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"A Toolkit for Digital Research" - CNI 2013
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"A Toolkit for Digital Research" - CNI 2013


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A more in-depth look at three tools supported by Digital Science: figshare, Altmetric, and Symplectic Elements.

A more in-depth look at three tools supported by Digital Science: figshare, Altmetric, and Symplectic Elements.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. a toolkit fordigital research kaitlin thaney @kaythaney ; @digitalsci #cni13s, san antonio, tx
  • 2. (0)(a bit about who we are)
  • 3. london bostonnew york tokyo
  • 4. (1)
  • 5. T[citable, sharable, discoverable] ext ; @figshare
  • 6. 3 Gb/year
  • 7. 9 Gb/PhD3 Gb/year
  • 8. 30,000,000 Gb/all* 9 Gb/PhD 3 Gb/year * roughly
  • 9. how much made available? 30,000,000 Gb/all* 9 Gb/PhD 3 Gb/year * roughly
  • 10. A cloud based research data management system where you can:Manage your research Make your researchoutputs privately and outputs citable, sharable, securely discoverable
  • 11. capturing necessary context (minimising burden)
  • 12. Backed up in multipleinstitutions around the worldDOIs provided by DataCite atthe California Digital LibraryAdhere to ethics of academicpublishing, as per guidelinesORCID launch partner, files tobe pushed to author profilesAll content hosted on AWS withtriple file storage, fast load timesand unbeatable uptime
  • 13. formats accepted / visualisedSome of the formats we visualise•  csv •  f4v •  svg•  tsv •  m4a •  tif•  xls •  doc •  tiff•  xlsx •  docx •  gif•  ptt •  png •  ppt•  ods •  jpg •  pptx•  aac •  jpeg •  nex•  3g2 •  txt •  odt•  WebM •  bmp •  rtf•  mpeg4 •  djvu •  pps•  3gpp •  eps •  seq•  mov •  fa •  xml•  avi •  faa •  vaxml•  mpeg •  fasta •  tnt•  wmv •  ffn •  sxw•  flv •  frn •  zip•  mp3 •  fna •  tar•  mp4 •  pdf •  ...& more
  • 14. desktop uploader Desktop Uploaderthe figshare desktop uploader allows for quick and easy upload of your research outputs, straight allowsyour The figshare desktop uploader from for quick and easy upload of your desktop.outputs, straight from your many research users can upload as desktop. You can upload oncefiles atthe files as they want at many and once and the uploader supportsuploader supports resumable uploads resumable uploads. This means if your (so you’re safe if your connection internet connection drops, you don t need to start the drops).again. uploadsallAll files areprivate space at private files uploaded into your first, where spacecan choose whether to make you on figshare, where you can chose whether to make them public or manage themthem public. privately.
  • 15. easy data access (in/out) via the API
  • 16. figshare for Institutions•  Large amounts of secure private storage space and unlimited public space.•  Detailed metrics on publicly available data.•  Ability to push research to any internal repository.•  Subject categorisation per department.•  Collaborative spaces.•  Create your own institutional repo:•  All data is citable, visualisable, embeddable and trackable.•  Can be used securely by any number of users.
  • 17. (2)
  • 18. rewards, incentives the “social issue”
  • 19. administrators / funders as influencers drivers of behavioral change
  • 20. existing system is imperfectwe can/need to do better.
  • 21. time, breadth, comprehensiveness Citations AltmetricsSlow to accrue (> 1yr) Quick to accrue (hours) Low volume High volumeImpact amongst authors Impact anywhere
  • 22. <quick bit of history>
  • 23. altmetrics Alternative metricsAlternative to only looking at citations (complement to, not replacement for bibliometrics) Manifesto (by Priem, Neylon, Groth, Taborelli) at - we didn’t coin the phrase
  • 24. altmetric (london startup) ; @altmetric
  • 25. right now... “Altmetrics” generally refers to tracking onlineattention (esp. social media) data to try and get an idea of the wider impact of scholarly research.
  • 26. altmetrics tools
  • 27.
  • 28. beyond the ivory tower
  • 29. unified view, uselowest common denominator
  • 30. make it easy to understand
  • 31. data is made available through an API
  • 32. the business model question ...use by institutional repositories is free. Explorer accounts also free for academic librarians to use however they wish.we charge commercial publishers for more detailed data and sell site license access to the Explorer app.
  • 33. why should I use altmetrics, and what for?
  • 34. use data for discovery / analysis
  • 35. let authors see who is discussing their work
  • 36. City University London
  • 37. for readers
  • 38. (3)
  • 39. ; @symplectic_UK
  • 40. automatically acquire, de-dupe,disambiguate
  • 41. available for repository deposit?
  • 42. coauthorship, insights
  • 43. integrations to add context
  • 44. repurpose and reuse data, increase visibility interoperability is keyencourage best practice at the university
  • 45. questions?
  • 46. more @kaythaney