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Work by Ka Yuk Tong
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Work by Ka Yuk Tong


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Selected work by Ka Yuk Tong, all rights reserved. Do mot make use of the content of this document without permission from the author. For more info,please email

Selected work by Ka Yuk Tong, all rights reserved. Do mot make use of the content of this document without permission from the author. For more info,please email

Published in: Design, Business
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  • 1. Ka Yuk TongPortfolioKitsch Kitchen - Back to school | LUMC 10 jaar | De Buren |Stadsspelen 2007 | Kunstenaars&CO / WerkprogrammaCultuur&Economie Special |
  • 2. Kitsch KitchenBack to school2007-2008Amsterdam shop ‘Kitsch Kitchen’wanted serveral products incombination with an agenda forthe school year 2007-2008.The packing paper in this ‘Backto school’-series was featured in anew book called ‘Super HollandsDesign’, by the Barcelona basedActar Publishing.
  • 3. Spreads of school calender and wrapping paper
  • 4. Featured in "Super Hollands Design"
  • 5. Leids UniversitairMedisch Centrum10 years anniversaryTen-years anniversary of this uni-versity hospital made way for aspecial precent. Resulting in a“build it-your-self poster“ for themassive LUMC bulding complex.
  • 6. LUMC poster – front with ground and buildings/ back with instructions
  • 7. Model of the complex when build
  • 8. De BurenCorporate identityA sandwich-shop as a socialworking centre for people withmental disabilities.An identety was created forapplication on shop-materials,window, packing paper forsandwiches, t-shirts and more.
  • 9. Application of logo on shop-materials as T-shirt small flags and wrapping paper
  • 10. Application of logo at the shop
  • 11. StadsSpelenA series of game-events withmultiple disciplines with the aimof increasing the feeling of citizen-ship and belonging for the peopleof Amsterdam.- Redefining the game concept and it’s value from previous years- Logo development and it’s sys- tem for application through campaign/recruiting materials materials, prizes, web, moving images- Spartial concept in the usage of areas/fields that was assigned for the events Picture from the Stadsspelen final at the Dam 1st July 2007
  • 12. Logo and style-elements on letters and commercial materials
  • 13. Programs for the finals
  • 14. From concept-sketches to reality
  • 15. Kunstenaars&coWerkprogrammaCultuur &Economie Special2007A magazine on projects that hadto do with co-operation betweenart and business.
  • 16. Werkprogramma- selected spread 1
  • 17. Werkprogramma- selected spread 2
  • 18. Werkprogramma - last page// Page 18
  • 19. ||||||For contact by mail or phone ⁄ ⁄ 938 27 292(nor)+31 644 623 867(ned)