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GCMEA 2012 magnetic fluid manuscript

GCMEA 2012 magnetic fluid manuscript



magnetic fluid generator, manuscript prepared for 2nd GCMEA 2012 Hilton Longbeach USA. selected one of publish planning presentation abstracts. (already published in a proceedings)

magnetic fluid generator, manuscript prepared for 2nd GCMEA 2012 Hilton Longbeach USA. selected one of publish planning presentation abstracts. (already published in a proceedings)



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    GCMEA 2012 magnetic fluid manuscript GCMEA 2012 magnetic fluid manuscript Document Transcript

    • TitleA creation of green energy obtained from parallel pumping by microwavesirradiation to magnetic fluidKazuhito Kono1 and Buhei Kono1,2;1 Shozen Co.ltd, Kyoto Japan; 2 Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, JapanCorresponding e-mail qqdt545d@waltz.ocn.ne.jpAbstractJapanese people experienced a big disaster which was caused by Fukushima fissionreactor after Tohoku region earthquake and Tsunami on March 11th 2011. We need todevelop a safe new generation energy for standing Japan again. The theme of nextgeneration energy is “self-sustainable energy of household, region and companywithout producing CO2 and a sustainable and safe green energy without depending onplace, time and environment”. The method of solving this theme has a limitation ofclassical physics. We investigate quantum mechanical energy research and make ituseful.We paid an attention of mechanism of energy amplification of parallel pumpingwhich causes magnetic resonance of electron spin excitation1.We select a magnetic fluid which contains Mn which has many electron spins andmicrowaves(2.45GHz) as electromagnetic waves. The microwaves have effects ofmagnetic resonance of magnetic fluid and plasma effects of Ar gas andmagnetoplasmon effect of noble metal by applying strong magnetic field usingpermanent magnets and thus we observe amplification effects of soliton wave motionby parallel pumping of magnetic resonance by magnetic fluid and enhancement effectby electric field by plasma of Ar gas and magnetoplasmon effect of noble metal.When we sustain this phenomenon, Lorentz electromotive force is induced inmagnetic fluid and new energy is created. The continuous temperature oscillation andmagnetic field oscillation of magnetic fluid are induced. We make rotationalmovement of the magnetic fluid by controlling these oscillations. We can makepropelling power of the magnetic fluid. By magnon excitation of parallel pumping ofmagnetic resonance of the magnetic fluid, plasma excitation of Ar gas andmagnetoplasmon excitation of noble metal in which strong magnetic field is appliedusing permanent magnets and microwaves are irradiated from outside, we discoverthat greater energy of propelling magnetic fluid than input microwaves energy isobtained by quantum mechanical energy. We can gain green energy higher energydensity of propelling than burning gas fuel and that does not produce CO2 likecombustion engines. We can solve initial energy development theme and this is easyquantum energy comparing engineering problem of nuclear engineering about danger, structural difficulty and safety. The scarcity of energy resource is world theme. Our materials of invention are abundant materials in the earth. Our invention
    • contributes to coexistence of human and natural environment as next generation green energy.IntroductionA solution method of energy problem which human has faced in 21th century isfollowing, Creation of “establishment of self-supply energy” and “sustainable greenenergy”. From the beginning of 20th century, a lot of scientists opened a door of energyscience. These sciences are magnetic energy, superconductivity, superfluidity,electromagnetic field interacting spins(magnetic resonance, maser and laser),research of quantum mechanics, principle of symmetry breaking in whichelectromagnetic field interacts with solid state (Anderson-Kibble-Higgs theorem) andits application to electroweak theorem(Glashow-Weinberg-Salam)2. A quantumenergy which can be used as electric generators is fission and fusion reaction. Boththeories are based on mass defect mechanism which converts mass defect to energyfrom Einstein special relativity. When electromagnetic field interact solid material,electromagnetic field acquire mass by magnon excitation, plasmon excitation, plasmareaction. This principle is symmetry breaking which is Anderson-Kibble-Higgsmechanism. We develop an electric generator by mass acquiring mechanism ofAnderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism2. Superconductivity is an example which isexplained by Anderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism2.When we irradiate microwaves to magnetic materials and magnetic ferrite in roomtemperature, magnetic resonance occurs, microwave energy is amplified by parallelpumping of magnons which become coherent status like principles of maser and laserand soliton waves appear1.3. The magnons of magnetic material and ferrite which areexcited by parallel pumping become coherent Bose-Einstein Condensation status likeprinciples of superconductivity and superfuidity1.3. It is already known, as a result ofthat ,macroscopic quantum phenomena such as macroscopic quantum tunneling willbe shown. We irradiate microwaves to magnetic fluid and insert Ar gas and noblemetal by applying strong magnetic field as a result of that output energy is increasedby input microwave energy. We design an electric generator and obtain Japan Patent(Japan Patent number 4904528) Our electric generator is a use of super-current ofmacroscopic quantum mechanical energy, parallel pumping, soliton motion andcoherent Bose-Einstein condensation which is obtained from magnetic material andmicrowave field, A mass acquiring theorem from this quantum mechanical energy isexplained by Nambu-Goldstone theorem and Anderson -Kibble -Higgs theorem.Other example which is explained by super-current of macroscopic quantummechanics of coherent Bose-Einstein Condensation is superconductivity. We choosemicrowaves from magnetron as an electromagnetic wave source from magnetronswhich can be used cheap and conveniently. We choose a Mn-Zn magnetic fluid from
    • energy conversion rate. The resonance status, plasma and plasmon effect can beobtained easily from microwave from magnetic fluid. Magnetic fluid energy scale andconversion rate are also depended on the viscosity and particles sizes of magneticfluid. Actions of the magnetic fluid are depended on composition, size of particles,species of particles and solvent and interactions of particles differ each other. Thusresulted energy is greatly deviated.When we apply magnetic field to the magnetic fluid and make it propel, solitonmotion will occur. We irradiate microwaves to this structure, spins of magnetic fluidare excited and the magnetic resonance. Excited magnetic particles are induced byparallel pumped magnons and the energy is amplified. The energy of magnetic fluid isamplified as collective phenomena. When we irradiate microwaves to Mn-Zn magneticfluid, the temperature and magnetic field oscillate 2-order spin quantum transitionsand as well ferromagnetic resonance of super-paramagnetism The temperatureoscillation by ferromagnetic resonance of super-paramagnetism which is induced byparallel pumping is shown. It oscillates between about -80℃~+200℃ It shows same .phenomena of quantum hall effect. When we insert Ar gas into it, plasma effectappears. When we insert noble metal,plasmon effect is observed. The phenomena ofquantum hall effect shows increased oscillation phenomena. We can observe energyamplification phenomena. When we calculate the energy of the magnetic fluid by thephenomena of quantum hall effect by parallel pumping and the energy of microwaves,the output energy is amplified Greater than input microwave irradiation energy. Theamplification factor by physical theory is about 30 times. Magnetic fluid energy scaleand conversion rate are also depended on the viscosity and particles sizes of magneticfluid. Actions of the magnetic fluid are depended on composition, size of particles,species of particles and solvent and interactions of particles differ each other. Thusresulted energy is greatly deviated. This quantum mechanical energy is made aspropelling energy and used as electric generators of green energy.Similarities of magnetic fluid generator and superconductivity(macroscopic quantum mechanical phenomena by symmetry breaking)SuperconductorIt is already known that persistent current flows in superconductor by macroscopicquantum mechanics. The reason of that is following. When the electromagnetic fieldinteracts with solid state, electromagnetic field acquires mass by Anderson- Kibble–Higgs mechanism. The theorem of superconductivity is suggested byBardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory. According to Nambu-Goldstone and Anderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism,electronacquires mass on the interaction of photon and superconductor by plasmon excitationof superconductor. According to the theorem of Laughlin and others, high-Tc
    • superconductor is quantum liquid status by spins4. When gauge field(electromagneticfield) interacts magnetic spin fluid, electron acquires mass by spin excitation of themagnetic fluid. This phenomenon shows coherent Bose-Einstein Condensation. As aresult of that, this phenomenon shows super-fluid status, also hall electromotive forceis induced and is already indicated the relation of quantum hall effect.magnetic fluid generatorThe magnetic fluid generator obtains electric power by lorentzian electromotive forceand propelling power of the magnetic fluid. The theoretical reason is the same as thetherorem of superconductivity as Anderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism.Anderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism is following; electromagnetic field interacts thesolid state and electric field acquires mass ( energy) by quantum mechanicalexcitations of spins of the magnetic fluid( quantum fluid).In the magnetic fluidgenerator, plasma reaction and plasmon excitation is induced by Ar gas and noblemetal. Irradiating microwaves to Ar gas and noble metal by applying strong magneticfield, the energy is acquired quantum excitation of Ar gas and noble metal. Theequation of that is following5. 2 2 n(xt) 4 n0 e 2 = n xt m t n;state variable of plasma of metal and gas x;distance t;time n0;initial state of plasma of metal and gas e;electric charge m;massWhen we irradiate microwaves to the magnetic fluid by applying strong magneticfield,Spins of magnetic fluid is excited and acquire energy by quantum excitation of thecoherent Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons(spins) in room temperature. Theequation is following6.Em=2 γnMgμB tWEm energy ; ; circular constant γ gyromagnetic constant, ; ; n number of transittedatoms M;spontaneous magnetization g;g factorμB;Bohr magnetic constant t;spin relaxation time w;input electromagneticenergy.The quantum hall effect of the magnetic field and temperature oscillation by spintransition which are amplified the electromagnetic field of plasma and plasmon isobserved. The equation is following. Es1;electromagnetic field j;electric current ;electronic conductivity m;mass c;speed of light e;electric charge H;magnetic field
    • ;timePrinciple of the magnetic fluid generatorFrom Figure-1, We irradiate Mn-Zn ferrite magnetic fluid by applying strongmagnetic field using permanent magnet. The temperature and magnetic fieldoscillation are observed by magnetic resonance of super-paramagnetism and showsoliton motion. The spin rotational velocity is 1500m/s. In Figure-2, we introduce Argas to the set up of Figure-1. Ar gas is ionized and becomes plasma seeds. The energyof the magnetic fluid is amplified by the electric field of plasma and the amplitude oftemperature and magnetic field oscillation are amplified. The spin rotational velocityis 2500m/s. In Figure-3, we insert noble metal to the set up of figure-2. The electricfield of plasmon excitation amplifies the soliton motion of magnetic fluid and alsoamplifies the amplitude of temperature and magnetic field oscillation. The spinrotational velocity becomes 15000m/s. We design the electric generator which makesuse of this phenomenon. This generator is based on the principle of symmetrybreaking, Anderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism and phase transition of collectivephenomenon of spin excitation of the magnetic fluid, plasma reaction of Ar gas andplasmon excitation of noble metal where microwaves and magnetic field is applied toMn-Zn ferrite magnetic fluid, Ar gas and noble metal as outer field. When weirradiate microwaves to Mn-Zn ferrite fluid, the temperature oscillates by quantummechanical 2-order spin systems of ferromagnetic resonance, super-paramagnetism ofmagnetic fluid and so the magnetization oscillates. As a result of that,electromagnetic field acquires mass (energy) by Anderson-Higgs-Kibble mechanism ofN number 2-oder spin systems7. When we insert Ar gas and Ag plate, magnetizationincreases by plasma excitation of Ar gas and plasmon excitation of Ag plate.Furthermore, we apply a strong magnetic field from outside, as a result of that theamplitude of magnetization oscillation increases more. Because strong magnetic fieldis applied from outside, microwaves acquire energy from magnon of ferromagneticresonance, plasma of Ar gas and plasmon of Noble metal. Thus microwave acquiremass (energy) quantum excitation of solid as magnetic fluid or Noble metal andquantum excitation of Ar gas by the principle of Anderson-Higgs-Kibble mechanism.As a result of that electric generating energy is greater than input microwaves energy.The other outer source of energy is applied strong magnetic field. For ferromagneticresonance of the magnetic fluid, various kinds of microwave frequency may beselected depending on strength of applying magnetic field.This electric generating system is non-linear and so its propelling motion becomessoliton wave of the magnetic fluid, plasma and plasmon. The other example ofAnderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism is superconductivity. In superconductivity,super-current flows by coherent Bose-Einstein condensation. When we irradiate
    • microwaves to the magnetic fluid in room temperature, magnons are excited ascoherent Bose-Einstein condensation as superconductivity. As a result of thatmagnetic fluid becomes super-current status and the energy of magnetic fluid isamplified the electric field by plasma of Ar gas and plasmon of Noble metal.We madeuse of this phenomenon, designed the electric generator and we obtained Japanpatent, Japan Patent number 4904528. We are now designing test facility as in Figure4 and Figure 5. We will take electric generating test power data in near future. Figure-1 Figure-2 Figure-3 Figure-4 Figure-5Power Calculation of the magnetic fluid generatorEquations of power of the magnetic resonance in which microwaves are irradiated tothe magnetic fluid applying strong magnetic field by permanent magnet arefollowing8.P=f△U=μ0 πχ”fH02(ω=2πf)P;energy of magnetic resonance f; frequency of electric field △U;increaseof internal energy μ0 ; susceptibility of vacuum π;circular constant χ”;complex susceptibility χ0;permeability of vacuum τ;relaxation time of magneticparticle τ B ;Brownian motion relaxation time τ N ;Neel relaxation time H0;
    • applying high frequency magnetic fieldWhen we irradiate microwaves to Ar gas applying strong magnetic field, not only flatdirection electric field but also left circular and right circular electric field to thedirection of the magnetic field are induced.The energy of this equation is following.W1;plasma energy n0;plasma density e;electric charge me;mass ofelectron E;applying microwave electric field νe ;elastic collision frequencyω;microwave frequency ω=eB0 /me ;electron cyclotron frequency applyingmagnetic field B0 applying magnetic field ; E+ right circular electric field direct ;to magnetic field E-;left circular electric field direct to magnetic field Ez; flatelectric fieldAn enhancement of the electric field of magneto-plasmon in which microwaves areirradiated to noble metal applying magnetic field by permanent magnet is following. m q 2 E= ω2 + p BG q mA plasmon energy is following equation.W2;plasmon energy E;electric field of plasmon m;mass of electron ωp;plasmon frequency, BG;magnetic fieldThe quantum interaction energy of the magnetic resonance energy of magnetic fluidspins and electric field of plasma and plasmon energy is followingW3=(E++E-+Ez+E)×nγђB・SW3;magnetic field energy of interaction E+;right circular electric field direct tomagnetic field E-;left circular electric field direct to magnetic field Ez;flat electricfield of plasma E;electric field of plasmon n;number of spins γ;gyromagneticconstant ђ;planck constant B;magnetic field of magnetic fluid spins S;electronspins, The total energy is following.W=P+(W1+W2+W3)W total energy ; P magnetic resonance energy ; W1 plasma energy of Ar gas ;W2;plasmon energy of noble metal W3;Energy of interaction
    • Figure-4 Figure-5Figue-4 and Figure-5 shows test facility using microwave oven.An energy conversionrate of magnetron is about 50% and output power 300W to 500W.Weight of rotor is1.13kg. Diameter of rotor is 11.3cmConclusionThe electric generating energy based on quantum mechanics is fission reaction andfusion reaction. Both of them are based on mass defect mechanism of special relativityof Einstein. We applied mass acquiring mechanism of Anderson-Kibble-Higgsmechanism to electric generator. The Anderson-Kibble-Higgs mechanism is thatelectromagnetic field interacts solid state, as a result of that electric field acquiresmass by quantum excitation of solid. Our invention is base on the quantum excitationof coherent Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons. The principle of our invention ismacroscopic quantum mechanics as maser, laser, superconductivity. We showed theprinciple and effect of macroscopic quantum theory of the magnetic fluid generator.References1. Observation of the amplification of spin-wave envelop soliton in ferromagnetic films by parallel magnetic pumping, Author B.A.Kalinikos, N.G. Kovshikov, and M.P. Kostylev,St. Peteresburg Electrical Engineering University,P.Kabos and C.E.Patton,Colorado State University ,1997 American Institute of physics2. Quantum Field Theory, Author Itzykson Zuber, McGrawHill3. Observation of Spontaneous Coherent in Bose-Einstein Condensate of Magnons Author,V.E. Demitov, O.Dzyapko, S.O. Demokritov, G.A. Melkov and A.N. Slavin University of Muenster, Department of physics Oakland University February 1, 2008 Physical Review letters4. The relationship Between High-Temparature Superconductivity and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, Author R.B. Laughlin5. Quantum Theory of many particle System, Author Feller and Walecka6. .Quantum Theory of Solid, Author C.Kittel7. Role of the electromagnetic field in the formation in the process of symmetry breaking phase transition, Author Emillio del Guidice Giuseppe Vitello, Universita di Milano8. Heating magnetic fluid with alternating magnetic field, Author R.E. Rosensweig,Exxon Research,Elsevier Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials