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Solavei's social presentation, changing the way people think about mobile service.

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Solavei social-presentation-5-1-13-4

  1. 1. The Social Commerce Revolution
  2. 2. 4 Trends of Change 1 The Economy needs a revolution • 50% of U.S. households earn less than $45K per year • 30% of U.S. households earn less than $30K per year 2 Social Media has changed the way we communicate • 1 Billion+ people are on Facebook • 300 million+ people have YouTube Accounts • 150 million+ people are on Twitter
  3. 3. 4 Trends of Change 3 Mobile has become a $169 billion industry • 331 million mobile connections in the U.S. • $71 per month is the average phone bill in the U.S. 4 Social Sharing is the NEW billboard • • • • Mass media advertising is a $144 billion industry Social sharing is a $110 billion industry Only 47% of consumers trust media advertising 97% of consumers trust a friend’s recommendation
  4. 4. Crisis…Timing…Opportunity 1 The Economy 3 Mobile 2 Social Media 4 Social Sharing
  5. 5. Revolution A dramatic change in the way something works or in people’s ideas about it. Confidential and Proprietary | Page 5
  6. 6. Solavei is Simple A Mobile-Social Network That Pays YOU To Be the VOICE. Mobile Service Unlimited Voice, Text and Data Nationwide 4G Network $49/month Social Media =$ Paid over $8 million to members in the first 6 months of business
  7. 7. The Solavei Mission: Solavei Social Commerce Platform $ To make commerce less expensive and even profitable for our members
  8. 8. Mobile is just the beginning… Cable Insurance Financial Services #SolaveiSocials Retail Energy Deals and Offers
  9. 9. Solavei offers MORE for LESS… Provider Cost $49 or FREE $65.00 $80.00 $109.00 $45.00 $55.00 $55.00 Talk & Text unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited Data unlimited 4G on the first 4G of usage 1GB 2G unlimited unlimited 3G only on the first 100mb of usage unlimited 3/4G only on the first 2.5G of usage unlimited 3/4G only on the first 2.5G of usage Recurring Rewards Program $20/mth for every 3 ppl referred plus more NO NO NO NO NO NO Utilizing T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network with the capability to serve over 230 million people
  10. 10. Momentum and Exponential Growth April September 21 Launch 160,000+
  11. 11. MySolavei Community Connect with the Solavei community
  12. 12. MySolavei Dashboard Check your earnings and network growth
  13. 13. MySolavei Social Sharing Tools Outreach Manger allows you to send videos and post them directly to Facebook and Twitter
  14. 14. MySolavei Contact Tracker See who’s watched your video and monitor their interest level. When they’re ready to enroll, send them your invitation link
  15. 15. FREE site Enroll new members with your website When your friends enroll, they are added to your network
  16. 16. Welcome to Solavei Within minutes of signing up…
  17. 17. Your Solavei SIM Card Your SIM card is mailed to you… or provided by your sponsor
  18. 18. The Solavei PayCard Your Solavei PayCard arrives in about a week…
  19. 19. The Solavei PayCard Pay Day happens once a month! $
  20. 20. The Solavei PayCard Rewards are returned back to your PayCard $ $ In the near future, use your PayCard for purchases at approved $ Solavei retail partners
  21. 21. The Solavei Rewards Program Solavei pays its MEMBERS, not advertisers for getting the word out and here’s how…
  22. 22. How many people do you know who use a phone? Get paid $20 per month for every 3 people you enroll…
  23. 23. Share more, earn more! Enroll 6 people and earn $40 per month
  24. 24. 3 = FREE Enroll 9 and earn $60 per month That’s enough to pay for your Solavei Mobile Service of $49 per month 3 = FREE!
  25. 25. It gets even better… When those people start sharing with their friends, Solavei will pay YOU an additional $10 per month for every 3 people they enroll.
  26. 26. PLUS… Ask about our Path Pay which is paid out based on your overall network that can keep growing...and growing … AND GROWING!
  27. 27. TAKE ACTION: 1 Get In Become a Member and get connected with the 1-2-3 Training on 2 Get Social Share with others! 3 Get FREE Get 3 Trios and your mobile service is FREE! YO U You Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more information
  28. 28. Are you ready? :) This Solavei, LLC Presentation (this “Summary”) is the confidential information of Solavei, LLC, a Delaware corporation (“Solavei”). By accepting a copy of this Summary the recipient agrees (1) to hold this presentation and all information set forth in this Summary strictly confidential; (2) not to copy or disclose this Summary or any information set forth in this Summary to any third party without the prior written consent of Solavei; and (3) to return to Solavei this Summary and all copies, if any, in the recipient’s possession promptly upon the request of Solavei. The following are trademarks of Solavei: Solavei, the “Powered by Relationships” tagline, and the Solavei logo. All discussion of earnings potential is for illustrative purposes only and cannot be relied upon. Any ability to generate revenue is 100% based on your own skills, abilities, and efforts. Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more information Copyright 2013 Solavei, LLC. All Rights Reserved