Shankara PoLi Poli Shankara and Kampni (KQA Karnataka Quiz IInd edition) 12 May 2013


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Second edition of the annual quiz on Karnataka (topics related to Karnataka) organized by the Karnataka Quiz Association called "Shankar PoLi, Poli Shankara and Kampni"

Question research by Lingaraja G J, Naresh Keerthi and Kaustuba K V

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  • Mangalore -- Nethravathy
  • Lambani,Sandur,
  • Shankara PoLi Poli Shankara and Kampni (KQA Karnataka Quiz IInd edition) 12 May 2013

    1. 1. KQA Karnataka QuizLingaraj, Naresh Keerthi, Kaustuba Venugopal
    2. 2. Identify the gentlemenand what are they talkingabout?Q12
    3. 3. • Lakshman Savadi, CC Patil -- formerministers of BJP who were caughtwatching porn on their mobile phone, insidethe assembly
    4. 4. Q2This person was the firststudent of a uniqueexperiment in Primaryeducation with an emphasison outdooractivities, independence, andexplorative mindset.Identify the person and theexperiment?
    5. 5. • Ullas Karanth , the Balavana experiment ofShivarama Karanth.
    6. 6. Q3In 1977 a European style classical building was pulled down as itwas “too small” for a growing city like Bangalore. In its place, alarger, more ‘oriental’ building was proposed by TP Issar of theBangalore Urban Arts Commission.This move was contested keenly by many city architects whowere committed to an idiom of modernism. Issar retorted thatthe proposed ‘oriental’ design was necessary as it would softenthe shock of the Charles Correa Tower - which he felt wasinappropriate for a street like Ambedkar Veedhi.• Which building ?
    7. 7. • General Post Office. Charles Correa Tower alsoknown as Visweswraiah Tower
    8. 8. Q4A hassled Mysorean featured in the Time Magazine. Who, andwhats going on?
    9. 9. • B.S.Kesavan, father of MukulKesavan, segregating the book collection ofthe national library during the Partition.
    10. 10. Where and whats it about ?Q5
    11. 11. • A stone depiction of a snake shading apregnant frog. This scene is supposed to haveinspired Shankaracarya to choose Shringeri asa site for his monastery.
    12. 12. • X (see picture) remarked ‘Idu Karnatakasangeeta all, idu tamilara sangeeta’; in light ofthe poor representation of Kannadacompositions and artistes in the Rama Sevamandali music festival atChamarajapet,Bangalore.• He urged popular musicians Y and Z to bring theKannada vacanas and haridasa padas intocirculation, by singing them in their concerts. Yrefused to sing vacanas, claiming that theylacked musical potential. Z was hailed askannadada rayabhari – ambassador of Kannadafor his efforts in taking vachanas and dasarapadas to larger audiences.• Identify X,Y and Z.Q6
    13. 13. • X – Aa Na Kru or A N Krishnarao• Y – Bhimsen Joshi• Z – Mallikarjun Mansoor
    14. 14. Part of a larger list including footballer Lionel Messi . Indians include, Sania Nehwal, Virat Kohli. What is thelist about? Who is the only Kannadiga in the list?Q7
    15. 15. Herbalife, a global nutrition company hassponsored all these sports personsParalympics silver medalist GirishaHosanagara Nagarajegowda
    16. 16. • X is a small, bespectacled man, frail, but despite his years, incurably active and like mywife, incurably talkative. As soon as we arrived, he deposited me in a chair and pointedtriumphantly at a blackboard. “Nineteen,” he said, “is your number. Look. It is alsomine.” Chalked on the blackboard was a series of dates, the first of which was 1919.“That,” he said, “was the ear of my marriage.” The next date was 1938. “That,” hesaid, “was the year of your birth. You will notice that 38 is 19 multiplied by two.” I toldhim that I had been born on the 19th of July. “There,” he said, “you see?”• The date after this was 1957. “In this year you won the biggest literary award inEngland,” he told me, “and 57 is 19 multiplied by three.” The date under this was 1976.“In this year we met,” he said triumphantly, “and 76 is 19 multiplied by four.” Hetherefore clearly supposed our meeting to be one of the most important points in mylife. The next date was 1995. “This,” said X , “is 19 multiplied by five, and this will be theacme of your career.”• By this time I was feeling extremely bemused. “I come from an old Vedic family, and for60 years I have pursued the science of numerology.” He added, “Apart from the number19, I was born with the number four.” Excrpts from the book "The Open Eyes, a journeythrough Karnataka" by Y, illustrations by Mario Miranda.• X and Y.Q8
    17. 17. • X- Da Ra Bendre, Y - Dom Moraes• Bendre became excessively interested innumerology in his old age and would belt outsuch fundaes to anyone he met.
    18. 18. Q9God ___ ____ with Goradrove cattle with Chokha.cut grass with Samvata,wove garments with Kabir,coloured hide with Ravidassold meat with the butcher Sajana,melted gold with Narahari,carried cow-dung with Janabai,and even became the Mahar messenger of Damaji-- Translation of Ekanath’s poemFill in the blanks
    19. 19. • Baked pots / made pots / stomped clay allacceptable. Rajkumar played Gora in thepopular Kannada film Bhakta Kumbara
    20. 20. 09-11-1965Dear friend ,Your kind letter.My book in question called A .What wonder that it does not win a prize! What wonder if it won one! Sinceyou have taken it rather seriously, let me add that the little book contains a series of metrical lubrications onlife and destiny in a semi-mocking vein. It was first published in 1943, in a cheap unpretentious form, and Idid not either seek or expect any tremendous reception for it. The idea of competitive prizes for literature isbasically absurd. My whole nature raises in revolt against it. Valmiki and Vyasa and Potana and Tyagaraja areour ideals. Did they compete for anybodys favors?I was a Government-nominated member of the Central executive of the Sahitya Akka Dummy of Delhi for 3or 4 years, and then I resigned from it out of disgust. When in it, I protested against the proposal of annualrewards to writers. That would demoralize writers, creates bad blood, and bring falsehood into the book-world. I protested also against the Madras scheme of national poets for every year. C.R. scrapped it when hetook charge as chief minister.……………………………………………..............Where are you going to find judges whose competence may not bequestioned and whose vote will be convincing to others? The best way in which a Government or_______can help literature materially is for it to buy a thousand copies of a book of merit and distribute thecopies among schools etc. Competitive prizes bear the odor of politics.Affectionately yoursQ10 An elderly Kannada statesman’s letter dated1965 to the editor of Hindu. Identify A
    21. 21. • DVG’s letter to Mr Ranganathan, editor of thenewspaper Hindu responding to his outrage --at him not winning Jnanapeetha.
    22. 22. Q11Minimalist Kannada poster of which film ?
    23. 23. • Bhakta Kanakadasa.• Kanakadasa is the only one who passed thetest as he didn’t eat the banana saying there isno place where God isn’t present.
    24. 24. Connect1Q12
    25. 25. • Inspired by Bierces Devil’s dictionary NaKasturi wrote Anartha Kosha that wasserialized in the popular Kannada humormagazine Koravanji. Sample this anartha• Agasa: Bandeyannu odeyalu batteyannubalasuvava
    26. 26. Q13Fill in the banksABC
    27. 27. • A: Hemavathi• B: Harangi• C: Kabini
    28. 28. Many people consider this incomplete work to be aclassic in Karnataka’s History. This work was the firstto critically assess the role of Wodeyars in themaking of modern Mysore. Among other things, thiswork drew attention to Wodeyars supplying infantryto the British to assist them in quashing KitturChennamma.Identify the author who died in Menasinahadya inChikamagalur district in 2005 ?Q14
    29. 29. • Saketh Rajan, Mysore University and IIMC goldmedalist turned Naxalite
    30. 30. • This sketch of an Indian royal was made when he visited London mid 1800s. His turbulentlife was subject of a critically acclaimed Kannada Novel which in turn was adapted for TVby M S Sathyu. MP Dananjaya Kumar urged the Lok Sabha to stop the telecasting of thisTV serial Antim Raja in response to mounting protests from his constituents. Identify thepersonality.Q15
    31. 31. • Chikkaveerarajendra by Masti VenkateshaIyengar
    32. 32. • The ‘myriad mindedness’ of this person has inspired a proverbin Kannada which loosely translates to ‘there may be a herbunbrowsed by the goat, but there is no field that X hasn’ttried his hand at’.Ramachandra Guha suggested in a 1995 Kolkata newspaperarticle that X bore comparison with Rabindranath Tagore, andcalled this the bravest act of his (own) writing career. Who?Q16
    33. 33. • Shivarama Karanth
    34. 34. This feast of first fruits is a harvest festival, celebrated in theMargashira month, when the Sun enters Scorpio. It is marked bymuch song, dance, wining and dining. The name of this sevenday festival is said to be derived from the local phrase for ‘newrice’.Which festival ?Q17
    35. 35. • Huttari• Pudi+Ari new rice
    36. 36. • Pliny the Elder called this place Nitrias in hisbook The Natural History, and Ptolomeyreferred to it as Nitra.• What place? and what is the probable logicbehind naming it so?Q18
    37. 37. • Mangalore. Name possibly comes from Netravatiriver, the main source of water for the town.• Although this theory (Nitra/Nitrias from Netravati) iswidely accepted, some, like Tulu historian RaviMundkur, believe "Netravati" itself could have comefrom "Nettara" and hence Nitrias could also have beenderived from it. Only once Sanskrit began taking rootsin the region, people might have corrupted "Nettara"from the native tongue to sound like the more familiarSanskrit word "Netra".
    38. 38. A type of ashtanga yoga focusing on the correct alignment of thebody, making use of straps, wooden blocks, and other objects asaids to achieving the correct postures.What (noun/adjective) term is this the (incongruous) Oxforddictionary entry for?Q19
    39. 39. • Iyengar
    40. 40. This work was based on the authors’ PhD research in Egypt when he chancedupon letters written in 1130s between -- Abraham Ben Yiju, a Jewishmerchant living in Mangalore and Khalaf ibn Ishaq an Egyptian trader. Thework reconstructs a fictionalized history of BenYiju and his slaves Ashu andBomma, providing valuable insights on 12th century coastal Karnataka.Identify the work and the authorQ20
    41. 41. • Amitav Ghosh, In an antique land
    42. 42. In 1951, the tenants of the village A inSagara taluk,Shimoga protested, amongother things, against the unjust measureused by landlords to calculate rent paidin kind. This was the first movement ofits kind in post independent India.Initially the movement was restricted totenants, from lower-caste Deewarcommunity. Later the movement wasbacked by the socialist party andattracted supporters from many studentbodies all over the state.Among the many students involved inthis event, as many as four went on tobecome chief ministers of Karnataka.Identify AQ21
    43. 43. • Kagodu (Kagodu Satyagraha)
    44. 44. X always bought Y in batches of seven. So fond was Y of its esteemedcustomer (X) that its executives coined a term "doing a Z” (Z being thename of a place associated with X) which meant to sell seven at the sametime.Even today the term is in use in company parlance. X, Y, Z?Q22
    45. 45. • Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV, Rolls Royce, Doing aMysore
    46. 46. • In 1930s Sir Mirza Ismail noted in a report:– People will wash themselves with __A_ soap, drythemselves with __B_ towels, clothe themselves in____C__ silks, ride ____D___ horses, drink ___E__coffee with ____F___ sugar, furnish their houses with____G___ furniture, light them with ___H____ lampsand write letters on ____I___ paper”– Fill in all blanks. (No points for partially correctanswers)Q23
    47. 47. • Mysore. A-I 
    48. 48. Q24Selection of a 1780streaty with the Britishbrokered by Tirumal andNarayan Row.Fill in the blanks.
    49. 49. • Hyder.
    50. 50. • Derived from the Sanskrit name for bellmetal, this is the name of a musicalinstrument, the associated musical genre anddance form. The songs are generally dedicatedto the deity Mahadeswara of the hill.• Identify.Q25
    51. 51. • Kamsale pada, kamsale kuNita/nrtya. kamsa
    52. 52. Variously known to botanists as Dolichos lablab and Lablabpurpureus, this legume is adored in Karnataka for its distinctivefragrance, which is at best an acquired taste. It is also the subject ofan apocryphal song of Purandara dasa –“_____ ____ beku ”Which can be interpreted as ‘He alone must protect us’ or as ademand for the legume in question.Identify/ fill in the blanks.Q26
    53. 53. • Avare kai beku / AvarE kaaya beku [Avarekaalu also acceptable]
    54. 54. • These women belongto the X tribe and hailfrom town Y in Bellarydistrict. In 2010 theircraftwork became the28th product in stateto receive GI tag. X,Y?Q27
    55. 55. • Lambani, Sandur,
    56. 56. This 11th century Veerasaiva poet from Sonnalige (todaysSholapur in Maharashtra) was a mason. To this day, thereare functional ponds and canals in many parts of Karnatakaand Maharashtra, said to have been made by him. A firmbeliever of Kayaka, was won over to Allama’s path ofdevotion, he sang –Because I aimed at tanks, canals and temples,I found You,Like one who trips on a stone to find a brilliant treasure,I thought god could be contained in sculpture,My ignorance was the very pit of darkness, rent apart by the grace ofPrabhu Deva,I was reborn brighter, O lord of the faultless jasmines.Identify the mason-poet, who gave his name to a Kannadigacurrently in the news.Q28
    57. 57. Siddharama, Siddharameswara, Siddharamayya.CM Siddharamiah
    58. 58. _________ Prabhu(15th -16th C.E)(Avatar of Balarama)Bhagavan _____________(1897-1961)(Author of Chidakasha Gita)Swami ________________(1978 - _____)Author of‘Open the door and let thebreeze in’Q29
    59. 59. • Nityananda
    60. 60. A famously litigious artistsued the RamakrishnaMission for Re 1, whenthis reproduction of hispainting appeared in the1935 Durga Puja specialissue of their Bengaliperiodical Udbodhan .Who was the person andwhy did he sue?Q30
    61. 61. • K. Venkatappa,• The print was laterally inverted from theoriginal and Venkatappa felt “Not justaesthetic principles had been violated” butreligious senibilities , for the reproductionshowed rama giving the ring with left handand wearing the sacred thread on the right.