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Social Media Case Study - The Pilgrim Mother
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Social Media Case Study - The Pilgrim Mother


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. A presentation of:brand repositioning | websiteredesign | social media consulting |social media strategyfor The Pilgrim
  • 2. SummaryHere is a showcase of the transformation of The Pilgrim Motherʼsbrand, through a thorough redesign of, therepositioning of the brand consistently across social media channelsand the associated social media consulting to equip the client withthe skills to maintain the online presence independently andappropriately.It documents the transformation of from awebsite that lacked clarity to one with clear, targeted copy and afresh, inviting colour scheme and design.It presents the improvements made to the clientʼs Twitter, Youtubeand Facebook presences. It also demonstrates the results of one-on-one advisory sessions with the client where practical advice onsocial media was presented.Creative social media solutions implemented by the client are alsoportrayed, as proof of the benefits of innovative approaches to socialmedia activity.
  • 3. ContextJane Noble Knight - The Pilgrim Mother - is a womanwho raised a family, had the career and changed herlife around to follow her own aspirations. Likeningherself to the female companions of the “PilgrimFathers” who travelled to the US, Janeʼs main intentwas uncovering unheard stories and givingrecognition to unseen people i.e. the “PilgrimMothers”. She now travels the UK in her motorhome,meeting people, finding stories and sharing her own.I began working with Jane through a mutual contact Ihad made in April 2011. Jane Williams, of FandangoMedia, is a director and producer who is creating adocumentary about “Pilgrim Mothers” and sought myassistance on re-positioning Jane Knightʼs brandonline ahead of starting work on the film. Icollaborated with Jane Williams on ideas for web copyand design and at a later stage worked directly withJane Knight, providing hands-on workshops andassistance.
  • 4. ProblemWebsite - It was difficult to see from Janeʼs existingwebsite what she was doing and who “The PilgrimMother” was. There was no linkage between the websiteand her social profiles, even though Jane had arelatively active Facebook presence. Web copy lackedclarity and didnʼt appropriately put across Janeʼspersonality. Ultimately, the website needed to becomemore warm, friendly and convey Janeʼs selling points.Blog - Jane blogged from time to time, but wouldcompose posts and email them to someone else toupload for her. Her blog posts and video blogs wereoften quite long-winded without clear objectives or take-away points. The blog needed to be a place wherereaders could take away valuable insights, where Janeʼspersonality shone through, and where posts were shortand to-the-point. They also needed clear calls to actionto entice readers to interact.
  • 5. Facebook - Janeʼs Facebook presence was throughboth a personal profile with 1000+ friends and a grouppage with around 250+ members. The group containedmuch of the same copy as the website and as such,needed to be edited. Facebook Groups as they wereoriginally purposed are becoming obsolete and Janeneeded to start using a like page to keep up withindustry conventions and Facebook best practices.Youtube - Janeʼs Youtube presence was similar to herother social profiles, in that her profile bio didnʼtappropriately put across her persona or story. Janeʼsvideos were long, often 8-10 minutes, and as such werenot getting as much views as anticipated. Furthermore,her videos were lacking in interaction from viewers,which was most likely down to the lack of clearobjectives for the videos.
  • 6. Approach
  • 7. The way in which Jane This would also tie in with the convention ofmanaged her online authentic online presence; I constantly aim to provide clients with the skills to maintain theircommunications online communications as this helps foster aactivities conflicted with more honest image. I wanted to equip Jane withher independent lifestyle. the skills to update on-the-go as well as knowledge on how to blog for herself, which would help in presenting herself honestly. I wanted to instill in Jane a passion for sharingJaneʼs unique selling point was the fact that she is an her story regularly so that she would enjoy doingindependent woman taking control of her own life. I wanted so and in turn `benefit her online presence, withto put Jane in control of her online communications in order more, richer content. Giving Jane an opportunityto tie in with her lifestyle of independence, empowerment to see the benefits of this, such as helping herand story-telling. create content that attracts conversations, was imperative to make her excited about bloggingI advised Jane on the and social ways to presentherself online and gave ahands-on approach tomanaging social media tohelp foster a sense ofauthenticity and honesty
  • 8. I brought Jane up- Janeʼs target audience was those who haveto-date on Facebook embraced their aspirations and carved their own path. Jane was particularly interested in becomingby switching over a role model for older women, as she wanted tofrom a group to a create a fission about being in oneʼs “Golden Age” and help get others valued for their worth. Itʼslike page. been shown that over-65s in the UK are interested in technology more than their US and European counterparts, and in particular, women over 65 areIn recent times, Facebook have repurposed the spending as much time on the internet as men ingroups system; groups are now more about the same age bracket [1]. With this in mind, I knewfocused conversation and collaboration between a Janeʼs target audience can and do go online, so Igroup of friends or professionals and the more needed to make sure that her website andcontextualised sharing of content. Like pages have associated presence would attract that audiencebecome the standard for those looking to build a and be easy to navigate, use and read.Facebook presence surrounding a product, service,persona, business and so on. The facilities I helped Jane inavailable to like page owners are ideal for helpingto build a Facebook presence that allows for thesharing of news, videos and photos but also the targeting an olderexecution of creative promotions using the vastvariety of third-party applications available. I audience throughwanted to bring Jane into this newer, more appropriate designappropriate use of Facebook for her brand andinform her of the best ways to use it to her benefit. and copy.
  • 9. Outputs 1. Complete change of design and content of Jane’s website In collaboration with Jane Williams of Fandango Media, I designed various iterations of Janeʼs website before we decided on a warm colour scheme and dynamic homepage slider. Using photographs Jane and I had taken at Kenilworth Castle, I crafted some appropriate images for the homepage that put across Janeʼs selling points. Copy was clear and short, yet still conveyed Janeʼs emotional selling point - a woman who was unrecognised for her worth, but changed that and wants to encourage others to do the same. The website went live in early August, ahead of the Western Motorhome Show, as Jane would be directing those she met to the page.
  • 10. 2. Social media workshop: Teaching Jane to use Wordpress, Facebook pages and TwitterAhead of the new going live, I gave Jane three social media workshops. Inthese, I covered how to use Wordpress to format and publish new blog posts, using desktop and mobileTwitter apps to make managing Twitter updates easier, and using her new Facebook Like page to sendupdates. We also used this time to collaboratively clean up existing social media profiles such asJaneʼs Youtube and Twitter bios, in line with website copy and branding. With a hands-on approach,Jane learned how to practically approach managing her online communications and came away muchmore confident.
  • 11. 3. Western Motorhome Show: Advising on creative solutions and subsequent assistance and consolidationIt was important to provide motorhoming but there was created a number of interviewsJane with a creative social also the opportunity to meet with exhibitors, and Janemedia campaign to generate sole travellers like herself. handed out business cardssome engagement around her In the run up to the event, I and invited those we spoke tonew Facebook page and blog. helped Jane connect with to catch the content online.With Janeʼs story and exhibitors by creating a list of The day was a success, withobjectives in mind, the best Facebook pages and Twitter Jane creating a great amountapproach to getting more profiles to touch base with. of content that she was able totraffic and engagement was by This gave Jane a talking point post some of to her blog in themeeting similar people, striking with them at the event; she following days. Jane gainedup a rapport and then was able to express that she confidence in using theinforming them of the blog, had connected with them recording equipment and wasF a c e b o o k a n d Tw i t t e r. online (some exhibitors had impressed with the reactionTogether, we decided that the replied back, e.g. Danbury she got both at the event andWestern Motorhome Show in Motorcaravans) and this way, afterwards on Facebook, whenMalvern was the ideal event to they were more inclined to some of those she metuse to do this. This way, Jane speak with her. Using a followed up with her there.could meet exhibitors with camera and audio recordinginteresting things to say about equipment, together we
  • 12. OutcomesIndependence Brand IdentityJane now has the ability and confidence to Janeʼs branding is much improved. Her image hasmaintain her blog herself, as well as the been softened, with appropriate colour schemeunderstanding of best practices in Facebook and and imagery on her website; her website hasTwitter. Jane no longer has to work through clarity and it is much clearer to see what she isanother person to publish content to her website doing and why; her social media presence hasand she understands how to update on the go one unified message and image; her objectivesfrom her iPhone also. I have helped empower and personality come across in the way shehere to manage her online communications which manages her online presence - independently andin turn contributes to the authenticity of her image honestly; her emotional selling points areand gives her complete control over how she is maintained, but more succinctly and effectively putpresented. She is much more active on her across using compelling narrative on her website.Facebook page than she previously was with her Jane has flyers and business cards that Igroup and is steadily building up fans and designed in keeping with her branding, as well asinteractions. a large banner saying “Pilgrimʼs Pit Stop” to put by her van when she parks up, acting as a talkingOverall, Jane is having fun and is more point.comfortable with her online presence, whichultimately will help her be increasingly more Overall, Jane is now proud to meet others andactive. inform them of her online presence.
  • 13. InteractionJaneʼs Facebook page has seen a lot of interaction since the Motorhome Show. Advising Jane toconnect with exhibitors on Facebook and Twitter ahead of the event has had a lot to do with this, asJane has seen comments on Facebook and her blog and Follow Fridays on Twitter from those sheconnected with and subsequently met. Facebook Insights show a peak in page views and interactionsin the days following the show.Overall, using the Motorhome Show to generate real-world interest in Janeʼs online presence was verybeneficial.
  • 14. Jane says...“Working with Karen gave me a leading edge practical input as well as current social media thinking.Iʼve now been working with Karen for a few months and itʼs been a delight. Sheʼs thorough,conscientious, adaptable and flexible in her approach. As someone who can tend to be on the quiet,reflective side myself, I appreciated Karenʼs gentle manner and encouragement. Iʼm not quite atechnophobe. I need to (and do) embrace technology but Iʼm of an age where it doesnʼt come asquickly and easily to me as young people whoʼve grown up with it.Karenʼs been a joy to work with. Although I feel at times Iʼm hopeless at grasping new skills, Karen isalways patient and supportive. Itʼs been fantastic for me to have such a practical, hands on approach.Itʼs been great to learn how to do things through the process of working together so itʼs not been totallyhands off. Thereʼs hope for me yet!As well as teaching me new ways of working, Karen has also provided me with valuable feedback. Ifeel itʼs been a truly collaborative partnership.So nearing the end of our project work together, I wish Karen every success for her future. Iʼm sureKaren has a bright and successful one ahead of her. I canʼt recommend her highly enough.Thank you, Karen.”
  • 15. [1] Stroud, D. (2005) The 50-Plus Market, London: Kogan Page. Photo credits All © except Page 2 Fandango Media ( 7 user Huasonic on Flickr (
  • 16. About KarenKaren is an online media consultant and designer,specialising in creative approaches to social media forbusinesses, arts organisations, individuals and groups, with afocus on authenticity and independence.Portfolio and BlogKarenKiely.comEmailkaz@karenkiely.comTwitter@kazkiely