Social media is changing the face of online marketing


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Social media is changing the face of online marketing

  1. 1. CAREER SPOTLIGHTConnect andSocial media is changing the face of online marketing.ÉL i • . W^L • ext time youre selling a produa for a B ^ ^ I school fund-raiser, think like a mar- I ^ ^ I keting professional. Who would be I ^ ^ J most interested in the product? Whar B ^ " are the best ways to reach them? Those are questions that people in the marketing industry ask every day as they look for creative newways to promote products or services. Marketing iseverywhere—on billboards along the highway, inconcerts sponsored by soft drink companies, and onpostcards delivered to your home. With the growing number of people online, a newfield of marketing has emerged. E-marketing, orInternet marketing, encompasses everything a busi-ness does to promote itself online. "Nearly every company, if it has a Web site, is involvedin Internet marketing," says Carly Desmet. Shes director ofmarketing at Oneupweb, an online marketing firm inTraverse City, Mich. Desmets firm handles onlinemarketing campaigns for all sorts of businesses—from pet hospitals to large corporations. E-marketing isnt just about having a niceWeb site, though. Online display ads andbanner ads linking to a companys homepage need to be placed on sites that are mostlikely to reach the target audience. E-mail cam-paigns promote a company by sending messages directly to apotential customers in-box. Another important tool in online marketing is search engineoptimization, or SEO. Its the process used to improve a Web sitesranking on search engines, such as Yahoo! and Google. Whensomeone googles a term—steak restaurant or eye doctor, for exam-ple—the Web sites that pop up first are determined hy SEO. Soif you are marketing a business online, its important to use wordsin the Web sites text that match the words a person would useto search for it.2 6 CAREERWORLD February/March 2010
  2. 2. ProrToote By Natalia Maldonado
  3. 3. But as the ways people use the Internet evolve, so does Internet mar- keting. The industrys most powerful HOT TOOLS IN Eools, and how businesses use them, may surprise you. You may fmd that ONLINE MARKETING you already have some experience Online marketing changes every day with this field. as technologies are introduced or used in new ways. Here are three Putting In Some Face Time marketing tools to keep an eye on-if If youVe ever logged on to Facebook you go into this field, you may be using them. and become a "fan" of a company, such as Apple, or a charity organization, such as the Humane Society of the United States, youve seen the social media aspect of e-marketing in action.C People want to connect with real Video: Strong visuals and sound are a key part of communication, and people, and thats video is a great combination of both. Following the success of YouTube, what I think makes more and more companies are expected to integrate video onto social media so fun their Web sites. The idea is to engage and so intriguing visitors interest not only with text, but with images too. for marketers. -Lisa Goddard Augmented reality: This type of virtual reality combines what you "Social media has absolutely, 100 see on your computer screen with percent changed online marketing," information about your surrounding Desmet says. "Its really opened up a environment. Sponsors can create a two-way line of communication." virtual enhancement of reality on At Desmets company, social media your computer screen. plays such an imponant role that an entire department is devoted to it. Smart phone applications: Phones arent just for talking and texting any- Each social media campaign is tai- more. Companies in all industries lored to a companys needs and audi- offer software that lets you check ence. A corporation wanting to information, such as the weather, promote itself to other companie.s movie times, and sports scores from may choose a busin ess-minded out- your phone. Those apps are easily let, such as Linkedin, while a dance downloaded, so marketers can be company may use YouTube to post sure youre carrying their brand name videos of performances. User interac- with you-even after youve stepped tion—the ability to post comments, away from a computer. send friend requests, and to join a 28 CAREERWORLD February/March 2010
  4. 4. network—connects businesses and ence. Information online spreads at a shell meet with event teams toorganizations to peopie. fantastic rate. Its as easy as forward- brainstorm ways to promote an "People want to connect with real ing an e-mai!, re-tweeting a message, upcoming event.people, and thats what 1 think makes or suggesting a page to your Facebook Along with creativity and excellentsocial media so fun and so intriguing friends. writing skills, Goddard says, beingfor marketers," says Lisa Goddard, able to work well in a team is essen-advocacy and online marketing direc- The Wide World of tial to her job. "In all of the jobs Ivetor at the Capital Area Food Bank of Internet Marketing had in marketing, Ive never workedTexas in Austin. Goddard uses social For someone entering the field of alone." From its inception to its exe-media tools, such as Facebook, the Internet marketing, the opportunities cution, an online marketing cam-Food Banks blog, and Twitter, to pro- are vast. Most marketing profession- paign can involve a number ofmote awareness of hunger issues in als have a bachelors degree in some people—managers. Web designers,her community. area of communication, such as writers, and account executives, to advertising, marketing, or English. name a few. "You can get very specialized." Once an online campaign goesTodays students Desmet says. "You could work for live, its results need to be measured. basically any company because these That is where strong math skills comehave an advantage: days almost every business has a mar- into play.Growing up with keting department." A search ad—in which a business pays for its ad to appear when a cer- Sports teams need marketingthe Internet gives departments to keep their image and tain keyword is put into a search brand in the public eye. Hospitals use engine—may yield a certain number^hem a keen marketing to create awareness of their of sales. A percentage of people whounderstanding achievements and support for their view a video on YouTube will click a communitys needs. All businesses link to visit the sponsoring companysof social medias need to promote themselves, so site. Internet marketers track those figures to see whats working in theirrole in peoples theres a marketing position out there to suit nearly any interest. For those campaigns—and whats not.-^ay-to-day lives. having difficulty picking just one spe- "We need to be able to measure cialty, there are marketing firms that and analyze the success of every cam- work with clients across a number of paign. That definitely helps internet industries. markeung continue to grow," Desmet Her online efforts, even those writ- "The foundation for [marketing] is says, adding that the field is changingten in 140 characters or less, have that you have to be an excellent com- every day at an incredibly fast pace.yielded real-world results. When a municator, whatever your specialty Todays students have an advantage:representative from Tyson Foods read may be," Desmet says. "Marketing for Growing up with the Internet givesone of Goddards tweets on Twitter, the most part requires a creative them a keen understanding of socialhe offered to help. Together, they approach. You always have to be com- medias role in peoples day-to-daylaunched an online antihunger cam- ing up with fresh ideas." lives. "They have a wonderful oppor-paign: For every re-tweet or comment tunity to take social media to the nextposted on the Food Banks blog, Creativity, Leadership level," Goddard says. "Wherever thatTyson would donate a chicken. In less Skills and... Math? next level may be." C Wthan 24 hours, the Food Bank had On any given day ar the Food Bank, »UTITenough chickens to fill a truck. Goddard might work with a graphic •nt to start a new Social media sites help nonprofit designer on a banner ad for the )l tutoring service. How organizations like Goddards create Internet, then start writing a post for might you use soda! media to market and promote it? awareness across an enormous audi- the organizations blog. Sometimes February/March 2010 CAREERWDRLD 2 9
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