Technology creates social isolation and neurosis


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Technology creates social isolation and neurosis

  2. 2.  Social Isolation  Neurosis  Technology Addiction  Technology that causes social isolation and neurosis  Pros of technology  Cons of technology  Technology in the future  Conclusion INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. “Social isolation is characterized by a lack of contact with other people in normal daily living – in the workplace, with friends, and in social activities” - The Conference Board of Canada, 2012 SOCIAL ISOLATION
  4. 4. A behavioural disorder where feelings of anxiety, obsessional thoughts, compulsive acts, anger, mental confusion and low sense of self-worth are experienced NEUROSIS
  5. 5. In a 2011 national survey... •40% of iPhone users would give up their toothbrush for a week before their phone. •83% of iPhone users said other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners. •Half of all adults surveyed said they sleep with their phone. •1/3 of mobile phone users would give up sex before their phone. •55% of adults said caffeine would be given up before their phone. •63% of survey respondents would give up chocolate for their phone. •70% of people said they’d rather give up alcohol before their phone. •One in five people said they’d go shoeless rather than phoneless for a week. TECHNOLOGY ADDICTION
  6. 6. Youtube Video: Technology Addiction TECHNOLOGY ADDICTION
  7. 7.  Cellular devices: Instead of having actual face to face conversations, texting is replacing this.  Television: Each day, hours are spent in front of screens watching others live out lives instead of us living out our own.  Computers: Whether it is playing a game or surfing the web, many of us spend hours in front of our laptop and computer screens each day.  Social Media: Each and every days millions of people spend hours of the days updating statuses, posting photos, and reading others thoughts.  Video Games: Many people spend their day in front of a screen which takes away from interaction with others. TECHNOLOGY THAT CAUSES SOCIAL ISOLATION AND NEUROSIS
  8. 8.  You are able to stay in touch with family and friends  Keeps people in touch with one another  Spread news, ideas and message quick  Find out information in a matter of seconds  Gives you the ability to meet new people  Gives you the ability to talk to many people at once PROS OF TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. Become disconnected from the world around you May become addicted to internet and social media People become reliant on these technologies, and do not know what to do with their time when they are unable to access the technologies Anonymity of the internet allows for things such as cyber bullying and distribution of child pornography CONS OF TECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. Technology will continue t advance through the years, making it possible to do things we could never do before. There is really no way to know what kind of technologies will be available in the future, but it is safe to assume that it will become more impressive and able to do things that we never though possible. We as humans need to learn to grow with this technology so it doesn’t gain power over us. While we have learned how to make these technologies, we need to adapt our lives to be able to control ourselves so they do not become a source of addiction. TECHNOLOGY IN THE FUTURE
  11. 11. As technology increases, so will the impact on society. Individuals need to learn how to balance all aspects of their lives when it comes to social interactions and technology. Technology will continue to influence our lives, and we as humans will have to learn how to grow with the technology, and not let it control our lives. Too much time spent on technological devices can be harmful, but in moderation it will be beneficial. There is no doubt that technology improves our lives, as it allows us to do many things that we couldn’t otherwise do. Learning how to balance our time spent using technology with interacting with each other is key. CONCLUSION
  12. 12. Technology and Kids: Startling Statistics Every Parent Should Know About Addiction to iPhones & Screens | Inhabitots. (n.d.). Inhabitots | Your guide to green parenting, eco baby & green kids. Retrieved August 8, 2013, from should-know/2/ The Conference Board. (2012). Social Isolation. Retrieved from isolation.aspx REFERENCES