Smart Vilnius by Dalius Kazlauskas


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Smart Vilnius
Recent Innovative Projects of the City of Vilnius
E-Democracy tools
Interactive Map of the City
Mobile City App
Urban Problems Registry
Centralized registration to preschool
Schools' sport halls renting system
Social approach to public procurements
City Hub – Café for e-ideas
Safe City

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Smart Vilnius by Dalius Kazlauskas

  1. 1. New Innovative Projects in theCity of VilniusBuilding a smart city
  2. 2. Recent Innovative Projectsof the City of Vilnius• E-Democracy tools• Interactive Map of the City• Mobile City App• Urban Problems Registry• Centralized registration topreschool• Schools sport halls rentingsystem• Social approach to publicprocurements• City Hub – Café for e-ideas• Safe City
  3. 3. E-Democracy tools• Web based system that enables residents toparticipate in decision–making and• Possibility for residents to access all thedocumentation of the City Council, watch onlinestreaming of council sessions, check voting results,submit proposals and ideas, participate in surveys,state opinion about legislation, create petitions etc.• Provided for registered users only. Registration viabanking systems or e-signature
  4. 4. E-Democracy tools• 43 web based e-services of the city government for residents andbusinesses: licenses, archive certificates, permissions, etc. Cityaims at increasing the number of e-services to 100 in year 2013• Declaration of the place of residence (personal income tax forVilnius city budget)• Residents can submit ideas or suggestions online for municipalitycompetence areas• E-vice mayor: all email messages from residents are registered andredirected for municipality workers according to competenceareas• City Hub - the place where residents of Vilnius city can submittheir own ideas or suggestions for municipality competence areasis to be opened next year
  5. 5. Interactive Map of the• Road load, traffic jams• Schools• Permits forconstruction• Designed buildings• Urban problem registry• 3D model of the areas• Outdoor cafés• Bike lanes• Etc.
  6. 6. Mobile City App: the system formobile payments for the city services• M-ticket:-Ticket for the public transport-Route planning and real timemonitoring of the publictransport• M-roller / e-orange:-Reservation of the e-orange-Route planning-Payment for the service• M-taxi:-„Vilnius veža“ taxi carsdisplayed on the map with thepossibility to book the cab- Calculator of the preliminaryprice of the journey-journey tracking on the map• M-parking:-Payment for the accurateparking time only (start-stop).Minimum fee of 1 Lt
  7. 7. Urban problem• New possibility for citizensto inform Vilnius CityMunicipal Services aboutthe problems or issuesnoticed in the city• The registered problem isforwarded directly to theresponsible service• The City Problem RegistryApp for smartphones willbe launched shortly
  8. 8. Centralized registration topreschool• Single system for all the kindergartens of the City has beenpresented this year• The single application form to apply for up to fivekindergartens can be filled either online, or at the CityAdministration• Web based system is connected to National register,therefore, it recognizes applicant by personal code and thedata about a child is automatically entered into applicationform• Parents can monitor the process: available places in thekindergartens, the queuing place to the preferred institution,etc.• 140 preschool institutions got 7802 applications in year 2012• Provides the needed data to plan the development of thepreschool system
  9. 9. Online schools sport hallsrenting system• The procedures forresidents to rent schoolssports halls for theirleisure have beenapproved and from1.1.2013 the on-linesystem for school sporthalls’ rent will be launchedat the Vilnius city website• Registered users will beable to check whether thesport hall is available andpay via e-banking system
  10. 10. Safe CityMonitoring of public areas.Surveillance camera systems• Started in 2002• 112 surveillance camerashave been mounted inVilnius and 1 videosurveillance centre is inoperation• 12 disabled people areemployed at the centre• Over 2,000 offenders ofadministrative law areidentified per yearSpeed monitoring, publictransport lane and red lightcontrol system• Started in 2003• At the beginning of 2009, 49spots for speed monitoringwere set up where 19 speedmonitoring devices wereinstalled• Around 6,000 violations ofroad traffic rules registeredper year• Planning to use biometriccameras in the future
  11. 11. New approach to publicprocurements• From 9.1.2011 Vilnius city municipality started toapply social commitment for procurement suppliers• Since then 254 contracts has been signed withprocurement suppliers, who committed to pay theiremployees not less than 90 % official approvedaverage wage• Every half-year Public procurement division carry outsurveys about how procurement suppliers provideaverage wage payment
  12. 12. Thank you for visiting a smart city ofVilnius