Everything you need to know if you didn't go to CES 2013.


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Top ten highlights from CES 2013 and implications for brands and advertisers.

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Everything you need to know if you didn't go to CES 2013.

  1. 1. What to know if you didn’t go... #CES2013TOP 10 01.14.13 1
  2. 2. THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING Connected everything brings next level brand utility to everyday household items. Augmented service offerings across everyday household appliances give brands the opportunity to to add new layers of utility, data capture and user-loyalty through connectivity. Things to ponder: This is a big deal. As consumers find ease of use and utility in the connectivity of everyday items, they’ll begin to demand a ‘smarter’ offering from these brands.
  3. 3. ‘PHABLETS’ 3 Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? It’s both. Larger screens and faster processing power have the potential of replacing the everyday laptop in future years. Things to ponder: What kinds of content and experiences will consumers demand of this new form-factor once it hits mainstream?
  4. 4. TV ISTHE NEW‘PORTAL’ But don’t think of it only as an amp’ed up content portal, the new TV is a portal for smart apps and other connected devices (insert industry buzzword here - second screen). The TV we all thought would be gone by now is now the lifestyle portal. Things to ponder: Can the TV turn into a relevance engine? Not simply aggregating content based on topics or metadata but also based on behavior and viewing habits?
  5. 5. HUI The ‘human user interface’ is the new graphical user interface (GUI). This covers voice and facial recognition as well as the natural user interface. Things to ponder: How will meaningful advertising go beyond a click of a banner and how will we measure it?
  6. 6. KICKSTARTER 6 Pebble (a heavily funded Kickstarter project) debuted their smartwatch, which connects to your smartphone wirelessly to show you messages, calendar notifications, and control music at CES this year. Things to ponder: The ‘belle of the ball’ this year - more gadgets getting funded by Kickstarter proves the platform is paying off for entrepreneurs.
  7. 7. 4KTV 7 Be mesmerized by these ultra HD TV screens but then come back to reality because with a price tag of $20K+ it’ll be a while before this TV hits mass market. Things to ponder: New demands in high-definition and distribution will require new ways of content creation and production.
  8. 8. NEW CHIPS = MORE POWER 8 The release of the new Snapdragon 800 will give mobile and computing devices more power than ever before. Things to ponder: New demands in high performance computing will require new ways of content creation and deployment.
  9. 9. 3D PRINTING 9 For the masses. This technology is no longer for geeks only. The Cube 3D printer debuted at a starting price of $1,299. Things to ponder: Think about rapid prototyping in the agency and putting actual products in front of clients to test out before going into production.
  10. 10. PROJECT SHIELD 10 Imagine a device that would do for games what the iPod and Kindle have done for music and books, letting consumers play games in a new way. The new ‘project shield’ is the first portable gaming device that streams games in realtime. Things to ponder: The greatest barrier to adoption of portables by the gaming community might be solved with this new device. Now that the world’s uber- geeks have portability, what will the community bring to the masses with location-awareness in gaming.
  11. 11. THEAUTONOMOUS CAR 11 While far from ubiquity, the technology could connect our vehicles to other objects faster than you’d think. Things to ponder: New service models (insurance?) based on smart driving habits.