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India quiz finals ppt

  1. 1. • X was given the name because it’s remains was discovered in the year that saw 100th birth anniversary celebrations of a famous Indian. However, poor quality of the discovered remains have failed to determine its food habits. What is X?
  2. 2. Who is he? What was he the firstperson in the world to do?
  3. 3. • There is a misconception regarding the etymology of the fruit. The name is supposed to be that of a neighboring country, but it has been distorted to mean a ghost. The full- grown fruit measure 60 to 85 mm (2.4 to 3.3 in) long and 25 to 30 mm (1.0 to 1.2 in) wide with a red, yellow, orange or chocolate color. DRDO in 2009 proposed using the fruit in grenades and aerosol sprays as a non-lethal ingredient. Put fundae.
  4. 4. These are 2 out of 6 abodes of a HinduGod. Which God and why are these 2significant?
  5. 5. • According to Diodorus Siculus, a historian contemporary of Alexander, when Porus was defeated, his nephew fled to X. King of X, Xandrammes, had an army of 20,000 horse 200,000 infantry, 2,000 chariots and 4,000 elephants trained and equipped for war. Also, X’s elephants were the largest in size in the world. What is X?
  6. 6. • This place, formerly known as Hafizabad, manufactures and exports nearly 90 percent of India’s flutes. A tiger reserve is close to this place, and it is classified both as a seismic zone and a high risk flood zone. However, in mid-2009, this place came into the news due to wrong reasons. Which place?
  7. 7. A former treasurer of the BSE andcommodities trader, he founded abank named after him. Name him andthe Bank
  8. 8. • This organization was initially known as Bicholam before being acquired by their current owners and given their current name. Subhash Sinari, Bernard Olivera, Tolentino Serrao, Bhaskar etc. were the earliest big names associated with the organization. Which organization?
  9. 9. Connect
  10. 10. • X took place in Assam during a six-hour period in the morning of 18 February 1983. More than 5000 lives were alleged to be lost. What is X?
  11. 11. A former Maoistleader, he was one ofthe earliest prominentleaders of thePeople’s War Group.Was killed by rivals in1975. Was in thenews last year. Who ishe?
  12. 12. • Richardson Cruddas, Jessops & Company, Smith Stanistreet, Osler Lamps, Agnelo Brothers and British India Corporation – what were these a part of? (I am looking at a couple of keywords)
  13. 13. Connect
  14. 14. • X is generally recognized as the first major poet of the Punjabi language. His descendents mostly carry the name Fārūqī. A city in Pakistan bears his name. His descendants include the Sufi saint Salim Chishti, whose daughter was Emperor Jehangirs foster mother. Who is X?
  15. 15. What’s happening?
  16. 16. • In 1947, Conny Jepsen became the first Danish man to win the All England Badminton Championship. Who did he beat?
  17. 17. Where is it, and the same incidentwhich led to this being built also led towhat?
  18. 18. • India and France have a unique collaboration on groundwater research at a research facility in India where work is done on how to protect rainwater through bore-wells. Which institute and located in which city?
  19. 19. Put fundae
  20. 20. • “Mautam” and “Thingtam” together constitute what?
  21. 21. The orange area shows the kingdom ofa local chieftain who fought theMughals. Who was the chieftain?
  22. 22. • X is one of the eleven schools of Sanskrit grammar mentioned in Pāṇinis Ashtadhyayi. It is named after an Indian God. Arthur Coke Burnell, a renowned orientologist, in his 1875 book details this school. Kātyāyana was one of the prominent mathematicians of this school. Which school?
  23. 23. A boxer who won the nationalchampionships 11 times in a row(1961-72). Won 2 Asiad HeavyweightGolds (1966, 70). Who is he?
  24. 24. • The film was made in the 1963 and became a big commercial success in its time, being considered a hit for Rajasthan cinema. This was a milestone in the history of the Rajasthan movie industry. The popular bhajan songs "Khamma Khamma" and "Runecha ra Dhaniya" are from this movie. Starring Mahipal and Anita Guha, it is a biography of a local folk deity. Name the movie
  25. 25. The duo, Aneesh Reddy and KrishnaMehra, have taken up cloud computingin India seriously and have been calledthe next Murthy-Nilekani in somemedia quarters. What is the name oftheir company very much in the news?
  26. 26. • Bithoor in Uttar Pradesh• village Asotra of Barmer district in Rajasthan• Dudhai in the state of Madhya Pradesh• Khed Brahma in Kerala• Kodakka in Karnataka• Besakih in Bali• Prambanan in Yogyakarta, (Indonesia)• Tirupattur, Trichy in TamilNadu• All alleged to have what? (most of them are unverified)
  27. 27. An educational institute inNorthern India is named after him.The institute was shown in themovie “Bunty aur Babli” . Classesof IIT K were held here till theirbuilding was found. Who is he andwhat’s the name of the institute
  28. 28. • Many of the Buddhist texts which were taken to China along the Silk Route were written using a version of the X script. It was also used to write Sanskrit during the period ca 600-1200 CE. In Japan the writing of mantras and copying of Sutras using the X script is still practiced in the esoteric Buddhist schools of Shingon and Tendai. What is X?
  29. 29. A promising racer, he is sponsoredby Yuvraj Singh foundation. Who ishe?
  30. 30. • X is a professor of Physics at IIT Kanpur, from where he did his PhD also, under supervision of Prof. G.N. Rao . Subsequently X worked as Lecturer and then Reader at Patna University, India. X is an Nuclear Experimental physicist, whose chief interest lies in Condensed Matter and Materials Applications. Currently, he is working on Nanocrystalline Magnetic Materials and Alloys Systems. Who is X?
  31. 31. He founded a series of eye hospitalsin India. What’s the name of thechain, and which organizationcuriously inspired him?
  32. 32. • X was born in Maihar (in current day MP) as Roshanara Khan. She was allegedly married to a student of her father’s. While the student Y went on to become world-famous, X was content to be his duet partner for a while and then retire. Many musicians of fame, including Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia are said to be students of X. Who are X and Y?
  33. 33. Currently,he is authoring a ten-volume unabridged Englishtranslation of The Mahabharata. Adistinguished economist. Who?
  34. 34. • X is hailed as one of the greatest tribute to mothers love in Indian literature. This book has been written by famous author and social activist Sane Guruji. The book was adapted as a movie which won Presidents Medal as best feature film. What is X?
  35. 35. A brilliant film where KamalHassan plays a handicappedCommunist and Madhavan, ajournalist strongly supportingcapitalism. On a journey fromBhubaneshwar to Chennai,they argue on various aspectsof global finance includingfinancial disparity etc. namethe film
  36. 36. • What curious event occurred from July 25 to September 23, 2001 in which the popular media reported that researchers Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar proposed a controversial hypothesis that extraterrestrial beings were involved?
  37. 37. What is unique about this cavepainting from Bhimbetka?
  38. 38. • The Dasakuta and Vyasakuta were the 2 prominent groups of which prominent cultural movement?
  39. 39. Who is the owner?