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Let’s try, chinese! final presentation 2
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Let’s try, chinese! final presentation 2



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  • 1. Let’s try, Chinese! CHIN 101 Professor Tan Liang Presentation by Kayo Ogawa
  • 2. Lecture I will lecture on some sentence, which you need when you are Going to Staying at Chinese shoppi restaurant people’s house ng Also, I will talk about my hobbies and my school life in Chinese My hobbies My school life
  • 3. Shopping •Thank you. 谢谢。 (( Xia xia. )) •How much is this? 这个多少钱 ? (( Zhe ge duo shao qian? )) •That is too expensive. 太贵了。 (( Tai gui le. )) •How about this? 这 个 镇 么 样 ? Zhe ge zhenmeyang? )) (( •I will buy this. 我购买这。 (( Wo go mai zhe. )) ☜Back
  • 4. Going to restaurant •What do you want to order? 您 要 吃 什 么 ?(( Nin yao chi shenme? )) •I want tea / Beer. 我 要 茶 / 一 瓶 啤酒。 (( Wo yao cha / yi ping pi jiu. )) •That is it all for now. 先这样。(( Xian zhe yang. )) •Cheers. 干 杯。(( Gan bei. )) ☜Back
  • 5. Staying at Chinese house ・Good morning. 早 晨 好。Zao chen hao. )) (( ・Can I take shower? / use restroom? 我可以用一下洗澡间/厕所吗? (( Wo keyi yong yi xia xizaojian/ cesuo ma? )) ・Thank you for your cooking. Go to 感谢您为我烹饪。 Youtube video (( Gan xie nin wei wo pengren. )) ・Good night. 晚 安。 (( Wan an. )) ☜Back
  • 6. My hobbies I would like to listen music. 我 喜欢 听 歌。 xihuan ting ge. Wo I have all types of music in my ipod. 我 的 ipod 有各种各样 的 音乐。 Wo de ipod you ge zhong ge yang de yin yue. I have interest in rock music. 我喜欢摇滚。Wo xi huan yao gun. I also would like to eat good food. 我 很好吃。 xihuan chi de hen hao shi wu. Wo I like chinese and italian food. 我喜欢中餐和意大利的食物。 Wo xihuan zhongwen yidalide shi wu. ☜Back
  • 7. My school life I came this school last august. 我来这学校上个八月。 Wo lai zhe xuexian shang ge ba yue. It was my first time to come to America. 我第一次来美国。 diyici lai meiguo. Wo It was hard to speak English 4 month ago. 四个月前英语对我很难。 ge yue qian ying yu dui wo hen nan. si But now, I have best friends here wo zai xuexiao you Xianzai, 现在, 我有好朊友学校。 hen duo hao pengyou. and always have great time with them. 我 们 在 一 起 很 快 了。 zai yiqi hen kuai le. Wo men
  • 8. My recommend sites •Chinese contemporary art Chinese contemporary is really hot now in NY and china. In all kind of place in art auction, not only Chinese old art but also this kind of art is quite expensive. This work of art is $3,961,000. you saw this drawing is really pop and funny. check it out Contemporary art moving. •Chinatoday.com This is chinese break new sites. If you know chinese news on your TV, And if you want to know in detail, you can research detail from this site. •Asianrice.TV This is sites, where is so many Asian movies trailer. it is all free sites. You can also check Japanese, Taiwan, Korean movies.
  • 9. ☜Back
  • 10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A poVZxcND8Y&feature=PlayList&p=2A 99DAE2336E9BD3&playnext_from=P L&index=0&playnext=1 ☜Back
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