internship report on Relationship between NBL & its corporate clients


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internship report -Relationship between nbl & its corporate clients

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internship report on Relationship between NBL & its corporate clients

  1. 1. AcknowledgementFirst of all I am grateful to Almighty Allah for enabling me to work on this report and formaking the circumstances favorable to accomplish my task. I also wish to thank our honorablesupervisor Partha Prasad Chowdhury for assigning me the project and for all his kind support toaccomplish it. The project intends to develop a report on the “Relationship between NationalBank ltd & its corporate client”.I would like to thank to my honorable supervisor, Partha Prasad Chowdhury, Lecturer in theFaculty of Business Administration, American international University of Bangladesh who hadgiven me the opportunity in preparing this report and heartiest guidance time to time he hadprovided to me. His keen in interest that the field of “Relationship between a bank & its coporateclient” has encouraged me to carry out my internship report on National Bank ltd. His constantsupervision,constructive criticism, valuable advice , scholarly guidance and suggestion at allstages of my work have made it possible to complete this internship report.I am also like to thank in NBL employees,especially Mr. Abu Md. Wasim Nur (Senior ExecutiveOfficer), Mr.Zubair Hossain(Senior Executive Officer), Ranjit Kumar(Principal Officer),Mr. Mohammad Adnan Bin Bashir(Officer), Mr Khabir Ahmed(Officer),Mr. Wahiduzzaman(Officer), Ms. Nurun Nahar(Senior Officer),They have given their valuabletime and suggestion to me & for their co-operation I have got learn about National BankLimited.Finally, I would like to thank the entire faculty members, officials and classmates of mine whohave always supportive to me. 1
  2. 2. Table of Content PART 1: ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE SL No. Topics Page No.1.0 Organizational Overview: 06 1.1 An overview of the National Bank Limited (NBL) 06 1.2 Mission 07 1.3 Vision 07 1.4 Value of NBL 07-08 1.5 Corporate Clients Service Provides by NBL & List of the Corporate Clients 09-11 1.6 Product Offerings of NBL for the Corporate Clients 11-18 PART II: PROJECT PART SL No. Topics Page No.2.0 Introduction to the study: 20 2
  3. 3. 2.1 Introduction 20 2.2 Rationale of the study 20-21 2.3 Statement of the problems 21-22 2.4 Scope & Delimitation of the study 22-23 2.5 Objectives of the report 243.0 Literature review 25-264.0 Methodology 27-285.0 Data analysis & interpretation 29-456.0 Findings 467.0 Recommendations 478.0 Concluding remarks: 48 8.1 Conclusion 48-49 8.2 Limitations of the Report 499.0 Reference 5010 Appendix (Survey analysis) 51-55 Executive Summary 3
  4. 4. In this report, I have tried to discuss and define all of the major activities related with theunderstanding of Corporate client’s perception and attitude regarding the performance of thecorporate client’s service department in a bank. In this report I have chosen to evaluate the levelof Corporate client relationship/satisfaction between National Bank Limited, Dilkusha Branch.Marketing scope in banking sector should be considered under the service marketing framework.Performed marketing strategy is the case which is determination of the place of financialinstitutions on corporate clients mind.The key purpose of the report has been to generate a particle understanding of the level ofCorporate client’s satisfaction between National Bank Limited, Dilkusha Branch. The keyservice features required to develop good relationship with the corporate clients & NBL. Toidentify/check the short comings of the service offering that NBL for providing necessarysuggestions.Based on a survey of NBL(National Bank ltd.),at Dilkusha branch’s corporate clients inBangladesh, the impact of satisfaction, trust & the use of electronic banking on commitmenttowards NBL is investigated. It is found that trust is the key factor influencing the acceptance ofelectronic banking. Perceived Corporate client’s satisfaction with the bank only impactedindirectly on the adoption of electronic banking. The cumulative effects of Corporate Clientsrelationship are found to have a positive impact on trust directed towards this bank & this’sgreatly impacted on the propensity to use electronic banking. Corporate client’s satisfaction, trust& the use of electronic banking are found to have a positive impact on the corporate clientscommitment towards this bank.I have to work hard in order to complete the research work. It has very difficult for mesometimes but I have given my level best in order to create a descent report. I have tried to put ina rigorous and firm effort in order to analyze and evaluate the data, which had been obtainedfrom the survey questionnaires. 4
  6. 6. 1.1 An overview of the National Bank Limited (NBL): National bank Ltd is the first private sector commercial bank of Bangladesh, fully owned by local entrepreneurs. NBL has started from 23 march 1983. The board of directors of this bank consists of nice intellects of the country’s business, commerce and banking areas. NBL brought a change in services in the banking sector besides the traditional Govt. banks with its excellent difference. The success of NBL is for its cooperative, helpful, approach, understanding the real banking needs of each and client and concern for their benefits and welfare. From the beginning NBL had the great objectives about the share holders-to maximize their facilities as well as dividend. Now NBL is bigger concern compare to others in same industry holding 156 branches in the inland areas. In 1995 NBL opened a representative office at Myanmar. In different countries NBL has some exchange booths to facilitate the foreigners. With a string sense in all business area of commercial banking NBL could foresee tremendous growth in home bound remittance from Bangladeshi emigrants in USA, UK ,Middle East and in different countries of the work. Consequently, NBL established a unique money remittance system with Western Union of USA for inbound and outbound remittance. Still now, NBL has this type of novelty services facilities. NBL always is committed to fulfill its ethical responsibility to the society, country and to the whole world. NBL has participated in the Brained Multi Purpose Project, a major enterprise undertaken for improving the condition of the farmers the northern region of the country. Establishment of NBL foundation, which operates National Bank Public School and college and sponsorship of various sports tournaments are few of the mentionable projects that display NBL’s commitment to the society. Besides the different types of accounts, NBL has some special schemes that really represent bank’s concern about the clients, some of them are – MSS, SDS, SIS credit Card, ATM services. 1.2 Mission 6
  7. 7. NBL mission is to continue our support for expansion of activities at home and abroad by adding new dimension to our banking service which have been on going in an unchanged manner. Beside, NBL are also putting highest priority in ensuring transparency, account ability, improved clientele service, as well as our commitment to serve the society through which we want to get closer to the people of all levels. Winning an everlasting seat in the heart of the people as a caring companion in uplifting the national economic standard though continuous upgrading and diversification of clientele services in line with national and international requirements is the desired goal NBL want to reach. 1.3 Vision Ensuring highest standard of clientele services through best application of latest information technology, making due contribution to the national economy and establishing ourselves firmly at home and abroad as a front ranking bank of the country have been our cherished vision. 1.4 Value of NBL NBL’s core values consist of 7 key elements. These values bind our people together with an emphasis that our people are essential to everything being done in the bank. In serving corporate clients Corporate client-first Quality focus Credibility and secrecy Integrity NBL protects and safeguard all corporate client information. NBL treats everyone in an equitable and consistent manner. NBL creates an environment, which earns and maintains corporate client trust. Open communication 7
  8. 8.  NBL builds corporate clients relationship based on integrity and respect. NBL offers a full line of products and excellent services. NBL is committed to the prosperity of the corporate clients and shareholders. Performance driven In NBL, corporate clients and employees are judged in terms of their performance. Continuous self improvement Continuous learning, self-challenge and strive make ways for self-improvement of workforce at NBL. Quality NBL offers hassle free better service timely. NBL build up quality asset in portfolio. Teamwork Interaction, open communication, and maintaining a positive attitude reflect NBL’s commitment to a supportive environment based on teamwork. 1.5 Corporate Clients Service Provides by NBL & List of the Corporate Clients 8
  9. 9. Corporate clients service is provided by NBL may be grossly categorized into deposit services,and credit services. It generally means taking deposit on money from corporate clients, givingloans and advances to the corporate clients. These activities require an arrangement of serviceprocess. Branch expansion, Survey of environment, location of deposit potential, identificationof credit needs and collect information about target markets. National Bank Limited (NBL)recognizes that a productive and motivated Work force is a prerequisite to leadership with itsCorporate clients, its Shareholders and in the Market it serves.In serving the NBL • Loyalty • Total commitment and dedication • Excellence through teamworkNBL experiences in handling Corporate Banking business covers a wide span of businesses andindustries. It can control on NBL expertise in the following sectors particularly:  Telecom, Media and Technology,  Textile, Ready Made Garments,  Edible Oil, Consumer and Diversified Industries,  Shipping, Ship Breaking, Steel and Engineering,  Energy, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals,  Cement and Construction,  Financial Institutions. 9
  10. 10. Familiar Relationship between Corporate Clients & NBL Company name Account type Ast Bevarage Current Deposit(CD) Eastern Cement ltd. Current Deposit(CD) Uttara Knitwears ltd. SND(Special Notice Deposit) Dhaka Bank ltd. SND(Special Notice Deposit) Grameen phone ltd. FDR(Fixed Deposit Reciept) Metlife Alico SND(Special Notice Deposit) Huda Builders & Engineers Loan General(LT) Mousumi Industries ltd. Secured Overdraft(SOD) Hascot Builders ltd. Cash Credit(CC) Living Plus ltd. Loan AG. Trust Receipt(LTR) M.N Hallick & Company L/Doc. Bills Purchase(LDBP) Dekko Garments Packing Credit Aman Spining Packing Credit Desh Garments ltd. Back to Back L/C ABA Garments ltd. Packing Credit Concord Garments ltd. Back to Back L/CNot only above but also so many different sector’s corporate clients, that NBL provide servicesby depositing their money & payment them interest, loan& advance as per Bangladesh Bank 10
  11. 11. rules. So many Banks also follow this rule that provide by Bangladesh Bank. But in here, exception is that NBL cutoff tax as little bit amount, where the another bank does not do this. That’s why huge response that NBL gets in every year not only from corporate clients but also general corporate client keeps their deposit & takes different loan as per their ability. Corporate client’s services generally means taking deposit on money from corporate clients, giving loans and advances to the corporate clients, take deposit, give foreign remittance facility etc. These activities require an arrangement of service process. Branch expansion, location of deposit potential, identification of credit needs, and collect information about target markets. Accordingly, banks make arrangement to deliver their services to the potential corporate clients in terms of acceptance, Sanction, Advances, Commitment, Transfers, Remittance, Opening of letter of credit (L/C), Export Documents Handling Bills Collections and many Other Services. Like some other Banks national bank Limited (NBL) has also some Services that it provides its potential corporate clients. National Bank Limited usually provides two types of services: 1.6 Product Offerings of NBL for the Corporate Clients Corporate matter services of National bank Limited (NBL): It is very true the major contribution to the bank’s equity has come from business banking sector. It provides several types of services under business banking. NBL offers corporate banking facilities, it also provides commercial, institutional, quasi government or correspondence facilities. Corporate Banking Service: NBL is recognized as the good financial institution in corporate matter services sector in our country. Its professional management team collects to the need of its clients and provides them with a wide range of financial services. 11
  12. 12.  Institutional Banking service: The institutional service are provided by NBL is designed for different fund based organization like donor agencies, NGOs, voluntary organizations, foreign missions, airlines, shipping lines and their personnel with the facilities, which are freely convertible to major international currencies, local and foreign currency remittances through a large network of branches and correspondence. Commercial Banking: NBL offers different commercial banking facilities to all commercial concerns especially those with particular involvement with import and export finance. It provides the finance facilities like- trade finance facilities including counseling, confirming export L/Cs; and issue of import L/C backed by its correspondent network, it also provides bonds and guarantees, investment advice, leasing facilities, project service opportunities. Personal banking service: Deposit services:• Current Deposit: National Bank Limited offers corporate clients current deposit facility for day-to-day business transaction without any restriction. Services  No hidden costs for the clients.  Standing Instruction Arrangement are available for operating account.  Easy access to other facilities. 12
  13. 13. • Term deposit: Special Notice Deposit: National Bank Limited offers interest on corporate clients special notice deposit account and gives facility to withdraw money any time. Services  If anyone can’t to understand any matter then the experienced employee helps to them.  Well trainer employee also help for corporate clients about accounts opening, operating matter.  Giving them valuable upgrading information Fixed Deposit: National Bank Limited offers fixed term savings that will scale up the savings amount with the time. Services  Premature encashment facility is available.  Overdraft facility available against term receipt.  secured credit card facility.  multiple currencies and durations to find a Fixed deposit. 13
  14. 14.  give as peace of mind, while clients watch their money grow Loans and Advances: Loans and advances are major earning source of a bank. NBL is also very careful to provide loan, normally NBL sanction loan to individuals, small/medium or large industries. Actually loans give of the bank’s deposit, against valuable security. Cash credit(CC): cash credit is one kind of credit facilities to the corporate clients. CC is fully continuous loan. Generally this loan is issued as providing to see the condition of asset or liabilities of a client business. Services:  can convert the available credit limit into instant cash or transfer the outstanding balance from other credit cards to the NBL credit card account.  Enjoy interest-free throughout the full repayment period Overdraft NBL offers overdraft facility for corporate clients for day-to day business operations . Services  Low charges in overdraft account maintenance.  Facility is available against deposit receipt or mortgage property.  interest rate 13-16%. Small Medium Enterprise Loan 14
  15. 15. NBL offers financial support to small businessmen/enterprise with new products named "Festival Small Business Loan" and "NBL Small Business Loan" has been introduced in the Bank. The trade development services that banks offer to their midsized or large companies are difficult to offer for SME clients, as their number is too large and their needs even wider. Services  can find country profiles, market surveys, detailed import export flows, customs duties, shipment documents, etc. Corporate Credit Loan NBL offers consumer credit facility for retail corporate clients. Financing items- Electronics consumer products, Computer or Computer accessories. Services  Fast processing.  Competitive interest rate.  No application or processing fee.  Invest for future growth  Eliminate rent payments  Reduce current mortgage payments  Easy monthly installment. Other services:• Trade services 15
  16. 16. NBL provides comprehensive banking services to all. types of commercial concerns such as in the industrial sector for export-import purpose as working capital, packing credit, trade service, Issuance of Import L/Cs, Advising and confirming Export L/Cs. - Bonds and Guarantees . Services  Minimum processing time.  Low service charges.• SWIFT services NBL is one of the first few Bangladeshi banks to obtain membership of swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). SWIFT is a members owned cooperative which a first and accurate communication network for transaction such as Letter of credit, fund transfer etc. by being a member of SWIFT, the bank has opened up possibilities for uninterrupted connectivity with over 10,000 user institution all over the world. Services  cash and treasury management messaging  valuable integration expertise to corporate clients around the world• Utility Bill Payments: National Bank Limited (NBL) offers Multi-mode utility bill payment facility for its client’s weather it is cellular phone bill, telephone Bill, Electricity Bill or water bills of them. It is also possible for the NBL Corporate clients to make utility bill payment by using E-cash ATM service. Services  No interest charges  Secure online transactions  Innovate and market demanding service plans 16
  17. 17.  Monitor dealer performance  Provides 360 degree subscriber view• International trade and foreign Exchange: National bank Limited (NBL) provides foreign exchange transaction facilities to its corporate clients. When anyone goes abroad for business. Holidays or any other purposes, he/she can obtain his/her foreign currency and Traveler’s check permissible under Government regulations without any hassle from any branch of National bank limited(NBL).These offices are the focal point for processing Import and Export transactions for both small and large Corporation Corporate clients. Services  international payments  purchase or sale of foreign and local currency in stay residents and non- residents.• Safe deposit lockers: The corporate client can use the locker facility of National Bank Limited (NBL) and thus have the option of covering their valuable against any unfortunate incident. NBL offers security to their lockers service as afforded to their own property at a very competitive price. The Bank is usually at this for the clients from Saturday ttoThursday (from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm). Services  to give our clients peace of mind  knowing that their valuables are safe & secure• Documentary credit: 17
  18. 18. Having a worldwide network of correspondents and team of experienced trade professionals. NBL is uniquely poised to establish Documentary credits in most currencies and can provide for drawings at sight or at a term to suit your financing requirements. NBL can also arrange confirmation of documentary credit-an additional undertaking given by our correspondent banks providing for payment to the exporter “without resource” for documents presented in strict compliance with the terms and conditions of the documentary credit. The bank also deals in all types of export letter of credits. Each day, the bank advices a large number of export credits and arranges opening of back letters of credit. Services  Opening, Straightening, Confirmation, Transfer the letter of credit;• Insurance Cover services: National Bank Limited (NBL)’s trade professional assist the corporate clients to satisfy that the goods have been insured to cover all the risk involved. This is a complimentary service provided by the trade team of the bank. Services  Providing with a low cost, comprehensive health insurance policy that designed specifically for the business  innovative underwriting, and competitive pricing for their clients Upcoming service: 18
  19. 19. • Business Loan NBL offers Business loan facility for purchasing flats or construction of house for the corporate clients business purposes. Services  Grace period available up to 9 months in flat purchase or 12 months in construction.  Competitive interest rate.  No application or processing fee.• Lease services NBL offers lease services for acquiring of capital Machineries equipment and other items. The scheme is flexible and can provide full funding for a business venture. The servicing scheme of the bank is simple, convenient and is backed by prompt service from a team of dedicated personnel . Services:  Competitive monthly rental.  Tax benefit.  Fast processing.  Easy handover after leasing period. 19
  20. 20. PART II: PROJECT PART 20
  21. 21. 2.0 INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY2.1 IntroductionMarketing scope in banking sector should be considered under the service marketing framework.Performed marketing strategy is the case which is determination of the place of financialinstitutions on corporate clients’ mind. Bank marketing does not only include service selling ofthe bank but also is the function which gets personality and image for bank on its corporateclient’s mind.2.2 Rational of the StudyNational Bank Limited is one of the most renowned private commercial bank in Bangladesh.The report entitled “Relationship between NBL & its corporate clients” has been prepared as apartial fulfillment of MBA program Faculty of Business administration, American InternationalUniversity Bangladesh (AIUB) . In Today’s world only academic education does not make astudent perfect to become competitive with the outside world. Internship is highly needed to gainidea, knowledge and practical experience.It is not possible to know everything about banking service process within this limited timeperiod.  I chose the topic to find out the corporate client’s satisfaction level between the organization.  To find out what type of facility the corporate client demand & wants from the organization.  This topic will help me to know the reason for Evaluation, person who should benefit from the evaluation, what type of evaluation should be 21
  22. 22.  used and what problems might be encountered. 2.3 Statement of the Problem Problems from the Corporate client’s point of view  ATM is the most widely used in other banks in our country. However, the numbers of ATM booth are so much limited.  National bank limited does not have enough products comparing to other banks of our country. It is also a very big problem.  The service of the bank is moderate, which is a big problem for NBL. Problems from employee point of view:  Delay in loan processing system  Slow criteria of employee motivation  NBL web site does not give the all information for the employee  Service time is limited The problem of NBL related to export:  Sometimes the exporters do not provide full documents with export form (EXP form) 22
  23. 23.  Exporters sometimes do not provide the EXP documents in right time. So the bank faces problem to get the exporters full documents within specified time that is service big problem to the client.  Sometimes corporate client authority takes time to provide the documents. But the bank need to provide the triplicate EXP form to the Bangladesh bank within the specified time. The problems of National Bank limited related to foreign remittance:  Party declaration is a very big problem for the bank in case of foreign remittance. Because the bank need to provide the report to Bangladesh bank within the first five days in a month. But the corporate clients do not contact within the specified. 2.4 Scope and Delimitation of the Report While preparing the report I have learned a lot about the Bank and banking system situated in Bangladesh. NBL is one of the well-known banking institution and I have known their products and different terms of their business, how they work in the field and provide their services to their corporate clients. Commercial Bank of National Bank Ltd. These activities involve: • General Banking activities • Corporate client care service • Banks product and services But special emphasis is given on the Corporate client care activities of the branch In order to write this report I will work for 2 months as an intern in National Bank Limited (Dilkusha Branch). I will also collect data from other sources related to my topic which is 23
  24. 24. mentioned in methodology. It has become essential for every person to have some idea on thebank Institutions. As our educational system predominantly text based, inclusion of practicalorientation program is an exception to the norm. From practical knowledge, we’ll be able toknow real life situations and launch a career with some practical experience. My report topic hasbeen selected as “Relationship between NBL & its corporate clients”During a short span of time the bank has been able to establish a good image in the bankingsector and has become a house hold name in the country due to several corporate clients- friendlydeposit and loan scheme. I am doing my internship in National Bank Limited with rotation ondifferent desks which includes accounts opening, general banking, clearing, loan and advance,Import & Export etc. in this report “Relationship between NBL & its corporate clients” I’llfocus on how &corporate client positive relation with this bank. Since they are standing at goodposition among the private banks, their market share, marketing mechanisms, overall strengthand weakness, objectives, goals will be cross examined for analyzing the fact that how they wereand how they will be in future.Corporate Clients relationship between the bank are internal environment of the branch, variousschemes offered, location, attitude of officers, query handling, prompt service delivery, variouscharges, interest rate, networking and so on. The study shows that most of the corporate clientsare satisfied with the services of the bank but there are some dissatisfying factors which areinflexibility in credit sanctioning facility, higher interest rate, inadequate e-banking facilities andso on. In these circumstances, to better satisfy corporate clients the branch should be moreflexible in giving loans, charge reasonable interest rate, and can undertake some promotionalmeasures to make corporate clients aware of the services.As I am directly in touch with corporate clients, the report will deal with the service quality andcorporate client’s positive relation with National Bank Limited. A survey will be conducted onthe corporate clients of National Bank Limited. The objective of this report will be to determineto how well National Bank Limited is satisfying the corporate clients on different servicegrounds. Various important issues of corporate clients satisfaction will be presented in thefindings of the survey. 24
  25. 25. Lastly the findings will be examined to prescribe a set of specific recommendations to improvethe overall service quality according to corporate clients expectations and also to solve theexisting problems in the whole organizational level.2.5 Objectives of the ReportThe endeavor of this report is to endow me with valuable practical knowledge about bankingoperations and activities and analyze the performance of the National Bank Ltd. The objective ofthe study was to determine the corporate clients’ perception about the service quality ofCorporate client care department of National Bank Ltd. It gave the management an idea aboutthe quality of the service that they are providing and will help them to make decision to improvethat.  To identify the key service features required to develop good relationship with the corporate clients.  To identify/check the short comings of the service offering that NBL for providing necessary suggestions. 25
  26. 26. 3.0 LITERATURE REVIEWThe impact of market conditions corporate clients always wants to take more profit ,well interestrate from their deposit, They takes loan if they show well deposit in the same bank. NBL(Dilkusha Branch) keeps all the criteria for their client. From 1983 to Present different sectorsclient NBL performs so nice servicing policy. For this reason, client numbers of NBL isincreasing day by day. NBL (Dilkusha Branch) is a large size of bank. So different departmenthas there. Experienced employee stays for servicing purposes. There has no chance to negativeimpact for the corporate clients.Always DMD of NBL (Dilkusha) stay for searching new client though stay the existingcorporate clients. Deposit, Loan, L/C opening information gets the corporate clients so easy wayby the experienced employee. So, NBL (Dilkusha Branch) obviously creates positive or goodrelationship between the corporate clients. 26
  27. 27. In this bank, there are so many service features for the corporate clients. They keeps theirdeposit(SND,CD,FDR).They take loan(SOD,CC,SME).For L/C opening they take the servicesare-(Back to back L/C,Packing credit).In NBL (Dilkusha branch) for the corporate client service is the service provided in support of aCore Product. Corporate client service most often includes answering question, taking orders,dealing with billing issue, handling complaints and perhaps scheduling maintenance.Corporate client service occurs on site or it can occur over the phone or via the internet. NBLoperates corporate client service call centers, often staffed around the clock. Typically there is nocharge for corporate client Service.Corporate client service quality is essential to build Corporate client relationships, that isperformed by the NBL successfully because no extra charge when they draw money, internalenvironment is so nice to sit for the corporate clients.The success of Corporate client service is the Corporate client’s satisfaction that handle asstrictly by NBL employee. A Corporate client might experience various degree of satisfactionbecause experienced NBL employee always ready for every moment. 27
  28. 28. NBL emphasizes attentiveness and promptness in dealing with Corporate client request,question, complaints, and problems.Responsiveness is communicated on corporate client by the length of time they have to wait forassistance, answer to question, or attention to problems, that NBL performs nicely. 28
  29. 29. 4.0 METHODOLOGYIn order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, from two sources data andinformation have been collected. This are-Data Collection a) Primary sources b) Secondary sourcesa) Primary sources of data including the following: • Face to face conversation with the institutions officers and staffs • Direct conversation with the corporate client. • Practical deskwork.b) Secondary sources of data including the following: • Annual report of National Bank Limited • Website. • National Bank Limited DatabaseThe exploratory survey reached perform with the respondent by door-to-door interview methodwhere respondents go through a questionnaire survey by taking the help of respondents Iconstructed a very specific questionnaire that prepared with flexibility to make it unbiased andthe survey structured by both “open -ended” and “close –ended”. In this research a conveniencesampling applied and may need judgmental sampling application in some condition. Thiscollection information presented in a graphical percentage manner but in standard editing andcoding system. For conducting the research, I took 100 respondents as sample size. 29
  30. 30.  Corporate client’s satisfaction Level analysis Besides every quality report some research or analysis is needed.. I tried to analyze the questionnaire and Graph in order to measure the overall service condition delivered by the Corporate client service between the bank. The methodology by which the whole survey is analyzed was very simple and in some question I follow the Scale for perfection of the analysis. I also tried to represent the questionnaire through (Pie ,column) Diagram. Basically I tried to formulate the questions such a way that the analysis can show the overall service condition and the satisfaction level of the corporate clients. 15 questions are actually about the Relationship between the Corporate clients care that serves by NBL. 30
  31. 31. 5.0 DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION1. How did you come to know about National Bank Ltd.?The sources are shown in the table: Newspaper Staff of the Relatives Business Others Bank Magazines 14% 23% 10% 11% 42% Table-1So from this analysis I found that 42% people came to know about this bank from externalsource. The marketing structure of the National Bank Ltd. goes very defensive mode. Only 14%corporate clients of 100% are concern about NBL by their publicity. So I think that the NBLshould concentrate more on their advertising at different media. 31
  32. 32. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-12. Why the corporate clients maintaining accounts with National Bank Ltd.? Better Trustful Than Good Liquidity Higher Interest Other Facility Corporate client Other Bank Rate Service 55% 10% 3% 7% 25%Table-2I found that the corporate clients are satisfied with the Corporate client service of the NationalBank Ltd.. For this basis they are maintained their accounts with this bank. But as an intern Ifound that some corporate clients are not happy with the interest rate of the bank. If NationalBank Ltd. upgrade all factors concerning the table then definitely deposit growth will take placerapidly. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-23. What types of account Corporate clients are maintaining with this bank? Current Fixed deposit SND Foreign Other Type of deposit deposit deposit 32
  33. 33. 30% 20% 33% 10% 7%Table-3Generally National Bank Ltd. is the renowned commercial bank in Bangladesh. The corporateclients of this bank are mainly maintaining 33% SND(Special Notice Deposit) for its smartinterest rate. Moreover, corporate clients like: dealers, business person’s opens current account,fixed deposit and foreign accounts. Students can easily apply for foreign remittance with the helpof the bank. So in this sense saving accounts are more famous for its corporate clients. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-34. what are the services that corporate clients enjoying from this bank? Maintaining Remittance Corporate Personal Other Deposit Facilities Banking loan and Account Facilities service 65% 15% 10% 3% 7%Table-4Table shows that corporate clients enjoy mostly by maintaining deposit accounts with the help ofthe corporate client care service. The success of the corporate client care service is bettercomparable to the other service provided by this bank. As an intern I found that remittance 33
  34. 34. service is growing rapidly make its own corporate clients. But people wants to get personal loansthat NBL does not offer for all corporate clients. The corporate client seems good position. Sothis bank should be focus more through its corporate client care service. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-45. What kind of services get from corporate client care? Excellent Good Average Satisfactory Dissatisfactory 45% 23% 8% 20% 4%Table-5This questionnaire is truly focused on corporate client care. So it is mandatory to know thesatisfaction of its corporate clients. Out of 100% people, 45% people rate Corporate clientservice excellent. The response is good enough to mention that National Bank Ltd. focuses thattheir interest is always their corporate clients. Only 4% of 100% people shows dissatisfactorywhich NBL tries hardly to overcome. 34
  35. 35. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-56. What kind of service it provides than other Banks?Very Good Good Average Bad Very Bad32% 40% 15% 7% 2%Table-6Table shows that National Bank Ltd. service is Good compare to the other banks in Bangladesh.For wider service it increases its branches across the country. The newest facilities are added dayby day with proper care. Most importantly National Bank Ltd. has its own corporate client whichis very important now a day. 35
  36. 36. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-67. Do corporate client think that the fees and service charges are high comparable than otherbank? Strongly Agree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Strongly Agree Disagree Disagree 6% 9% 10% 29 46%Table-7The service charges are low than other banks. Out of 100 only 46% person people believe thatNBL cuts reasonable service charges compare to the other banks. Most importantly it sometimesallows minimum charges to its respective client. So though its service is excellent but its servicecharge is very low. 36
  37. 37. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-78. Views of the corporate client about the behavior of the Corporate client Care? Excellent Good Average Satisfactory Dissatisfactory 54% 25% 2% 13% 6%Table-8Out of 100% , The 54% people believes that the behavior of corporate client care is excellent. Itoffers online banking facilities for its corporate clients. Only 6% people are dissatisfied by thecorporate client care for their internal purpose. But most important is that it lists all complain toits mind for furthers correction. 37
  38. 38. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-89. Focuses to its corporate clients that do they think National Bank Ltd. has a wonderful internal environment to deliver the corporate client service? Strongly agree agree Neither agree disagree Strongly nor disagree disagree 20% 60% 14% 5% 1%Table-9Although National Bank Ltd. concerns for its corporate clients, it maintain a quality internal andexternal environment for its corporate clients. The system is good. Always there is a friendlyatmosphere is waiting for its corporate clients.60% people agrees with this. The bank also tries toimprove its Organizational behavior for the corporate clients. 38
  39. 39. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-910. Request the corporate client to give their view about problems and its quickly resolving bythe Corporate client care service. Strongly agree agree Neither agree nor Disagree Strongly disagree disagree 30% 51% 6% 11% 2%Table-10Table shows that out of 100%, 30% people strongly and 51% is agree that their problems arequickly resolved by the Corporate client service of National Bank Ltd.. Daily problems areresolved quickly by this department. Though it has different workloads and work activities, itoffers supreme services to the corporate clients. 39
  40. 40. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-1011. Inquire the corporate client that how satisfied are they with the service of the ATM service? Strongly Satisfied Neither satisfied Dissatisfied Strongly Satisfied nor dissatisfied dissatisfied 9% 38% 2% 49% 2%Table-11The only preferable problem in the corporate client care is the ATM service. The corporateclients are not truly satisfied with their ATM card service. In Dilkusha branch I have discussedwith corporate clients who are dissatisfied and they told me that they found most of the time theATM machine is out of order and limited to different area. But important factor is that it tries toimprove vast ATM service to its corporate clients. 40
  41. 41. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-1112. How the corporate clients about their rating for the Corporate client service of this Bank? Very good Good Neither good nor poor Very poor poor 75% 13% 7% 4% 1%Table-12Out of 100% people, 75% rates very good service and only 5% rates (poor & very poor). Thesuccess of this bank seems strong in respect to its corporate client service. It offers variousservices to its different corporate clients and all kinds are well customized for the people. Theclient who are newcomers can easily choose their preferable service. The maximum success forthe corporate client care is because of this. 41
  42. 42. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-1213. Is Focused the corporate clients need about further improvement of the corporate clientcare? Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Strongly Disagree disagree 11% 51% 15% 20% 3%Table-13Table shows that 51% people wants to improve its corporate client care with multidimensionalactivities. Now- a- days corporate clients wants more services with security. National Bank Ltd.provides excellent services to its corporate clients. The clients want to make more account withthis bank for various purposes. So corporate clients care should come with new features and newmultidimensional products and give improved services. 42
  43. 43. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-1314. How the service features that create positive relationship between corporate client & NBL? Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree 40% 30% 15% 10% 5%Table-14Table shows that 40% says that strongly agree that has positive relationship between corporateclient & NBL. Because service that provides for corporate client is better than previous one.Every time it creates upgrading for the client. How client can get help that NBL always find out. 43
  44. 44. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-1415. Has some problem of servicing,NBL need to take suggestion from corporate client? Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree 40% 15% 17% 19% 8%Table-15Table shows that 40% strongly agree that NBL need to Know & to take some suggestion fromthe corporate clients. It may be sitting arrangement, may be service new features. 44
  45. 45. Fig: Graphical Representation of Table-15 SWOT Analysis of NBL The abbreviation for SWOT stands for:  Strength  Weakness  Opportunity  Threat The SWOT analysis comprises of the organization’s internal strength and weakness, external opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis gives an organization an insight of what they can do in future and how they can compete with their existing competitors. This tool is very important to identify the current position of the organization relative to other, who are playing in the same field and also used in the strategic analysis of the organization. Strength of national bank limited: • NBL has a qualified, experienced and dedicated human resources • NBL has the reputation has being the provider of good quality service to its potential corporate client • Satisfactory business growth • Nice service features for corporate clients 45
  46. 46.  Weaknesses of the National Bank Limited (NBL) • Dependent of fixed deposits • Moderate risk management system • Limited branch network • ATM servicing is not in vast area basis • Not in vast position as online banking • No mobile banking Opportunities of National Bank Limited (NBL) • Draft drawing arrangement of major banks • ATM, POs and other forms of Alternate delivery channels • Product based on needs of NRB’s • Increasing service quality and awareness among NBL staff through training • SME and agro based business • Real time on line banking • Credit card in dual currency Threats of National Bank Limited (NBL) • Different services of FCB’S ( phone banking/home banking) • Existing card services of standard chartered grind lays bank 46
  47. 47. • Daily basis interest on deposit offered by HSBC• Market pressure for increasing the SLR• Rate war with Sonali, IFIC, Uttara, and bank Asia resulting in lower exchange again. 6.0 FINDINGS 47
  48. 48. While I am doing my Internship Program I had found out some problems faced by thecorporate clients. • Sometimes, Lack of information about the Corporate client banking Services, corporate client usually have to face hesitation for the right information for the right authorized officer. • Too slow server to work. • National Bank Ltd. partially automate their operations, so many works are still done by manually. On the other hand, most of the banks automate whole activities, which make their work easier and faster. • Refusing to provide introducer or photo for opening accounts, which is not showed be done for the client. • Sometime corporate clients miss behave with the employees and stuffs but should be proved that NBL was right. • Corporate clients are not satisfied with the ATM services of the Bank. Most of the cases the machine is out of order and the technicians are not available. • Sometimes time not fixed for the client to take loan, deposit or take interest which makes the corporate client fully hesitate. • For L/C opening sometimes create long time for not proper giving service to the client • In cash counter receive & payment area of Dilkusha branch creates crowd for the honorable corporate clients. 7.0 RECOMMENDATIONS 48
  49. 49. Recommendation of these report has been made on basis of the research findings of servicingfor the corporate client from National Bank Limited. With my little experience in bank, I haveobserved and found out some aspect of their banking. On the basis of my observation I like torecommend the following recommendation: • Management should focus more on quick service, empathy, duration of loan repayment, card issues and loan processing time to ensure overall corporate client’s satisfaction, as this has been statistically proven. • Banking is a service-oriented marketing. Its business profit depends on its service quality. That’s why the authority always should be aware about their service quality. Employees must give individual attention to consumer and efficiency should be ensured. • Speed in servicing activities must be quick • The bank should adopt more technological devices to provide better services • Need to increase the number of ATM booths. • Online banking must be introduced for the client as vast area basis. • Retain & attract to the corporate client by servicing exist product & also upgrading product, build positive relationship with the corporate client by servicing that product’s information well to them. • To inform the client why NBL is the best bank for servicing activities than the other banks, this activities must be done by the experienced employee in NBL. 49
  50. 50. 8.0 CONCLUDING REMARKS8.1 ConclusionNational bank limited has positive image itself as the local banks among third generationbank. National bank limited is committed to keep up its promise to provide cordial servicesin baking to its valued corporate clients. NBL management has always put special effort touphold the interest and trust of their corporate clients. NBL is initiating new products andconcentrating on the consumer demand that is drawing a difference between NBL with otherbanks.This research report has provided some interesting insight into what kind of service thecorporate clients give importance to and what quality they get from NBL. It is quite obviousfrom the research that the corporate clients requirements are not fully met and they are verydissatisfied with some of the aspects of the bank (loan interest rate, different service charges,convenience location, organized processing etc.) again the research relevant that only onethird of corporate clients where more of less satisfied with the services of the bank and morethan half of the respondents were on the neutral side of satisfaction line. NBL should attractthis half and bring then to the positive side of the road so that strong relationship with thecorporate clients can be maintained.In order to retain competitive edge, investment in technology is always a top level and underconstant focus. Keeping the network within a reasonable limit, NBL strategy is to serve thecorporate clients through capacity buildings across multi delivery channels. They are betterplaced and poised to take corporate clients through fast changing times and enable themcompete more effectively in the market they operate.The main purpose of this report is to study “Relationship between NBL & its corporateclients” considering all the attributes which influence corporate clients should be moreeffective for them. Due to the significantly important of those factors they can compete in themarket in the near future. In the servicing care unit which has some problem of NBL, mustbe taken good care for retain & attract to the corporate clients. 50
  51. 51. 8.2 Limitations of the ReportThe report has been conducted to make an investigation of the banks service oriented activities;during carrying out the study in this field, some problems may be termed as limitations of thestudy: • In NBL, all employees are too busy. It is tough to have a break from their tight schedule & get some information • There are a lot of secret matters in the organization. As an intern the researcher cannot reach to those secret topics. But only I have shown some familiar companies name in this report, those are positively get better service from the NBL. • Technological aspect: The report does not describe any technological aspect. • In some cases, up to date information were not published. • Lack of proper books, journals and other elements. • Sufficient records, publications facts and figure are not available, these hamper the scope of real analysis. • Many procedural matters were written from our own observation, which may also vary from person to person.In spite of all the limitations I fully prepare the whole report while conducting the study andmaking of it. It has managed to end up well. I believe that I have prepared a quality report on theCorporate client care division of the system of the National Bank Ltd. 51
  52. 52. 9.0 REFERENCES Web Site of National Bank Limited (NBL): Web site of: Annual Report of National Bank Limited (NBL): Year (2010 & 2011) Commercial Bank Management: Peter Rose(5th Edition) Research Methodology: C. R. Kothari (2nd Edition) http://www.Foregin exchange (Time: Whenever data are needed) Web site of: Web site of: Capon, Noel and Rashi Glazer (1987), "Marketing and Technology: A Strategic Co alignment," Journal of Marketing, 51 (July), 1-14 52
  53. 53. 10 APPENDIX (SURVEY ANALYSIS) Questionnaire: Dear Respondent, I am a student of American International University - Bangladesh. I am going to analyze “Relationship between NBL & its corporate clients”. This study is only for use of my academic purpose and the provided information will be treated confidentially. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation. Please read the questions carefully and just put a tick ( √ ) in the respective answer and kindly give your judgments where necessary. 1. How do you come to know about National Bank Limited? A. Newspapers B. Staff of the C. Relatives D. Business magazines C. Others 2. Why the corporate clients deposit, take loan, maintain foreign trade between National Bank? A. Better client service B. Trustful than other banks C. Good liquidity D. Higher interest rate E. Other facility 3. What types of account you are maintaining with this bank? A. FDR B. SND C. Current deposit D. Others 4. What are the service that corporate clients enjoying from this bank? A. Maintaining deposit account B. Remittance facilities C. Corporate banking facilities D. Personal loan and service E. Others. 53
  54. 54. 5. What kind of service corporate clients get from client care? A. Excellent B. Good C. Average D. Satisfactory E. Dissatisfactory.6. What kind of service better that it provide than other banks? A. Very good B. Good C. Average D. Bad E. Very bad7. Do you think that the fees and service charges are high comparable than other banks? A. Strongly agree B. Agree C. Neither agrees Nor disagrees D. Disagree E. StronglyDisagree8. Views of the client about the behavior of the client care? A. Excellent B. Good C. Average D. Satisfactory E. Dissatisfactory.9. What Focuses to its client that do they think National Bank Ltd has a wonderful internationalenvironment to deliver the client service? A. Strongly agree B. Agree C. Neither agree Nor disagree D. Disagree E. strongly disagree10.Has any request to client to give their view about problems and its quickly resolving by theclient service? A. Strongly agree B. Agree C. Neither agree Nor disagree D. Disagree E. Strongly disagree11. How the corporate clients about their rating for the Corporate client service of this bank? A. Very good B. Good C. Neither good Nor poor D. Poor E. Very poor.12. What the Focuses to corporate clients need about further improvement of the client care? A.Strongly agree B. Agree C. Neither agree Nor agree D. Disagree E. Strongly disagree13. Corporate Clients are satisfied about NBL banking services? A. Strongly Agree B. Agree C. Neutral D. Disagree E. Strongly Disagree 54
  55. 55. 14. Do the bank serve you in a timely manner ? A)Yes B)No 55