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Conventions of a film poster and magazine

Conventions of a film poster and magazine






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    Conventions of a film poster and magazine Conventions of a film poster and magazine Presentation Transcript

    • Conventions for a Poster
      The Purpose of a poster.
       The effect of posters for movies is for advertisement as well as creating interest for the film, by showing actors that could make people want to watch it, the image is a very strong aspect for a poster when advertising a horror genre as it needs to bring fear to the viewer which is how they grab there audience.
      • An effective full page image, from the film or showing some sort of hint of the story line.
      • The film title in appropriate font, creating a creepy or scary atmosphere.
      • Some times to have the main actors names and basic information of the film in small font around the edges of the film.
      • In the image a face is normally used for horror genre.
      Conventions of a poster
    • (1973) Although this is very plain I think it makes the poster effective because it creates mystery to the viewer by adding fear of the unknown to what’s going to happen. The contrasting colour choices of block colours of black and white creates a strong statement, and really draws the  eyes toward it and I think it also goes well with the horror  genre, warning the audience. The photo doesn't show any real characters which adds to the mystery and is already creating suspense as if were waiting for something to happen. I also think the style of image and text gives it an olden styled look, thing such as the old fashioned lamp, the black and white photo and the silhouette of the man wearing a suit and carrying a bag, which is the normally the styling of a powerful or mysterious man in a film. The old fashion style also makes you think of gothic horror. The text takes up the largest space on the poster and makes the biggest statement from the poster making it clearer.
    •  (2002) The ring poster for me is one of the most terrifying, which in some cases isn't as always a very persuasive way to get people to watch the film. However the girl in the photo having a very up close image and her poses are very terrifying in the way that she's always looking at you, and does leave the viewer questioning who she is and whats happened to her leaving suspense towards the film again. with film posters for horror films most of them do not contain anything other than one simple image and the film title like this one which I think is allot more captivating to the audience, and gives them all the information they need to know about the film to create excitement for the film and to let the audience find out more about it themselves. 
    • (2005) The reason that I've picked another film poster of the ring  is because it based on a child as is mine. Between the two I do prefer this one as I think its simpler and therefore more effective to a horror genre, not giving the story away, but having enough there to reach some fear in the viewer. The photo in this poster looks old, grungy and unexplained which is what makes it daunting. However for a poster I do not feel that all the extra text is necessary and takes away the fear by making it show that it's not real. The film title I think suits the theme well looking as if a child had wrote it, looking innocent but then contrasting with the fact its been written using a knife which I think makes the poster. 
    • (2009) Here is another horror film genre poster, with a theme of children, this poster although looking very simple and having nothing but the girls face in it, they have made her look like a doll as if she's not real, with her hair, makeup and costumes all following the same style, making the viewer unsure to believe she's real or not, alive or dead and already creating ideas of what the film could contain, making them want to see it to find out. When the image of just a child's face is used for an image on a poster, the eyes should be looking up at the centre of the camera like in this one as where ever you look at the photo its as if she's always glaring at you. What I don't like about this poster is the background image or the halo around the girls face as I think it makes it look to nice, and doesn't match with the rest of the colour scheme.  
    • Conventions of a magazine
      The purpose of having your film in a film magazine Is to have it advertised straight to your target audience, of people love films and therefore buy film magazines. It also gives you the chance to have good reviews and give more information out about your film, creating interest and making it more well known and therefore more successful.
      The purpose of a film magazine
      • A large/ full page image containing a main character from the film.
      • The films title, and a sentence or two briefly explaining the type of film in a persuasive way.
      • other stories that the magazine contains
      • Bbarcode and price tag, date issue.
      • Mmagazine title
      • Other photos.
      Conventions of a magazine
    • This out of all the magazines is the busiest of the magazines, which for this type of photo I think is ok as the main feature doesn’t take up much room and the extra effects in text and decoration with banners and stories which all follow the same style to grab the target audience of that certain film. The quotations and short story explanations get the audience excited to read on and the lime green colours grab the attention from fair away. The random splats of purple randomly put underneath text and quotes makes them stand out and also adds some creativity and separation from over cover designs.
    • What I like about this magazine cover is the fact that the image, the text and style of the whole cover follows a creepy and intense atmosphere to the magazine, and you know what your getting from the inside story. The text for example is very creative, glowing, which really goes with the vampire theme of the magazines story, and separating the magazine from all the other same titles, drawing it straight to the fans of vampires films. the conventions of a magazine are also used and placed well on this magazine, to covering up any of the image or text and leaves it not to spread out and clear to the viewer from a far distance. with film magazines the main stories normally are introduced with a catchy or commercial line, on this magazine it is "no one if safe" which I think is a real audience grabber to look at the film and magazine. The image also showing the three main characters, using different poses than just the plain straight forward look at the camera which gives a bit more interest and shows the relationships between the characters stirring up thoughts for the viewer.
    • This is my favourite type of film magazine covers. Turning the image into a carton style makes the image allot more bolder and eye-catching, and a bit different so interests the viewer to have a further look. The colors are the main eye grabber for me on this magazine having a allot of dark or plain colours Brocken up with bright red blood purred down her face is a real impact to the cover. This magazine also plays around with the conventions of a magazine in a stylish way putting them all in a circle at the top which I think is clear as well as different and memorable so that the customer will always be able to find that certain magazine. For these reasons I will further my research onto little white lies magazines.  
    • On this magazine what I like is how the silhouette on the front frames the rest of the image, and the black circle highlights the main story and also keeps it simple and effective. I think this also gives a mysterious look to the magazine, but its ruined through the contrasting colours of yellow and red in the title, that does not go with the rest of the theme in the cover. How ever it does make the title stand out so people that want to find the magazine will find it easily and it’s stayed true to the home style. There’s not much to cover, its very straight forward and gets to the point which I like however there’s not much to sell, or get the audience interested enough to buy the magazine.