Wardrobe Partner for Corporate Shooting Grand Prix


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become the wardrobe partner for Corporate Shooting Grand Prix. Host a CEO ramp walk with your clothes/.

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Wardrobe Partner for Corporate Shooting Grand Prix

  1. 1. The first event of its kind in India An Opportunity to Connect
  2. 2.  Relatively simple to pick up by amateurs  Can be played individually and in teams  Lends itself well to real life Corporate World inhabited by words like target, strategy, teamwork , goals , focus , achievement etc.  Waiting to be Corporatized as a Sport
  3. 3.      Date : January 6th-January 13th, 2014 Place : Helipad Grounds, Salt Lake Stadium 3 member teams from Corporates to vie for top honours in a team shooting contest Open to all amateur Corporate shooters Suggested Team composition is one member each from Senior, Middle & Junior management
  4. 4. • Arjuna Awardee • World No.4 • Olympian • Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist • Gold in Australian Open Championships • Current Asian, South Asian and National Record holder
  5. 5.  World Class non combat rifles and non combat bullets with Olympic level targets will be used for the contest  There will be professional shooters who will supervise each round and each team  The Ministry of Sports, Government of West Bengal is supporting the contest  Proceeds from the contest will be ploughed back to set up a Shooting Academy and groom future Olympians
  6. 6.  Corporate Teams will be divided into Groups thru a draw of lots  There will be round robin leagues within each group to select the Top 8 team  The Top 8 teams will go thru the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals to vie for Top Honours  The whole contest will culminate in an Awards Ceremony, where the Olympic Medal Winners will felicitate the Top 4 teams
  7. 7.  In each face off, each member of the Corporate team will get to shoot 5 targets placed at a distance of 5 metres  In total the 3 member team will need to make 15 attempts to hit the targets  The teams will have to forecast their points from the round with each target hit counting as 10 points  Over achievement or Underachievement of forecast will attract negative marks  There will be ways a team can earn a Wild Card  The Wild Card will entitle them to use one of the Professional Shooters present to shoot 5 targets on their behalf
  8. 8.  The contest will be preceeded by shooting workshops for all team members by Joydeep Karmakar, the ace Olympian Shooter  Joydeep Karmakar will introduce the sport to the team members and guide them to learn the finer nuances of the sport  Joydeep Karmakar will also share the mechanics of the event and tips to do well in the event
  9. 9.  Seminars  Sports Celebrities  Tollywood celebrities  Musical extravaganza with DJ  Dance shows  DJ A Great Networking Opportunity
  10. 10.  Workshops with Joydeep Karmakar : Jan 4-5th  Round Robin Stage : Jan 6 th- 10th  Quarter Finals : Jan 11th  Semi Finals : Jan 12th  Finals : Jan 13th  Awards Ceremony : Jan 18th
  11. 11.  6000 seconds on Red FM with 30 RJ mentions  10 hoardings in Kolkata  1000 seconds on 24 Ghanta, the leading Bengali news channel  1000 sq cm in Calcutta Times, Times of India / Ei Somoy  6000 sq ft of branding in the venue
  12. 12. You get logo presence in all communication as the Fashion Partner or Wardrobe Partner  We will host a Senior Management fashion walk on anyday of your choice during the event.  We will constantly announce the fashion walk in the venue and ask Senior Management to register for the fashion show  All registrations for the fashion show will wear shirt and trouser of your brand and do the walk 
  13. 13. We will get 2 male celebrities to don your Shirt and Trouser and join the fashion walk  We will announce the fashion walk on social media and radio leading upto the event  Photographs from the fashion walk will be posted on the event page on Facebook and the website  You will get space in the venue to set up a ministore and the registrations can happen at your mini-store . 
  14. 14.   INR 12 lakhs + Service tax All payments by cheque and/or Demand Draft payable to “ Maverick Minds”.
  15. 15. 50% advance at the time of signing the contract  25% advance 7 days before the event  25% within 15 days of the event completion 