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Published in: Self Improvement, Business

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  • 1. Fatima Age: I’m 13 years old. Where I come from: I am from Irak and I live in Finland for 9 years. Hobbies/freetime activities: I like drawing and reading books. I also like photography. I take photos in the nature. The best thing is to be with my friends. We go out a lot, shopping and freaking out. My favourite school subjects: chemistry, biology, art and history are my favourite subjects. My favourite foods: I like spinach pancake, salmon soup, creamy pasta, chips and mud cake. YUM! My favorite cooking: Baking is easier than cooking. I like baking mud cake, chocolate biscuits and pancake.
  • 2. MELEK Age: I`m 15 Hobbbies/freetime activities: My hobbies are scouting, acting, singing, dancing and jogging My favourite school subjects: Music, PE Favourite food: Hamburgers and pizza Favourite drink: Iced latte, Cafe mocha and coca-cola My favourite cooking: Mud cake and other desserts
  • 3. Henna •Age: 15 •Hobbies/freetime activities: football, Japanese and Chinese. •My favourite school subjects: English, chemistry, physics and history. •Favourite food: I like all kinds of foods. •Favourite drink: water, milk and bubble tea. •My favourite cooking: sushi.
  • 4. Lotta Age: I’m 15 Hobbies/Freetime activities : I’m into acting and photography. And in my freetime I like to go shopping , hang with my friends or just listen to music. Favourite school subject: PE Favourite food: I like chicken Favourite drink: Water, coca-cola and cafe mocha My favourite cooking: Brownies
  • 5. NELLI Hi everybody! I am Nelli Age: 13 Hobbies: My hobby is Comenius-club and I don’t have another hobby. My favourite school subjects: I love History and Finnish. Favourite food: I like potatoes and steak very much. My favourite restaurant is Zipatta. My favourite cooking: I love baking a cake. Yummy!
  • 6. Janina Age: I’m 13 years old. Hobbies/freetime activities: My hobbies are horse riding and playing the piano. I also like cooking and spending time with my friends. My favourite school subject: Biology, history and chemistry. My family: I have two big brothers, parents and two dogs. Favourite food: I like spaghetti, maccaroni, chips and brownies. Favourite drink: I don’t really have a favourite drink, but I like juice and Fanta. My favourite cooking: I love cooking and baking, and I like to bake cookies, brownies and muffins.
  • 7. Minerva  Age: 13  Hobbies: I play the piano and football  My favourite school subject: biology and music  Favourite food: I like all kinds of different food, but maybe the best food is spagetti bolognese  Favourite drink: Water and lemonade  My favourite cooking: muffins and cookies
  • 8. Valeria Age: I am 14 years old. Hobbies/free time activities: My hobbies are dancing and playing volleyball. In my free time I usually spend time with my friends. I am interested in languages too. I think photography is so interesting. Where I come from: I am from Russia and I have lived in Finland for 2 years. My favourite school subjects: Chemistry, languages, PE, history are my favourites subjects. Favourite food: I like many kinds different of food. I love to eat. Favourite drink: Tea and lemonade. My favourite cooking: I like to bake mud cake and apple pie.
  • 9. JANETTA  Age: 13  Hobbies/Freetime activities: I dont have any hobbies, but I like photography and dancing.  My favorite school subject: I like music,PE and chemistry.  Favorite food/drink: My favourite food is spinach pancake and my favourite drink is coca cola.  My favorite cooking: I like to cook mud cake YUM!! but I dont like cabbage casserole YUCK!!