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This is a mockup of an online business we created for my Sales & Sales Promotion class.

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Pencil Me in Plz

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. ConceptPencil Me in Plz is a dedicated electronic personal assistant with one main priority: managing your schedule. Registered users are able to record all oftheir meetings, appointments, events and activities, allowing them to manage their daily activities and clearly see their availability. Users can sync theirpersonal calendar to their smart phone and set customizable reminders for upcoming appointments. The calendar settings and alerts are customizableto the users personal preferences. Pencil Me in Plz is an enhanced personal calendar that serves as a directory, social network, invitation system andoverall organizational tool.Directory: Pencil Me in Plz provides users with a directory of registered services that helps users book personal appointments according to location,time constraints and category. The directory component can help users who do not know where to book last minute appointments. When a registereduser anticipates an opening in their schedule they simply open the directory on Pencil Me in Plz, select the category they are looking for and browsethrough the list of registered vendors that have open appointments during the designated time. The directory is able to recognize your availability andwill filter through the appointments to find ones that fit your schedule. It is also able to track your location in order to find the closest appointment. Ifyou anticipate being in a different place you can manually enter the location.Payment Method: Users are able to store their credit cards on the calendar and pre-pay for appointments. Pencil Me in Plz will not bill users until theyreceive a confirmation of service from the vendor. Users do not have to pre-pay for their appointments through Pencil Me in Plz.Social Networking and Sharing: Pencil Me in Plz has a social network component that facilitates the scheduling process. The ability for users to joinand create groups is perfect for companies and organizations. Companies are able to purchase a subscription to Pencil Me in Plz so their employeescan use the electronic calendar to effectively schedule meetings. Pencil Me in Plz is the perfect tool to facilitate the scheduling process. Users are ableto their calendars with each other and Pencil Me in Plz highlights the times that they are all available to meet. Sharing calendars does not show yourexact appointments but blocks off times that you are scheduled. Pencil Me in Plz has the capability sync to Facebook Places and Four Square. Thisallows users to check into locations that they have booked on their schedule. There will also be a Pencil Me in Plz application that can be accessed onall smart phones.User Generated Reviews and Recommendations: Pencil Me in Plz features user-generated reviews of the vendors featured on the directory. Users canrate their satisfaction with the vendor and receive recommendations based on their ratings. This aspect creates incentives for vendors to register withPencil Me in Plz. It can help generate new business and help retain current customers.Business Model: Pencil Me in Plz will follow the Sype model. The skype business model follows the principle of sharing in a peer-to-peer network thatallows free usage. While the program will be free we will offer users the option to upgrade for additional features. All groups and businesses will berequired to purchase a subscription. The subscription will allow the business to take advantage of all the features.
  3. 3. Target MarketType of Market: Consumer MarketGeographics: Urban and Suburban regions: Pilot Market New York City and surrounding Boroughs.Demographics: 18-40 year olds Highly educated Live in households with incomes of more than $50,000. Have disposable incomes to spend on service-based industries such as restaurants, theater tickets, spas, health clubs and hair salons. Young professionals who are aspiring to be powerful one day Well established working professionals who are busy maintaining work, relationships, social lives and familyPsychographics: Always on the go Extremely organized Rely heavily on their calendars Social Rely on technology Urban Millennials- born between 1979 and 1994. They have grown up with the internet and know how to cope with informational overload. They are comfortable using technology and are willing to outsource of their daily cognitive human functions to technology.Reliance and trust in the Internet: People who are comfortable using technology for a function that was once done solely by people.
  4. 4. Target Market Meet Jen: Jen is 27 years old and lives in the East Village. She works at a small PR firm and has recently received her first job promotion. Jen’s days are always packed. She wakes up early to go to the gym; she has lunch meetings with clients, works over time, meets the girls for a late night drink and some food and then finally goes home. She is so busy that she finds it hard to fit in all of her other appointments such as getting her hair cut, or booking a dentist appointment. Jen thrives off her busy life. She always has a Blackberry in one hand and an iPod touch in the other. Her cell phone rings and beeps constantly with work emails and messages from her friends.Meet Sarah: Sarah is 35 and is a top lawyer for a financial service company. She has two little kids anda dog and lives with her husband in an upscale brownstone apartment on the Upper East Side. Sarah isalways busy balancing her professional life and family time. She relies on her calendar to manage her workappointments and her kids dance lessons and soccer practice. She does not have much time to cook soshe is frequently looking for a place to order in food from that she can pick up on her way home from aclient meeting. Aside from balancing her work and children’s life, her and her husband are very social andvalue their friends. Often on Saturday nights they meet friends at a gourmet restaurant or attend a theaterperformance.
  5. 5. Competitor AnalysisGoogle Calendar: Google Calendar permits users to create a free membership to schedule and create events through Gmail. Users can type inappointments and schedule reminders on their personal calendars. Users can also share their personal calendar with friends. There are privacysettings that allow users to make their calendar public, private, or shared to select friends. In addition, the user can also create events and invitefriends. For Mac users, there is the additional convenience of syncing the iCalendar to the Google Calendar. Therefore, even when the user does nothave wireless or Internet service, their calendars will be synced and they will recieve reminders.Zoho Planner: There are several features including setting up appointments, creating “to-do” lists, and attaching media, and setting reminders. Zohowill remind the users of their appointments based on the users’ preferences. As in Google Calendar, Zoho users can also share their calendars withother users as well as “tag” people in certain events and appointments if it involves a social The business/service search engine aspect of our proposed web business concept has some competition from Yelp is a user-generated site that is utilized for finding services, restaurants and or businesses. They have a great range of areas and locations that they cover. Theirstrength is the wide array of information and user generated content that is available; users can freely create accounts and “friend” other users toshare information and make recommendations.Living Social: Is a website that focuses on the “deal of the day” aspect of services and business promotions. The site allows users to sign up andreceive daily discount from local businesses that include everything from a local cafe to a nail salon. They offer a wide range of locations (120locations) and they have more than 10 million subscribers. The customers get a great deal and the businesses get the opportunity to acquire newcustomers.
  6. 6. Brand DifferentiationBrand Differentiation: Process of adding a set of meaningful differences to distinguish the company’s offering from their competitors.1. Service DifferentiationPencil Me in Plz stands out from other calendar applications through the incorporation of social networking, service database and the ability to bookand pay for appointments in a few simple clicks. User-generated reviews and reccomendations enhance this experience. The calendar settings arehighly personalized and customizable.2. Channel DifferentiationPencil Me In Plz differentiates itself from traditional calendars by being distributed through the Internet and mobile applications. The channel isideal for our target market, who rely on the Internet and mobile application in their busy life.3. Image DifferentiationThe image of our site is differentiated through an emphasis on user generated content and social networking. Users can create their own calendarsand share it with others. The feel of the site is fun, feminine, up-beat and metropolitan. Bright colors will welcome users who visit our site.
  7. 7. Brand PositioningBrand Positioning: Process of creating a desired image of our company and products in the mind of our target group of consumers.1. Technology PositioningHaving the most up to date and integrative services with a customized approach to electronic scheduling. Users can browse the database of servicesbased on their availability and book their appointments.2. Integrator PositioningPencil Me in Plz provides users with a single tool for their scheduling needs. The website can handle large amounts of stored information, producepersonalized results, and allow for payment of services. The site is user friendly and will help users manage their busy schedules. The site will alsoattract interest from companies who may view their participation as an opportunity to gain customers.
  8. 8. Web Development: Strategy To create a one-stop process for electronic scheduling; encompassing the searching of services in our database, booking appointments, “penciling in,”paying for services and setting up reminders. Users will find that our site serves as a third party digital agent that will help them with their scheduling needs. The site will enable users to outsource their entire scheduling process, making them feel like they have the luxury of having a person assistant.
  9. 9. Web Development: ScopeSearch: Don’t know where to go for you lunch meeting or where to get your nails done? Use the search function on our site to view ourdatabase of services in your area. Make the search as general or specific as you need. For example, looking for a lunch café on the Upper EastSide near your work. Enter in a type of food, time, desired location, and the distance you are willing to travel. You can enter in as little or asmuch information as you want to refine your search. Based on your keywords, suggestions will be generated. If you know the specific placeyou would like to go you can simply type in the name and book your appointment.Schedule: Once you have found the service and place that fits your appointment needs click on it and hit the button that says “Pencil Me inPlz.” You can then electronically book your appointment. Once the appointment it is confirmed it will appear on you calendar.Calendar: Users can build their personal calendar that will enable them to put in different events, holidays, appointments and gatherings.They can color code their calendars and even pick one of our pre-established templates to fit their style. The calendar can be viewed by day,week or month. Appointments for services that are booked through the site will also appear in on the calendar. Appointments can be easilydeleted, or edited throughout the day.Alerts: Reminders can be set on calendar events and appointments. The reminder function, like the rest of the calendar is completelycustomizable. Users can set reminders that can be sent to their e-mail, phone or the general alerts on the actual calendar. Reminders can beset as frequently as desired and can even be set for multiple days ahead of time.Sharing: Are your friends using Pencil Me in Plz? Or how about your work colleagues? Book an appointment for a group of people and sendthe appointment to their calendars. When they open the appointment notification the event will appear on their calendar and then they canset reminders in as they see fit. The creator of the appointment will also have the ability to delete and edit the appointment as needed. Allchanges to the event will appear on not only on the host’s calendar but on the invited calendars as well.Each feature works together to create a one-stop location to manage your daily activities. The functions work hand in hand to seamlesslybook appointments and remind you and your friends. Each function adds to the experience of managing you life on an eCalendar, makingyour life more organized.
  10. 10. Web Development: Structure Home    eCalendar   Settings   Help   About  us   View   Themes   FAQ   History   Search  and   Account   book   information   Tutorials     Mission   Edit   calendar   Preferences     Contact   The  Team   Upgrade   Careers   Payment   Apply  to  credit   Service  type   options   card   Search  and   Book   Book   Location   Appointment   Alerts   Date/Time   Share   Payment   Apply  to  credit   options   card   eCalendar   Enter  name  of   Book   place   appointment   Alerts   Alerts   Share   Pencil  in   apppointment   Share
  11. 11. Web Development: Structure Log In Search View Themes FAQ History Featured: Search & Book Account Info Tutorials Mission Edit Calendar Preferences Contact The Team Cafe Jacqueline Upgrade Careers Quick View of Your Plans Favorites First Time at Silk Day Spa Pencil Me in Plz? 1-click appointement Watch the our video! Soula Shoes Featured Spa: Deals & Sales Great Jones Spa in NoHo
  12. 12. Search Engine Marketing: OrganicIn order to generate traffic organically to our website we will make sure that Pencil Me In Plz is gains viability by being ranked on the first page ofmost search engines. In order to establish a competitive page rank we will index our domain in the most popular search engines such as Google, Bingand Yahoo.Our simple and clear domain name,, will help generate traffic to our website. To ensure that all potential consumers reachthe website we plan to purchase the additional domains and redirect the traffic to our official website. We plan to purchase the following domains forredirection purposes:,,,, www.pencilmeplz.comand order to maximize the organic traffic we will implement optimization strategies such as title tags, strategic headlines and site content, descriptiveURLs and meta tags.Title TagsTitle tags are descriptive phrases that appear on the top of the browser that help optimize page ranking. The 40-60 characters located on thetop of the browser will be unique to each of the different pages.Home Page: “Pencil Me In Plz: Electronic Calendar to Schedule Your Busy Life.”Calendar Page: “eCalendar: Electronically Organize your Schedule.”Help Page: “Help: Let Pencil Me In Plz Answer Your Questions.”About Us Page: “About Us: Learn More About Pencil Me in Plz.”Site ContentThe first 200 characters of the site content are the most important way to generate organic traffic. The first 200 characters of our website willfeature all of the key words that may be associated with our electronic calendar. The first 200 characters of our site content will include: Pencil Me In Plz: The best way to electronically manage your busy schedule in the 2.0 version of your life. Organize your personal calendar, book your appointments and share with your friends. Your life. Your calendar.
  13. 13. Search Engine Marketing: OrganicHeadlineA clear and strategic headline plays a major role in generating organic traffic. Our headline will be: “Pencil Me in Plz: Your life. Your calendar.”URLsEach page would have a personal and descriptive URL. Our URLs would include: Home Page: Calendar Page: Help Page: About Us Page: TagsMeta Tags do not appear on the actual website but are embedded into the HTML source code. The meta tags should include anticipated keywords and phrases that will be sourced. It helps index the page in the appropriate location. Key words must have good proximity to each other,not be repetitive and maintain relevancy to the site content.Based on these considerations we have selected the following meta tags: Calendar Electronic Personal Tools Business Schedule Online Dates Tools eCaldendar Organization Personal Planner Smart Mobile Book Appointments Assistant Phone App
  14. 14. Search Engine Marketing: PaidThere are many benefits for paid placements. Paid placement will allow Pencil Me In Plz to attract interested visitors, get immediate resultswithout paying a large fee upfront, target our desired audience, manage design and control, direct traffic to the landing page, use unlimitedkeyword targeting, have the flexibility to adjust the campaign and analyze the evaluation metrics.In order to set up a paid search program we have established a budget of 30 dollars per day and a maximum cost per click of 2 dollars. We planon using the Google AdWords program to reach our target audience through paid advertisements. Our total budget for the six month AdWordscampaign will be a maximum 5,400 dollars, depending on the price of the word selected.We plan to use to use the following key words throughout the campaign. Google will be our primary search partner. We will implement a broadmatch type that will cause the advertisement to appear with all keywords and variants. Because we are using the Google Adwords program wewill be paying based on cost per click through. Key Word Global Local Estimated Estimated Estimated Monthly Monthly CPC Daily Daily Searches Searches Click Cost Management 201,000 74,000 $1.49 10 $15.82 Tools Time 673,000 246,000 $1.13 19 $22.63 Management New Calendar 135,000 74,000 $0.63 17 $11.00 Electronic 14,800 9,900 $1.18 8 $10.21 Organizer Nail Salons 301,000 246,000 $0.64 36 $23.00 To Do List 301,000 165,000 $0.97 21 $22.16 Calendar 550,000 358,000 $.92 24 $22.96 Template Scheduling 110,000 74,000 $1.66 9 $15.89 Software Personal 246,000 110,000 $1.01 22 $23.15 Assistant Hair Salons 1,000,000 673,000 $0.73 32 $23.68
  15. 15. Search Engine Marketing: PaidSample Advertisement for Electronic Organizer, Calendar Template, To Do List, Digital Calendar and New Calendar:Online Personal CalendarOrganize your life today.Schedule, book & plan electronically.Calendar 2.0, Pencil Me in Plz.www.pencilmeinplz.comSample Advertisement for Hair Salons and Nail Salons:Online Personal CalendarSearch for top-rated salons today.Schedule, book & plan electronically.www.pencilmeinplz.comSample Advertisement for Management Tools, Time Management, Personal Assistant and Scheduling Software:Online Personal CalendarLet us help manage your life.Schedule, book & plan
  16. 16. PromotionsTo promote the launch of Pencil Me in Plz we have designed a two-dimensional promotional plan that incorporates paid and unpaid tactics. Thesetactics include: Outdoor advertising, coffee sleeves and social media efforts. The goal of our promotional campaign is to attract our target market of18 to 40 year olds who live in urban and suburban by driving them to our site and creating loyal users.
  17. 17. Promotions: Paid This icon will serve as an easy way to access the services offered by The icon will not only serve as a branding tool for our company but will allow users to associate our brand as a social networking site. The icon is similar to the Twitter and Facebook icons that are commonly seen on many websites. We plan to add this icon to the sites that our target market visits. Instead of “liking, ” a common Facebook function, a restaurant that you come across on a website, the user could “pencil in” a restaurant by clicking on the icon. This will allow the user to book their appointment and share the event with their freinds.Busy women are always on the go and are fueled by caffeine. Promoting on Starbucks coffee sleeves is sure toget the attention of our target demographic. Starbucks is known as the number one place to get coffee on thego in New York City. The promotional coffee sleeve will reach our target market of busy women on the go.
  18. 18. Promotions: PaidTaxi Signs Subways The text on the bench reads: “For the woman on the go Pencil Me in Plz comes to the rescue” The text on the taxi sign and subway poster reads: “Throw the old planner away & log into Pencil Me in Plz to get the scoop on the best Bus stop bench salons, spas, restaurants and share with your friends”
  19. 19. Promotions: UnpaidOur viral campaign will be a YouTube tutorial guide for new users. This video can help new users navigate our website and take advantageof all of the features. In addition to the tutorial, the youtube video will also explain the different features that are available on thepremium caldenar, and this will require a user to pay a subscription fee. This video will be posted to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTubechannel.
  20. 20. Promotions: Unpaid
  21. 21. Promotions: Unpaid
  22. 22. Promotions: Unpaid Kayla Inanc Pencil Me in Plz 845.596.0025 kaylainanc@gmail.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PENCIL ME IN PLZ IS LAUNCHING THEIR NEW WEBSITE FOR YOUNG, SOCIAL, AND ACTIVE WORKING PROFESSIONALS.TRIBECA, NY- April 24, 2011- Pencil Me in Plz is a new online service for young professionals who are need of organization in their busy lives. Pencil Mein Plz helps balance personal and professional obligations. Using this website creates a unique experience because allowing users to search and bookappointments electronically. User generated reviews allow users to see where their friends have booked appointments for their hair or nails. Pencil Mein Plz creates an all in one experience with the ability to pay for services in advance. It is that little black book, credit card, and the personal assistantyou never had.The idea behind Pencil Me in Plz came from the desire to create a single calendar tool that can simultaneously book, schedule and alert you ofappointments. This tool can be can be accessed from any mobile networking device such as a smart-phone, iPads, etc. With the strong push forconstant connection, this website allows you to manage your personal and professional life. This website satisfies the adventurous craving to find thebest place, newest place, or even the most frequented place to visit and book an appointment. Advertisements can be seen on cabs and park benchesas well as a viral campaign on YouTube. Pencil Me in Plz has also created an icon close to that of the networking powerhouses Facebook and Twitter.Website developer Julie Levitt said, “With the creation of this website we wanted to emphasize its ability to book services, pay for them, and look fornew areas- all in a few clicks. We understand that social networking is a high priority among tech-savvy individuals and wanted to integrate networkingcomponents into our website.”Pencil Me in Plz is a new online website created to help manage personal schedules for busy individuals. Users can book online appointments, browseuser generated reviews, pre-pay for services, or look for suggested services. The website will initially be piloted in New York City and can be accessedat or on the mobile application. ###
  23. 23. BudgetStarbucks coffee sleeves: 14 cents each- 20 select stores will recieve 1,500 cups, total cost of sleeves purchased: $4,200Static subway-entrance ads: $3,000Monthly Taxi Top Ad Rates- $375 per taxi, 100 cabs, Total Cost of taxi ads: $37,500Bus shelters: $3,500 for a standard 69-inch-by-48-inch panel, Total cost of bus Shelters: $7,000Benches: $450 Per Bench Per Month, Total cost of bench: $2,700Google AdWords: $30 a day per month for six months, Total cost of google ad campaign: $5,400Mobile Application: $9,000 to develop, Total cost of moble application: $9,000 Total: $68,800