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  • 1. Using Opera Browser s1170124 Kazuhiro Matsumoto
  • 2. Advantage of opera Opera is a one of a internet browser Opera is •Safe: IE has a lot of security holes •Fast: Do not use a lot of memory. And, thanks for its own engine, it provide fast web browsing •Customizable: Make own browser
  • 3. Advantage of opera Opera provide •Mouse gesture: Fast and easy control •Tab: Do not need to see a lot of windows on the screen •Speed dial: provide fast access to favorite web sites •Downloader: downloader with resume function •Welcome page: Gives us some choices, restore last session, show starting page, or start with speed dial.
  • 4. Screen shots Speed dial Mouse gesture Drag mouse down = close tab Down loader
  • 5. Screen shots Config tab Those and more are customizable Welcome page Restore session Show homepage Start with speed dial
  • 6. Five advantages of Opera zoom up=size bigger Its not = font size up Therefore I can see same layout bigger font speed dial Sites I often access can be listed. With this I can access to them faster Mouse gesture, shortcut key past and go is a nice example I do not need to past address in address bar and hit enter key but just need to press “ctlr+shift+v” A lot of useful mouse gesture and shortcut keys are available Welcome dialog that allows me to restore last page open blank page open speed dial downloader with resume function I can pause download and restart when I want
  • 7. Demo In this video I did 1. Open new tab: gesture up and down 2. Speed dial: open university of aizu web page 3. Copy address 4. Close tab: gesture down 5. Paste and go: ctrl shift v 6. Back: gesture left Unfortunately the mouse pointer has not been captured
  • 8. Demo address In this video I tried those short cut keys 1. Ctrl + space: show home page 2. Ctrl + 1~9: go speed dial 3. Ctrl + w: close tab 4. Ctrl + t: open tab 5. + & -: zoom in and out 6. Ctrl + Tab: move to next tab
  • 9. Same kind of software Firefox •Is fast and custmizable. However I need to find and download plugins. •A lot of user = a lot of useful plugins •Open source Goggle chrome •Faster •Few functions •Sending information to other
  • 10. Same kind of software Safari •Published by apple soft •Comes with i-tunes •Use own engine Internet explorer •Have most user •Default browser for Windows PC •Slow •A lot of security holes