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Mobile Matters (Dr. Ronald S. Wright)
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Mobile Matters (Dr. Ronald S. Wright)


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Learn why being mobile matters.

Learn why being mobile matters.

Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. Kevin Barnett Hi5 Creative | Business Development
  • 2. Why Mobile Matters… Why should I care about having a mobile friendly website? Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 3. Why Mobile Matters… Fun Facts • 80% + of smartphone users access applications • 65% of all internet access will be from mobile devices by 2015 Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 4. Why Mobile Matters… • 1/2 of all searches for local businesses are made from cell phones • Without a responsive website your content and call to actions are lost • Mobile websites are easier to navigate and help the user find the information they are looking for quickly Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 5. Why Mobile Matters… Which website looks easier to use? Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 6. Why Mobile Matters… Acceptance & use of mobile websites is key to your success at obtaining more leads via the internet Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 7. Why Mobile Matters… Adapting to this new method of online searching and buying will be the difference between more closed business & new patients rather than lost opportunities. Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 8. Why Mobile Matters… Why do I need a different web site? Mobile PC/Laptop Small Screen Large Screen Slower Processor Faster Processor Less Memory More Memory Slower Access Speeds Fast Access Speeds Mobile specific interactive features Interactive features Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 9. Why Mobile Matters… Mobile device users expect clarity, consistency and speed. They have a very low tolerance for poor quality mobile online experiences Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 10. Why Mobile Matters… Just because you can see your desktop site on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 11. Why Mobile Matters… Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers and increase new business Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 12. Why Mobile Matters… Lets see how companies are adapting… Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 13. Why Mobile Matters… And… Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 14. Why Mobile Matters… You don’t need to be a “huge company” to need a mobile friendly website Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 15. Why Mobile Matters… What should I do next? Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 16. Why Mobile Matters… Do nothing... • Wait & see what happens... • Wait & see what your competitors do... • Wait until your customers mention it... • Lose sales & miss new opportunities... • You won’t spend anything... • You won’t gain anything... Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 17. Why Mobile Matters… Take action... • Get ahead of your competition, now... • Improve your Google ranking, now... • Generate new business, now... • Be a proactive market leader, now... • DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TO LATE… Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 18. Why Mobile Matters… Questions Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 19. Why Mobile Matters… Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 20. Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative Copyright© 2014 Hi5 Creative
  • 21. Kevin Barnett Reputation | Brand Management |Design