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Kaye Olivar 20 year personal mktg plan
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Kaye Olivar 20 year personal mktg plan



Published in Health & Medicine , Business
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  • 1. 20 Year Marketing Plan for GWAPA K.O. Kaye Olivar Dec 2010 Gwapa K.O.
  • 2. Path to Reaching my Goals…
    • A. Editor’s Note
      • - Vision/Mission
      • - Roles to be the Forbes Most Powerful Woman
      • - Quality Check (QA)
    • B. Cover Story
    • - The Most Important Brand
    • - The 4 P’s of Personal Branding
    • The Forbes Life
    • - The Winning Piece
    • - I’m here to REIGN
    • My vision and mission in life is to do God’s Will by fostering good relationships and mutual respect for all and to express my commitment to love and cherish my family and friends. To be a successful career woman and a good mentor to my colleagues as features in the Forbes Magazine. I will do this by continuing my education both academic and personal so that I may continue to grow and learn in order to make a progressive, effective, and beneficial impact in my relationships with other people and the environment.
  • 4. Roles to be the Forbes Most Powerful Woman…
    • Sweet Daughter
    • Loving Girlfriend
    • Responsible Banker
    • Good Christian
    • An Excellent Student
    • Always extending a helping hand
    • Living each day according to God’s Will
  • 5. A Sweet Daughter… With my parents in HK Vacation in Macau
  • 6. A Loving Girlfriend… Cute Pictures with my Boyfriend
  • 7. A Responsible Banker… BPI Mangement Trainee Graduation MT Graduation Picture
  • 8. An Excellent Student… BUSCOM Final Presentation Leader Task- Meeting w/ SVP or Rockwell
  • 9. Always Extending a Helping Hand… Outreach for the Street Children
  • 10. Quality Check (QA)
    • Time Management Monitoring
    • Enriching Relationships
    • Careful Scheduling
    • Proper Food Intake
    • Regular Exercise
    • Pay Myself First (Savings before spending)
    • Keeping a Journal
  • 11. THE MOST IMPORTANT BRAND G .W.A.P.A. K.O. is for G ood W ill and P eace A dvocate K aye O livar Rewards from BPI Me and You You’ll get a Star for having an Amazing Personality & Attitude Ok for Kaye and All the Best for OLivar
  • 12. The 4 P's of Personal Branding   by Dan Schawbel
    • 1. Person  - you
    • - Person is as simple as being me as GWAPA K.O. and as complex as my strengths, personality, appearance and competencies. 
    • 2. Place  - your desired workplace
    • - Place is the location where I work and be able to execute my goals.
    • 3. Price  - your brand value
    • - Price is my total value as a person and to live-up to my personal brand and can be reflected when I become the cover of Forbes Magazine.
    • 4. Promotion  - selling yourself
    • - Promotion are the techniques and strategies that I will comply for me to gain the visibility of my personal brand GWAPA K.O.
  • 13.
    • Target Audience
    • Businesses locate their target market. Product managers must hone down on a single market per each product. Your personal brand cannot please nor is relevant to everyone walking this earth. There are some people that will cling to it, while others will be repelled and attracted to other brands that have more in common with them.
    • - I must see to it that my Personal Marketing Plan will capture my target audience who are my family, friends and community, they must feel the goals I’ve set.
    You're marketing strategy is composed of 4 P's, along with… by Dan Schawbel
  • 14.
    • Goals /Objectives
    • When writing down your goals and objectives think short-term and long-term and make sure they align properly. "I want to be a millionaire" is not detailed enough. You really want to think about what measurable goals you can have, such that they are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).
    • - By doing this marketing plan, I will be able to define my goals and list the things that can help in attaining it and constantly monitoring its progress.
    You're marketing strategy is composed of 4 P's, along with… by Dan Schawbel
  • 15. My 20 Year Journey is so valuable… Now… 25 years old Daughter Girlfriend MBA Student Banker/ Assistant Manager Just enough money for daily living 20 years from now… Sweet Daughter Loving Wife and Mother President/ COO Professor Living each day with my love ones Enough money for travel, leisure and emergency funds
  • 16. The Winning Piece
    • Winning Piece for me is being empowered. It composes of having a good relationship with family, friends and the community; doing well in my career, living a comfortable life and helping other people become successful. Being in the cover of Forbes Magazine is not for one to brag but it is one way to show the world that success comes to those who live a balance life and in doing God’s Will.
  • 17. I’m here to REIGN…
    • “ To Reach, Educate, Inspire, Grow, and Nurture today and tomorrow’s Generation“
  • 18. 20 Year Marketing Plan for GWAPA K.O. Kaye Olivar Dec 2010 Gwapa K.O.