proof points can be used in the sales conversation • Work with marketing to provide sellers with easy access to your strongest tangible customer proof points • Create a work plan to address gap areas where proof points may be needed BenchmarkMetric#3 CONSISTENT USE OF PROOF POINTS
  7. 7. We hope this easy metrics checklist will help you gauge how Command of the Message® is driving success in your sales organization. Additional Sales Resources You May Find Helpful: Our New eBook: 3 Simple Metrics to Validate Command of the Message® Success Easy-To-Use Template: Proof Point White Space Template Additional Sales Resources