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eBooks market android and ios
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eBooks market android and ios


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Slides on eBooks market, ebook readers, ebook reader apps that helps to understand the competition between iOS and Android in the eBooks industry. Statistical graphs on the ebook sales growth compared …

Slides on eBooks market, ebook readers, ebook reader apps that helps to understand the competition between iOS and Android in the eBooks industry. Statistical graphs on the ebook sales growth compared to the physical book sales.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. eBooks market - Android and iOS by, Kavi S
  • 2. Intro - Android and iOS Specs Android iOS Developer/Company Google Apple Inc. OS family Linux OS X, UNIX Released Sept 2008 July 2007 Programming lang C, C++, Java C, C++, Objective C Source Open source Proprietary App store Google Play - 1,000,000 + apps and other app stores Apple app store 850,000 + apps Latest release 'Kitkat' Android 4.4 7.0.2 Device manufacturers Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, and many more Apple
  • 3. Race and game changers • Android and iOS are racing each other to obtain lead in the smartphone and tablet market. • Apps tend to be the game changers as the smart-mobility is extended from a medium of communication to entertainment and then to essentiality • Apps that drives the market falls into the genre: books, entertainment, social networking, games, utility, enterprise and news • eBooks are becoming a key focus in the smartphone and tablet competition EBOOKS are the Game Changers
  • 4. eBooks market and its growth Since the mobility space is very well extended into the books industry, the ebooks and the apps that helps ebook reading tend to be the key weapons to win the audience choice.
  • 5. Market leaders and their share Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords...
  • 6. Popular eBook reading devices and supported formats • Amazon - Kindle device supports MOBI formats • Apple iOS - iPads and iPhones - supports EPUB, IBOOK and PDF formats • Android - smart phones and tablets from different manufacturers - reader apps widely support EPUB and PDF formats • Barnes and Noble - Nook, EPUB and PDF (ADE DRM files) • Kobo - EPUB, PDF, Mobipocket and text formats • PocketBook - EPUB, PDF, HTML, DOC and more • Sony reader - PDF and EPUB
  • 7. Popular eBook reader apps Apps Android iOS Aldiko Yes No Bluefire Yes Yes FBReader Yes No Google Books Yes Yes iBooks No Yes Lektz Yes Yes Stanza No Yes Kindle Yes Yes
  • 8. eBook reader apps .. contd Apps Android iOS Nook Yes Yes Kobo Yes Yes Moon+ reader Yes No Mantano Yes No Sony reader Yes No Wattpad No Yes Ebook reader Yes Yes Goodreads Yes Yes
  • 9. eBooks on mobile devices Thanks to these eBook reader apps, because of them now millions of eBooks are available in smartphones and tablets. This creates a demand on publishers to go for ebooks development alongside their physical copies production
  • 10. Future of eBooks market The growth of the ebooks market is inevitable as there are thousands of professionals turning the industry towards ebooks. The competition between iOS and Android lies neutral as almost all the reader app developers are approaching both the platforms to gain the consumer market share. The future is unpredictable as to who takes the lead in the industry. It's time to wait and watch out for more updates in the eBooks market. FUTUR E AHEAD
  • 11. Thanks!! Stay tuned for more presentations on Mobile Technology.
  • 12. Sources • Source 1 - Statista • Source 2 - Lektz, eBook business solution • Source 3 - Bite The Book