Filling and icing

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  • 1. Icing and Decorating!
  • 2. Frosting and Filling  Filling used to add sweetness and flavor to cake.  Frosting is used as the “glue” to hold the cake together.  Frosting/Icing used to decorate the cake.
  • 3. Types of Filling  Fluffy whipped cream  Creamy puddings  Sweet fruits
  • 4. Types of Frosting  Canned frosting and frosting mixes are available.  Cooked and Uncooked frosting  Cooked Frosting: uses principles of candy making.  Uncooked frosting: popular for creamy texture
  • 5. Frosting Butter cream Whipped icing Royal Icing Rolled fondant
  • 6. Butter Cream  Flavor:  sweet, buttery. Tastes the best.  Consistency:  thin-stiff depending on amount of sugar added.  Best used for:  icing cakes smooth, borders and writing. Flowers remain soft.  Ingredients:  Butter or margarine, powdered sugar, flavorings and liquid.
  • 7. Whipped Icing  Flavor: Light, delicate vanilla flavor.  Consistency: Velvety consistency for decorating almost anything.  Best used for: Icing cakes, most decorations.  Ingredients: Powdered sugar, flavorings, whipped cream.
  • 8.  Flavor: Royal Icing Very sweet flavor, dries candy-hard for lasting decorations.  Consistency: Thin-stiff depending on how much water is added.  Best used for: Flower making, figure piping making flowers, decorating cookies and gingerbread houses.  Ingredients: Use meringue powder combined with liquid and powdered sugar.
  • 9. Rolled Fondant  Flavor/Description:  Covers cakes with perfectly smooth surface. Easy and fast to use  Consistency:  Dough like consistency, stays semi soft for cakes.  Best used for:  Cutting molding decorations
  • 10. Ganache  This fancy term is simply chocolate melted with heavy cream.  If you chill a ganache, beat it until it's fluffy and stiff, then form it into balls, you'll end up with truffles.  Ganache can also be used to quickly frost a layer cake.