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slideshow about the new social media app that is called Instagram, a new fast way to edit picture without internet based.

slideshow about the new social media app that is called Instagram, a new fast way to edit picture without internet based.

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  • EyeEm=windows phones Gifture & picyou=same as instagramFlickr=on smartphones but has a internet based website


  • 1. Instagram App A fun new way to edit your picture and share with friends and family fast.5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram
  • 2. Features0 Filters0 Cropping & Editing0 Blurring0 The Popular Page0 Upload photos straight to other social media app’s Benefits 0 Can make pictures go from boring to vintage 0 Edit photo to what you want people to see 0 Choose who sees the photos 0 No internet involved 0 Easy access (smartphones) 5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram
  • 3. Problems it Solves This App helps to make editing pictures fun and fast. As well as being completely free from the internet and computer. You can choose who can view the photos as well. 5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram
  • 4. Competitors5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram
  • 5. Targeted Audiences 0 Anyone with a iPhone or Android smartphone 0 Most younger generations use this app 0 Intended for people to share photos fast5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram
  • 6. Where to Buy iPhones & Androids Market’s It is a Free Social Media App Only on these devices5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram
  • 7. How to Sign Up 1. Download the App ( For Free) 2. At the bottom click Sign Up 3. Enter in any Username 4. With a email and password 5. Step 3 & 4 you choose yourself what the email and username is.5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram
  • 8. Work Cited/Videos 0 http://instagram.com/ 0 http://www.youtube.co 0 http://ryanseacrest.com/2 m/watch?v=CbbBwfN9 012/04/10/5-instagram- features-we-cant-wait-to- m04 see-on-facebook/ 0 http://www.youtube.co 0 http://www.redmondpie.c m/watch?v=t40I8GvW2 om/eyeem-for-windows- lQ phone-is-a-true- instagram-competitor- with-brilliant-features- and-filters/5/8/2012 Kayla OToole, Instagram