Intro To Premium WordPress Themes


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A quick introduction to premium themes for WordPress with two examples and some reasons why you might consider using one.

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  • It’s for more than just blogs, too. Many “web sites” are using WordPress as their CMS because it’s easy to use, highly configurable, well-supported and costs nothing.
  • According to there are over 72.6 millionWordPress sites around the world.This chart was recently published by Pingdom – and used with their permission.
  • But what if you want to take your blog or web site to the next level? A premium theme will offer you some distinct advantages.
  • Thesis by DITthemes: http://diythemes.comGenesis by CopyBlogger Media:
  • I use Thesis and really like. I like it so much I am an affiliate for them. But, this is as an unbiased comparison as I can manage.
  • These are the five advantages I listed earlier
  • Intro To Premium WordPress Themes

    1. 1. Intro To Premium WordPress ThemesElmer
    2. 2. WordPress isarguably themost popularContentManagementSystem goingthese days. Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    3. 3. Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    4. 4. There are at least 670 free themes tochoose from if you go into yourWordPress Appearance settings Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    5. 5. That’s A LOT of themesChances are you’ll find one whichsuits your needs – and which won’tcost you any $$$. Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    6. 6. Why consider a premium theme?• Advanced features• Easier control over appearance• SEO• Better support• Customizations kept through updates Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    7. 7. Two Leading ContendersThesis Themeby DIYThemesGenesis Themeby CopyBlogger Media Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    8. 8. Disclaimer!Warning!Possible conflict of interest! Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    9. 9. Both Genesis & Thesis havethese …• Advanced features• Easier control over appearance• SEO• Better support• Customizations kept through updates Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    10. 10. Advantages of Genesis …• Less coding if you want custom looks via Child Themes• Easier control over appearance• Many easy-to-use widgets built-in Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    11. 11. Advantages of Thesis• Great if you’re comfortable with hacking a little PHP and CSS• Costs a bit less*• Austin-based* Depending on package purchased & how many sites you have Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    12. 12. Quick Demo of Thesis ThemeI run Thesis on my own web site Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    13. 13. Another comparison by a user ofboth themes:Thesis vs Genesis – ComparingPremium WordPress Themes Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    14. 14. Questions?Comments?Throw rotten produce? Elmer Boutin | @rehor |
    15. 15. Thank you!Elmer
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