Android Application on Location sharing and message sender


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This is the Presentation of android application designed to trace the user location and when he reached his destination automatic message will be send to the person whom user wants to inform that he has reached his destination.

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Android Application on Location sharing and message sender

  1. 1. What is Android  Android is a software platform and operating system for mobile devices  Android is available as open source  It allows developers to write managed code in the Java language, controlling the device via Google-developed Java libraries
  2. 2. Android Applications Components Android Application Activity Broadcast Receiver Service Content Provider
  3. 3. Activity  Activity provides the user a screen/interface to interact with the application  Activities can reuse functionality from other components simply by making a request in the form of an Intent  Activities can be replaced at any time by a new Activity with an equivalent Intent Filter
  4. 4. Service  run in background and has no visual UI  best example is music player application Service Unbound Bound
  5. 5. Broadcast Receiver  Receive messages that are broadcasted by the Android system or other Android applications  Examples of broadcasts initiated by the system  1. warning that the battery is low  2. Screen turned off  3. Battery is fully charged
  6. 6. Content Providers  Flexible way to make data available across applications  All data base, file System in system storage can be access or even modify by any application through content provider  For e.g. Read contacts from system
  7. 7. Google Services for Android Developer  Google offers a variety of services that help you build new revenue streams, manage app distribution, track app usage, and enhance your app with features such as maps etc.  There are many services provided by Google such as  1. Google Map  2. Location Service  3. Google +
  8. 8. Location Tracer and Automatic Message sender Application  Features: 1) helps android users to get distance and time required to reach his destination 2) automatic message will be send to the number set by the user when he reached his destination 3) Show your location on Google Map 4) Get Route from your source to destination
  9. 9. Implementation  This Android Application is implemented using following concepts 1) Retrieving current Location at every second 2) Retrieving Geo Coordinates of Destination 3) Read Contacts 4) Send SMS 5) Use Google Direction API
  10. 10. Retrieve Current Location  Current Location is retrieved by two ways: 1) GPS Provider 2) Network Provider Location Manager and Location Listener are two classes used to get the current location
  11. 11. Geo- Coordinates  A geographic coordinate system is a coordinate system that enables every location on the Earth to be specified by a set of numbers or letters  A common choice of coordinates is latitude, longitude and elevation.
  12. 12. Retrieve Geo Coordinates  Geocoder is the class which transform a street address or description of location to Latitude and Longitude  Geo Coordinates of destination are used to compare with the current location
  13. 13. Read Contacts  Content Provider is used to access any database from system  Cursor object is used to retrieve contact list.  If any person have multiple contact number then all the contact numbers are displayed in a list  Selected contact number would be set in the Text Field
  14. 14. Direction API  The Google Directions API is a service that calculates directions between locations using an HTTP request  It returns data in XML format  Use XML Parsing technique to get data  You can search for directions for several modes of transportation, include transit, driving, walking or cycling
  15. 15. Google Map Android API V2  The API is distributed as part of the Google Play services  To access the Google Maps servers with the Maps API, we have to add a Maps API key to your application  We can obtain a Maps API key from the Google APIs Console by providing our application's signing certificate
  16. 16. Screen Shots