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Murder mystery Murder mystery Presentation Transcript

  • DEATH AT THE MANOR Lord Pinchbottom, famous for his collection of pygmy goats has died in suspicious circumstances. He lived at Twittington Manor – a beautiful stately home that has been in the Pinchbottom family for 200 years. His body was found at lunchtime and foul play is suspected. Local policeman, John Plodder, suggested that the Lord had died as a result of murder. “It was the screwdriver sticking out of his chest that made me suspicious” he said. MONDAY 14 April Police have interviewed all the suspects in the case and are expected to make an arrest very soon. The police are using computer technology to assist them. “We are certain we will catch the person involved. The murderer needs to be caught as soon as possible” said PC John Plodder. “We need to go through all the suspects and their motives. Then we can work out who was around at the time of the murder and hopefully catch the culprit”.
  • EYE WITNESS REPORT Mrs Bulge, the manager at Weight Watchers, was jogging past the Manor at 9.25am. She saw a figure running down the main path. The figure was carrying at toolbox. She thought the person had grey hair.
  • POLICE FORENSIC REPORT Local police inspected the scene of the crime. They found a footprint – thought to belong to the murderer. It is approximately a size 10 or 11.
  • LORD PINCHBOTTOM Lord Pinchbottom was very rich. His family have lived at the manor for 200 years. He keeps large sums of money in his study drawers. He died at about 9.20 this morning. Police have interviewed the suspects and an eye witness.
  • THE DECORATOR Mr Hale – the local decorator – arrived at the Manor at 9am. This was his first visit. He parked his van at the back of the Manor. He took some paint and a large dust sheet inside. He went to the Lounge and started to paint the walls. At 9.30, Mrs Sausage took him a cup of tea and some biscuits. He left at 4.30pm. Mr Hale hasn’t had much work on recently.
  • THE VICAR Reverend Cross, the vicar arrived on foot at 9.10am. He went straight to the hallway where he met Lord Pinchbottom. They sat and talked for half an hour about charity fund-raising. The church is in need of some vital repairs. Then the vicar left on foot again at 9.45.
  • THE HOUSEKEEPER Mrs Sausage is the Lord’s housekeeper. She has been working at the Manor for 10 years and is married to Steven Sausage, a children’s entertainer. Recently, Mrs Sausage bought a holiday home in Spain – ready for her retirement next year. The villa has a big swimming pool and must have been quite expensive to buy. She started work at 8.30 and was in the kitchen at the time of the murder; cleaning the oven. She also went to get some money to pay Farmer Giles at about 9.25am. Mrs Sausage went home at 2pm.
  • FARMER GILES Farmer Giles was visiting the Manor to deliver vegetables that Lord Pinchbottom had ordered. He arrived at 9.20am in his car and dropped the vegetables off at the back door. They were in a large cardboard box. He waited at the door for 5 minutes while Mrs Sausage went to get some money to pay his bill. Then he left and went back to his farm shop. Mrs Giles likes expensive jewellery.
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