Proper Office Etiquette

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Different rules about how one should conduct themselves in the workplace.

Different rules about how one should conduct themselves in the workplace.

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  • 1. Proper Office Netiquette Amelia Mosley
  • 2. What is Office Etiquette?O Office etiquette is a code of conduct that should be followed while at the workplace. It is designed to make the workplace a pleasant one for all employees.O Netiquette is “ network etiquette. A set of rules for behaving and interacting properly online.”(IU School of Education)
  • 3. PHONE ETIQUETTEO Phone Etiquette 1. Do not talk loud and distract others around you. Use pleasant tone. 2. Stick to the point 3. Speak clear and use proper language. 4. Don’t use phone for personal use, unless emergency has come up. 5. Keep personal cell on A Your smile creates A PLEASANT SMILE CREATES a pleasant tone. silent mode. TONE.
  • 4. OFFICE NETIQUETTE O Netiquette 1. Short and to the point in emails. 2. Do not type in all caps, its considered shouting. 3. Use normal capitilization to make it easy to read. 4. Never give your userID or password to another person. 5. Do not send SPAM.
  • 5. PROPER ATTIRE O CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT 1. Well pressed clothing 2. Avoid bright colored clothing and casual clothing such, as t-shirts, flip flops, jeans and sneakers 3. Men should be clean shaven with nicely cut hair 4. Women should have neat and styled hair with simpleDress to Impress! jewelry and make up. 5. Hands and nails should be well groomed
  • 6. Organizational SkillsO Organizational skills are very important to an individual in the workplace. If your work station is messy, it gives your boss and colleagues a negative impression of who you are. O Organize your tasks in order of importance O Mark the deadlines so you know when to complete them on time O Organized calendar and desk improves your efficiency O It also help with time management skills
  • 7. Meetings EtiquetteO Be punctualO No interruptions or talking to colleagues during meetingsO Be prepared with notes, notepad, pen, even presentation items.O If you are giving presentation have handouts and required materials.O Turn off cell phones and no texting during the meeting.
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