The GRADES Approach


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The GRADES Approach

  1. 1. The GRADES Approach Quranic reference to support the following viewpoint:An effective way to invite to Islam is the GRADES methodology, “Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [ofwhich stands for: themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.” (Noble Quran 52:35-36) • GOD • REVELATION A) The Universe had a beginning (e.g. Hubble’s law of expanding • AGENTS universe, The Big Bang Model) • DEATH B) How did it come into existence? • ETERNITY − Did it come from nothing? (Nothing comes from • SHAHADA nothing) − Did it create itself? (Cannot exist and not exist at theThe GRADES outlines a roadmap to avoid unnecessary debate same time)and instead focuses you towards the concept of Tawhid from the − Does it have a creator? (This is the most logical)outset. C) Everything that begins to exist has a cause; the Universe began to exist so the Universe has a cause.Initiate D) The cause is greater than the effect because it can existYou will be approaching people on the street using some independent of it (Not vice-versa)initiation Da’wah material to start a Da’wah conversation.Alternatively you may be approached by members of the public. The Order in the Universe Quranic reference to support the following viewpoint: 1) Confidently approach non-Muslims and hand out the “We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within initiation cards. themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But 2) Ask a series of open ended questions in order to enter into a conversation. is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?” (Noble Quran 41:53)Examples include: − Excuse me Sir/Madam what do you think is the purpose of life? A) Anything that has order and design points to a designer – the − Do you follow a particular faith? (If yes/No, then ask greater the complexity the greater the intelligence of the why) designer i.e. Mobile phones, Watch. − Do you believe in a Creator of the Universe (If yes/No, B) Our Universe exhibits laws, Mathematical Constants, Recurring ask why) Patterns & OrderOnce engaged in a conversation, introduce yourself first then ask For example:their name and shake hands if of the same gender. • The distance of Earth from Sun • Ozone layerThis is an important stage of the process it sets the tone of theconversation going forward, therefore be polite and try to create • Gravityan environment where people feel free to explore ideas. Using • Density of Ice less than waterwords like common sense, logic and rationale are also good ways • Water Boiling Point (or any boiling/melting points ofof eliminating bias from the outset. substances) C) Even so called perceived disorder is in fact intricate designGOD • Lightning (produces Ozone)Once they have provided an answer to your question you canthen direct the conversation to God by doing the following: Conclusion1) Summarise what they have said so they know you have The huge amount of design and order in the Universe indicates understood their point of view. that the Creator is incredibly powerful and intelligent. This Creator2) Then say that ‘The most important thing to determine is existed before the creation of the Universe i.e. the point where how the Universe came into existence as we are all part of Time, Space & Matter was created. Therefore the Creator is not the Universe.’ bound by Time, Space & Matter.
  2. 2. REVELATION ConclusionA) There is a need for revelation. This is because the Creator So he must be speaking the truth – because he did not have the has created us and provided for our: profile of a liar or a deluded person and most of all because the I. Physical needs – Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing revelation confirms his claims. II. Emotional needs – RelationshipsWould it not make sense that He would also provide for our: DEATH III. Spiritual needs. Answers to questions such as: Inform the non-Muslim of the inevitable reality: − Our purpose in life? • Everyone dies. − Where we came from? • It’s not what you are born on but what you die on that − What happens when we die? mattersB) Now this can come to us: • We need to act before death, not after it; as that will be I. Internally – Dreams, thoughts, opinions too late. II. Externally – RevelationC) It cannot be internal as we all have different DNA, Social ETERNITY Backgrounds, Influences, Abilities, Brain Age, so each of us The afterlife is Eternal in comparison to the 70-100 years of has a biased view. worldly life. There can only be 2 possible outcomes:D) Must be External – Like a book; the way we get a manual 1. We believe in God & live in accordance with His commands; an that accompanies a new mobile phone with instructions on eternal afterlife of Bliss and Heaven how to use it. Also since the Creator created us – it makes 2. We disbelieve in God & live contrary to His commands; an sense that He informs us on our purpose and how to eternal afterlife of Torment and Hell operate. Inform the Non-Muslim that it’s not because you say so...ButE) Any book from the Creator must fulfil 3 conditions – The because the revelation from God says so. Emphasise the QURAN. Quran, a book over 1400 years old, does this: I. Have a logical view of the Creator – Surah Ikhlas SHAHADA II. Be internally/externally consistent – Free from It’s now time to Earn your GRADES and go for the top mark! Contradictions, Preserved, Linguistic Superiority, A) Summary of Islam Memorised, Scientific Accuracies , Historic Details, I. Overview of GRADES II. Basic Pillars/ Beliefs Prophecies III. Purpose of our Lives III. Supernatural Quality – Challenge to produce B) Two paths something like it I. Heaven and Happiness or Hell and Torment C) Inform them what is required to be a Muslim. Then informConclusion them that they have the ingredients to be a Muslim.Cannot be the work of a created being as it far surpasses D) Invite them to Islamanything known before or that has come after it. In it the Creator • “Why don’t you testify out loud what you believe intakes responsibility of having created everything, Calls Himself your heart?”God, and details our purpose in Life and of a life after Death. • “I’ll walk you through it” • “You will be assured paradise, sins wiped clean goodAGENTS deeds carried forward”Did the book fall from the sky? Or appear out of the ground? No, E) First in English and then repeat after me in Arabicit came by way of a Prophet from God. In much the same waythat previous revelations came by the way of Prophets with a “I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship exceptconsistent message. Examples include Abraham, Moses Jesus & Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the slave andMuhammad (Peace be upon them all). messenger of Allah”Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) claimed to be a prophet of Ash hadu An Laa ilaaha illa Allah Wa Ash hadu annaGod, the last of them and that the revelation known as Quran Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuluhwas revealed through him. AFTERCAREShow how he could not have been: Your job is to convey the message and Invite to Islam – The• A Liar – Since even his enemies called him the truthful & the Guidance and therefore Shahada is from Allah alone. trustworthy (Al-Ameen & As-Sadeeq). He was offered power, wealth and women to compromise his message; but 1) Swap contact details – Name, Contact Number, Email etc rejected all. 2) Teach them how to do Wudu/ Pray Salah• Deluded – Refer to the Eclipse of the Moon, Quran revealed 3) Get them in touch with Manchester New Muslims or their over 23 years, prophecies, triumphs and abilities. Local Mosques/ Imams.