The Power of the Internet Over the Mind


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This presentation was made for Film 260 at Queen's University. It argues the role Internet plays in our lives, and the extent to which it has manipulated our minds.

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The Power of the Internet Over the Mind

  1. 1. ThePowerof theInternetOver theMindBy KavinaSathiyasothyimage by Leeks
  2. 2. The Internet has gainedaccess to our minds.image by Federico_Morando
  3. 3. It can now shape ourbehaviours…image by kamshots
  4. 4. & our abilities to think and processinformation.image by Mourner
  5. 5. The overload of information has left ourcritical and creative thinking at risk.image by Focx Photography
  6. 6. As we spend more and moretime on digital technology, it becomes harderand harder for us to pay attention to theworld before us.image by Dave Patrick
  7. 7. The multitaskingwe’ve achieved hasshortened ourattention span for asingle activity.image by benhollingsworth
  8. 8. The Internet has helped reduce the averageattention span of 12 minutes to 5 minutes over tenyears.image by Robert S. DonovanSource: How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds
  9. 9. Teachers have to change theirlessons to accommodate thiscognitive deterioration.image by Whiskeygonebad
  10. 10. I’m anentertainer.I have to do asong and danceto capture theirattention.-Hope Molina-PorterSource: Technology Changing HowStudents Learn, Teachers Sayimage by dydcheung
  11. 11. Knowledge being a click away has changed ourstyle of learning and applying information.image by darksbane
  12. 12. No longer are countless hours spenttrying to solve a math problem… and why should it be?image by Camelia Arsene
  13. 13. With answers online, we’ve become too dependenton the Internet to provide us with thought processeswe should be developing ourselves.image by PetitPlat-Stephanie Kilgast
  14. 14. And there’s more...Children are becoming less able to separate factfrom fiction.image by Miss Indi Pop
  15. 15. The Internet has nofilter, no peerreview… So how dowe sortout thelies?image by macromagrini
  16. 16. And then there isour mental health.image by Ralf Heb
  17. 17. Researchhas linkedincreasedInternet useamong childrenwith feelings ofloneliness anddepression.Source: Institute of PsychologicalSciences in Leeds, UKimage by Tjook
  18. 18. More onlinetime results inless timespent withthe people inyour lives, andon hobbies.image by Julien HalerHow?
  19. 19. The rapid andinstant natureof Internetstimulationalters theway a youngperson seesthe world.image by Mads Boedker
  20. 20. We become bored witheveryday life & isolateourselves from thenatural world.image by [phil h]
  21. 21. The Internet is the new drug,& our minds the zombie-likeslaves of the digital worldand its gadgets.image by nataliej
  22. 22. This isn’t to say that the Internetdoesn’t have it’s benefitsbut…image by Pink Sherbet Photography
  23. 23. “The best thingwe can do for ourminds is to findsome time everyday to unplug, calmdown, and focus onone thing at atime.”-Nicholas CarrSource: What the Internet is Doingto Our Brains (Epipheo.TV) image by RelaxingMusic
  24. 24. CreditsAll images are licensedunder the CreativeCommons Non-CommercialShare-Alike 3.0 agreement,and sourced from Flickr.image by seyed mostafa zamani
  25. 25. Sources!image by irisb477