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Zombies video game presentation

  1. 1. Zombies in London!<br />Andrea Williams, Kaylynne Hatch, Matt Nieuwland<br />
  2. 2. Zombies in London Characters<br />Edward<br />Edward was born into a wealthy and admired family in London, England. Raised with private tutors, Edward excelled in his education and showed great promise at a very young age. Being mature beyond his age, he entered a premiere military academy early and adapted quickly to the rigors of military training. Within the academy he received training in combat and leadership. He also learned strict discipline and to focus his energies. Upon graduation from the academy, he was deployed to a military base abroad. It was here that he found himself engaged in conflict. While fighting, his close friend was injured. Unable to transport him to a hospital in time, his friend succumbed to his injuries. Edward struggled with the loss of his friend and, feeling responsible for his death, returned home and dedicated himself to finding a means to save injured soldiers on the front line. Educating himself in science and chemistry, he desperately hoped to find a means of creating an elixir that could slow, if not stop, oncoming death in an injured soldier to allow time for the soldier to be transported to a hospital. <br />
  3. 3. Zombies in London Characters<br />Victoria<br />Edward's younger sister, Victoria, showed the same early advancement that her brother possessed. From a very young age, Victoria displayed great compassion and kindness. As a result, Victoria chose to pursue an education in the medical sciences with the hope of becoming a doctor. Despite her family name and exceptional education and abilities, she had great difficulty finding her place in the medical profession, which was traditionally dominated by male practitioners. Rather than admit defeat, she turned her efforts to a private study of medicine, hoping to find cures to popular sicknesses. Here in her lab, she became an accomplished scientist with an uncanny understanding of medicine. When Edward returned home, and Victoria heard his story, she invited him to her lab and together they worked to discover the needed ingredients for Edward's elixir. <br />
  4. 4. Back Story<br />With a small support staff, Edward and Victoria began their experiments on lab rats. While their<br />progress was slow, they were dedicated to their cause and soon began to see results. With a carefully<br />controlled elixir, they soon found that they were able to extend the life of their lab rats. Unfortunately,<br />and to their surprise, there were negative results to this extension of life. The lab rats became <br />aggressive and violent and displayed uncharacteristic behaviors such as slowed movement and <br />insomnia. Edward and Victoria were close to reaching a breakthrough to resolve these complications <br />when the unthinkable happened. Unknown to them, an assistant had been bitten by one the test rats <br />and had become ill. While at his home hoping to recover from his injury, he fell victim to the symptoms <br />of the lab rats. In his infected aggression, he began to attack his family and friends, spreading the <br />condition through bites and scratches. From his family, the condition spread quickly through London <br />and soon the infected numbered in the thousands. Understanding that the elixir they had created had <br />evolved into an epidemic infection in the city, Edward and Victoria frantically worked on an antidote. <br />Relying on their combined skills, it has become their responsibility to gather the needed ingredients for <br />the antidote from locations across London and find a way to distribute it to the thousands of infected <br />citizens. <br />
  5. 5. Game Play<br />
  6. 6. Game Guide…<br />The game play begins with the player placed in the role of their chosen character (first person). The game begins in the lab where the elixir was being created. A Bobby (police officer) runs into the lab and informs Edward and Victoria that one of their fellow scientists has gone ‘mad’! Through the following dialogue between the characters, Victoria and Edward discover the reason for the disease’s outbreak and begin mixing together a cure (this teaches the player what ingredients will be required and how to mix them in the final stage of the game). Once using the anti-dote on themselves, there is a cut scene with character dialogue discussing the objectives of the game. <br />First Person Shooter<br />1-2 Player (Single or Co-op) <br />Characters: Edward/Victoria<br />Setting: 1800s London, England<br />
  7. 7. Objectives…<br />(This is a game of survival and saving the human race. The character needs to distribute the cure to those infected without getting turned into a zombie or killed themselves. The levels are progressive, in that they become more difficult over time (the disease is spreading quickly). Levels become more intense as the player progresses and ultimately they have a goal to cure all those infected and return the city back to normal. The player must enter the dangerous buildings to find the ingredients. They must safely collect all ingredients needed to make the cure. After all ingredients are found, they must safely make it back to the lab. While in the lab the characters must make the cure while hoarding off zombies. After the cure is made, they must distribute to the masses and prevent the human race from ‘zombification’.)<br />Survival<br />Gather Ingredients<br />Mix & Distribute the Cure<br />
  8. 8. Map of London<br />The next view is a map of London with a variety of landmarks pointing out the location of each ingredient. As time passes (and more and more people are infected) each location increases in it’s level of difficulty (and local population of zombies). <br />
  9. 9. Game Screen<br />Once a location is selected, the next screen displays the first-person view of the character, a map in the lower left corner (indicating location in London and guiding the characters to their selected location); 2 meters in the top left corner (indicating level of health and or damage taken and another indicating level of firepower or bullets remaining); at the bottom right corner, text indicates the number of ingredients collected “Ingredients ____/____”; in the top right corner, there’s a clock indicating the number of hours that have elapsed since the outbreak; and finally, a menu on the right side of the screen that slides out to allow the player to select weapons or items picked up throughout the game. <br />
  10. 10. More Characteristics…<br />Victoria: Can take more damage but has less firepower (fewer bullets). She can accomplish evasive and stealth maneuvers (duck, crawl, etc.). <br /> <br />Edward: Has more firepower (more bullets that cause more damage) but takes a greater decrease in damage. He can use more weapons, participate in offensive hand-to-hand combat (punching) and move heavy objects.<br />At this point, there is a short segment of dialogue (either lead by the opposite character in single player mode; or the police officer in 2 player mode), which serves as a tutorial for the player to learn how to play as their selected character. <br />
  11. 11. Lastly…<br />From here on out, the player moves his or her character through London into the buildings where ingredients are stored. (Here, there would be an option to alter the difficulty level. At ‘Easy’ the buildings would have a map displayed on screen – set to a higher difficulty, there would be no building map). Once the player(s) have collected all the ingredients, they must safely return to the lab to combine them and create the antidote. Then, through dialogue, they reveal that in order to most effectively distribute it, they would have to make their way to Big Ben, climb to the top, and disperse the cure aerially. <br />
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