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How to Get Traffic to Your Website
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How to Get Traffic to Your Website


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SEM, SEO, PPC and other buzzwords demystified. Presentation from DrupalCampMA. Additional resources to check out are: SEO: The Free Beginner's Guide from SEOMOZ, and …

SEM, SEO, PPC and other buzzwords demystified. Presentation from DrupalCampMA. Additional resources to check out are: SEO: The Free Beginner's Guide from SEOMOZ, and

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  • power and specifics of online marketing
  • What are you doing to get traffic to your site?
  • you may have heard all these buzzwords, but the most important, and what i’ll be focusing on today are SEO SEM and PPC
  • what is success when we’re talking about online marketing and your website?
  • why is marketing for search so important?
  • analytics setup - goals, tracking
  • an example of the most qualified leads, at the lowest cost per conversion comes down to flexibility and data it provides
  • then, let’s jump into how to capture the traffic you’ve generated!
  • do thorough testing
  • 11% increase in conversions
  • 11% increase in conversions
  • 11% increase in conversions
  • email, rich text vs plain text?
  • Transcript

    • 1. website trafficSEM, SEO, PPC & other buzzwords
    • 2. you’ll learn ‣ how to really get traffic to your site ‣ how to turn traffic into leads ‣ what all those buzzwords mean
    • 3. a little about you
    • 4. your SEM skills what’s SEM? tried some things have the numbers to prove it
    • 5. how do you gettraffic ‣ SEO ‣ SEM ‣ PPC ‣ traditional marketing ‣ smoke signals ‣ none of the above
    • 6. tagcloud by
    • 7. what is success?
    • 8. conversions =successbut... websites don’t generate traffic search engines don’t convert together = success
    • 9. let’s start withtraffic
    • 10. SEMSearch Engine Marketing umbrella term everything marketing on the web
    • 11. the growth ofsearch source:
    • 12. SEOSearch EngineOptimization “free” but needs: solid foundation planning lots of work
    • 13. on the page SEO content html architecture
    • 14. tagcloud by
    • 15. on the page SEO
    • 16. off the page SEO links social trust personal
    • 17. tagcloud by
    • 18. evolution ofu SEO se re xp er ien ce optimize for people, not robots @#%^&
    • 19. PPCPay Per Click instantly successful highly customizable and flexible delivers data to drive results
    • 20. PPC run down campaignsrelevancy ad groupsROI keywords and keyrank phrases ads budget bids
    • 21. PPC best practices don’t skimp when it comes to setup don’t rely on automation avoid display network faux pas
    • 22. PPC example 2 years 20 ad groups over 5,000 keywords 96 ads
    • 23. with me so far?
    • 24. converting leadsthe basics
    • 25. landing pages first things first necessary for lead capture simple to create
    • 26. great landingpages discourage wandering eyes have great calls to action capture the right information are linked to goals
    • 27. success comesfrom... constant analysis constant refinement not losing sight of your goals
    • 28. don’t guess -
    • 29. the winner icons = 11% more conversions source:
    • 30. source:
    • 31. 40% more add to cart clicks source:
    • 32. source:
    • 33. plain text200% click-throughs300% revenue source:
    • 34. remember test often test early measure results measure the real cost
    • 35. pro tipsbeyond the basics
    • 36. SEOpro tips google author rank focus on local historic keyword research
    • 37. PPCpro tips youtube competitor review tips negative keywords
    • 38. ask me anything @krossio