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Bacon's Castle 2013 Calendar of Events


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Bacon's Castle 2013 Calendar of Events

  1. 1. 2013 Calendar of Events March 30th June 8th Afro- Atlantic Historic Gardening Symposium Foodways The Garden at Michael W. Twitty will Bacon’s Castle be sharing his is the oldest expertise in the history known English and heritage of enslaved Formal African-Americans and Garden in their foodways. North America. General Admission Speakers willApril 20th discuss the archaeology and new research on1760s Cricket the garden. Lunch will be provided. SeatingDid you cheer for Downton Abbey’s 1920s is limited to 25 participants. Register online atcricket match? Then you will really cheer when preservationvirginia.org/events by April 20thyou attend our 1760s cricket match played at for $10 off the $35 per person registration soBacon’s Castle. register early!GeneralAdmissionApril 20-28th May 4th80th Annual Historic Architecture SymposiumHistoric In celebration of Historic PreservationGarden Week Month, Bacon’s Castle will be hosting a sym-The house and 17th century posium on 17th century architecture. Lunchhistoric garden will be open every day this will be provided. Seating is limited to 25 par-week, debuting brand new research on the ticipants. Register online at preservationvir-historic garden! ginia.org/events before July 6th for $10 off theGeneral Admission $50 per person registration so register early!
  2. 2. July 13th October 26th17th-century Domestic Material Haunted Bacon’s CastleCulture Symposium Enter the darknessFocus on 17th-century Chesapeake within our castleconvergence of cultures & artifacts walls. A private tourdiscovered at Bacon’s Castle. Lunch will be pro- will take seven ofvided. Seating is limited to 25 you through Bacon’sparticipants. Register online at Castle, but only ifpreservationvirginia.org/events by June 1st for $10 you reserve a space in advance! Hourlyoff the $35 per person registration so register early! tours will be available between the hours of 7:00pm and 11:00pm. Limit 7 people per tour. Register online at preservationvir-August 24th ginia.org/events by October 19th for $10 offNat Turner Rebellion Symposium the $30 per person registration so registerFor the anniversary of this historic event Bacon’s early!Castle will be hosting two guest speakers andprovide a private tour of our 1829 Slave Quar- November 2ndters. Lunch will be provided. Seating is limited to Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night25 participants.Early registration tickets are $10 Guy Fawkes and other terroristoff the $35 per person registration so register conspirators failed to blow up the Housesearly! of Parliament in 1605. Bacon’s Castle will provide you this night with bonfires, food,September 21st beverages, and of course the burning ofBacon’s Rebellion Re- Enactment and Guy Fawkes! General AdmissionSeminars by Foodways Historian,Leni Sorenson. Rebels from the 1676 December 7th provincial rebellion led by Christmas at Bacon’s Castle Nathaniel Bacon have Celebrate the holidays with us and learn occupied the Arthur Allen more about 17th century English Christ- Brick House, gardens and mas traditions and decorations. We will grounds! They will take time share warm seasonal beverages joyfully from the rebellion to with you. General Admission discuss with you historical impact of this event. Our 2013 Hours of Operation are: 465 Bacon’s Castle Trail Surry, VA 23883 March through December Friday- Saturday 10-5 p.m. Sundays 12-5p.m. 757.357.5976 . baconscastle@preservationvirginia.org . www.preservationvirginia.org