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In-House SEO Team Building & Training
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In-House SEO Team Building & Training


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The slide deck from my presentation given at PubCon Vegas 2011

The slide deck from my presentation given at PubCon Vegas 2011

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. The Care & Feeding of The IT CrowdElmer BoutinWebmaster, Wilsonart International #pubcon @rehor
  • 2. About Elmer …Web marketer for almost15 years, 11 in a corporatesettingAssigned to IT DepartmentAlways on the lookout forways to help Marketing andIT work better together Creative Commons |Image by SMN #pubcon @rehor
  • 3. #pubcon @rehor
  • 4. The Three C’s #pubcon @rehor
  • 5. The Three C’s1. ContactMarketers: Go forth and spread theWeb Marketing word #pubcon @rehor
  • 6. MarketingDepartment Creative Commons |Image by Purple Slog #pubcon @rehor
  • 7. MarketingDepartment IT Department Creative Commons |Image by Purple Slog #pubcon @rehor
  • 8. At first: It’s not about you!Learn about their … “pain points” priorities and needs #pubcon @rehor
  • 9. The Three C’s2. CommunicateMarketers: Learn how to communicatewith your IT counterparts #pubcon @rehor
  • 10. Break the Language BarrierSomeone on the marketing side needs to“Speak Geek.” Wwa wwa waa waaa, Wwa wwa waa waaa, wwa wwa waa wa wwa wwa waa wa waaa. waaa. #pubcon @rehor
  • 11. Breach the Means BarrierFind ways to get yourmessage across with as littlemisunderstanding as possible #pubcon @rehor
  • 12. Ways to share …• Network shares• Cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs• Social services like Yammer or Ning• Workflow features in some Intranet CMS packages #pubcon @rehor
  • 13. Getting ideas across …• Be specific – Be exact• Leave nothing to interpretation• Print and mark changes• Use Acrobat to mark up changes• Create lines of code to copy & paste if you can “hack it” #pubcon @rehor
  • 14. #pubcon @rehor
  • 15. The dreaded meeting …Sometimes you just need to sit down andhash things out in person. Creative Commons |Image by Andrew Magill| amagill #pubcon @rehor
  • 16. Always, always, always,always communicate!To paraphrase Sir Winston #pubcon @rehor
  • 17. The Three C’s3. Carpe ScientiamSeize the knowledge of your webtechnologies #pubcon @rehor
  • 18. IT’s frustration …Marketers don’t understand thetechnology used by theorganization. #pubcon @rehor
  • 19. IT isn’t always the problem,sometimes it’s you …Check out Ian Lurie’s ConversationMarketing: #pubcon @rehor
  • 20. Lifestyle ChangeYou need to learn some new things #pubcon @rehor
  • 21. Marketers need to begin harnessingtechnology for themselves.Check out Scott Brinker’s“Chief Marketing Technologist” #pubcon @rehor
  • 22. “A web site is a living,breathing thing. Its neverreally done.”Mike VogelPresident/CEO of DCS #pubcon @rehor
  • 23. Consider:Content Management SystemOff-the-shelf or home-rolled, it gives youthe power to update content withoutdirect IT involvement. #pubcon @rehor
  • 24. Try to get beyond the“Who Owns The Website” DebateWebsite success benefits everyoneIt’s not “us vs. them” but“us vs. the world” #pubcon @rehor
  • 25. #pubcon @rehor
  • 26. Thank YouElmer Boutin …www.crossingmarketingandit.comelmo@crossingmarketingandit.comTwitter: @rehorLinkedIn: #pubcon @rehor